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    Really liked the Love Hate thing between them, Loved Damien s dominance A real Alpha male Highly charged sexual erotica, seductive, steamy and downright hot, with some real strong kink short but full of anticipation and drama

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    Oh I am sweating This book left me wanting .

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    Damien meets Tara when she comes to him searching for her fianc Matt Matt has wiped out their bank account and disappeared What she doesn t know is that Matt has stolen 5 million dollars from Damien and he wants it back, badly He thinks Tara may be a part of Matt s plan, and he plans to take it out on her The two are strongly sexually drawn to each other She finds him dark and dangerous, a former Special Forces soldier, he is not a man to mess with, but her attraction to him is undeniable He draws up a contract for Tara to pay him back the money Matt took from him with sex He doesn t take no for an answer He takes what he wants, in the most erotic and kinky ways There is strong sexual tension between the two of them The scenes in this book are explicitly hot Hot as hell The writer doesn t hold back It pulls you right in.Kinky hot dominant sex scenes.Loved the writing style, straight to the point with no slow scenes.

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    At least there are no images burned on my retinasAt least there are no images burned on my retinasThe hero accosts, molests, blackmails, and dare I say rapes the heroine Apparently that s supposed to be romantic because she gets aroused and has a few orgasms The heroine stupidly believes our hero when he apologizes and vows she will be safe from him, only of course to be molested again Egad.

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    Oh MY god I can t believe I actually read this crap It was one of the worst books I have ever read in my life in 70 pages all the story begins and ends warning spoiler She goes to him and says she wants him to help her find her boyfriend and suddenly he accuses her to stealing the money and then fucks her and surprisingly she doesn t have any problem with that and spread her legs wide for him and then two days later he informs her that he has found her boyfriend and his money and just throws her out and instead of him begging her for forgiveness and that he hadn t believed her when she said she hadn t stolen the money she begs him to let her stay Oh my GOD , OH MY GOD , this was the worst story I had ever read No emotion , no character , nothing just a bunch of sex scenes I don t really want to give the auther that one star She doesn t deserve it If you want to throw your money away buy this book.

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    A hidden gem of the erotic genre Those who are a fan of erotica think K Bromberg, Sylvia Day will love it Well written, mature and highly erotic.

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    Hot and dominant Alpha

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    DNF at 46% I m so sorry As much as I want to enjoy this book, I think the heroine, Tara, is ridiculous If my fiance gone missing, I would never go straight to his boss I d ask around first, his friends, his family, his colleague, his friends on social media, stuff like that So yeah, her action is stupid to me.The boss himself, Damian correct me if I m wrong, I m just too lazy to turn on my ereader , is another ridiculous character in this book Dude, you can t just drag people and put them at your mercy That s nonsense, not to mention criminal I can t believe he just did that to a stranger and still manage to justified his action.This book actually has a pretty good foundation But the execution is terrible and I just can t help but stop reading it Tough, Laura Bailey.

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    This is one of those books where even if you added all three in the series together it still wouldn t be considered full length I have read a few where the author did a good job of developing the characters so you were invested in the story but unfortunately that s not the case for this book This book almost feels like a porn movie, with a really cheesy plot to mask the fact that it s all about the sex scenes.

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    Loved it Great story and Damien is beyond hot Too sexy for words Loved the whole plot from beginning to end 5 tie me up f ck me stars

My Captor My Enemy My EverythingMy Captor Is A Mystery He Keeps Me Here He Tells Me To Leave While I CanA Man As Menacing As He Is Seductive, A Man Whose Touch Scorches Me, A Man Whose Moments Of Devotion Are Heartbreaking Than His Callousness From The Moment His Eyes Held Mine I Had No Choice But To Surrender To Everything He Was His Dark Desires, His Passion, His Strength A Powerful Obsession And Forbidden Needs Consume Us Both Bound To His Dark Sexuality, We Embark On A Battle Of Wills He Pushes Me To The Edge He Seeks Release In Me, Momentary Escape From The Pain And Loneliness That Fills Him He Carries The Scars Of The Haunting Legacy Of Dark Secrets His Desires Are Undeniable, Our Obsession Inevitable, But He Doesn T Trust Me We Can T Be Together