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    I was introduced to the erotica genre through Karena Marie s The Happy Spinster, a very engaging and of course, erotic book that was recommended to me although I am not a regular reader of the genre Thanks to that excellent read, I was intrigued to check out her next offering in the series, The Barmaid Once again set in Montreal, it introduces us to Annie, the title character who finds herself single after discovering her long time boyfriend with another woman Unlike the heroine of Marie s previous story however, Annie is someone who is suddenly thrust into the single life and is not so confident and is filled with doubts about what lies ahead of her Since it is erotica, the book is very explicit as it follows Annie s night out with her friends Once again, the author shows an exceptionally keen hand as the sex, while necessary to the plot, never seems gratuitous The situations are genuine and the character of Annie, while certainly alluring, is very interesting and thoroughly believable Karena Marie is an extraordinary writer She is very skilled at telling this kind of story and I think she is one to watch in the future The Barmaid is a great erotic read for fans of the genre, I certainly encourage anyone to check it out Highly recommended

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    The Barmaid by Karena Marie is a fast paced and explicit erotic novel.I came across the author s writing blog by chance and was so impressed by her upfront style that I bought the book even though erotica are not my usual genre.The book is superbly edited and wastes no time with unnecessary scenes It throws us right into the argument between barmaid Annie and her hot but cheating boyfriend She kicks him out and on a night out with the girls she meets Gilles, a one night stand with surprising potential.The dialogue and the action scenes are very realistic and well written, the story draws you in and takes you effortlessly to the end.Karena writes great characters with strong emotions, which helps to make the sex scenes passionate and easy flowing and the surprisingly well developed plot in between realistic and passionate A talented writer with huge potential.

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    After reading Karena Marie s first book, The Happy Spinster, I was encouraged to read The Barmaid Once again, her characters are believable and there is a story to tell as we follow along on the emotional journey of Annie In my opinion, a good book will encourage us to have some empathy for the main character and The Barmaid does this as we experience Annie s lows and highs while she moves from a bad relationship to something much better The erotica is definitely explicit, but well written Readers of this genre will enjoy the writing style and descriptive qualities of this writer I am far from an expert in this genre but I am quite sure that Karena Marie has to be among the best.I would highly recommend The Barmaid to readers of this genre.

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    I read The Happy Spinster, and now The Barmaid As erotic and as hot as her first book.Five Star Erotica for the Mature Woman, I love Karena Marie s Style Her Erotica is like taking a fast paced sexy ride at an Adult Amusement Park

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    This is a fast read I was left with a hey what happened to whats his face, but it was so worth it Yum

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    There i go again, just finished reading the second publishment and after a little slow start i got totally lost in it s beautiful and emotional tale Any lingering doubt was swiftly cast away and i m even going as far as to say, she surpassed her first book.The Dialoges are witty, the intimate scenes ahhmazing but still conveying the lovely charm the first book already provided, even adding a little heart into it, or maybe thats just my kind of story sighs dreamy.I d recommend it to any new reader that wants to embrace him herself with a sizzling hot yet emotionaly and fun written plot lots of us could identify with, especially to those who already fell for the first one since the story is supplied with a few hints back at that very first volume But rest assured, its not a mandatory, even as a fresh reader you ll be able to fully enjoy this superbly written short story.Ohh and now i m gonna go and get my boyfriend hihi

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    I received an ARC copy for my review If you read the Happy Spinster and found the story hot and steamy than you are in for a treat with The Barmaid, this story is even hotter.You will get to know Annie, a beautiful Montreal barmaid who catches her long time boyfriend with another woman she doesn t wait to kick him out of her house Immediately her handsome co worker is coming to the rescue to help her change the locks Annie knows that Ray feels for her, but he doesn t want to be the re bound guy.But when she goes out on a Girl s Night Out she ends with the hot Gilles and what started as an innocent flirt turns into a great hot sexy climax in a booth at a cafe After all Gilles leaves for the country for a while so why not enjoy each other for the night.Will she ever see him back after this amazing night of HOT SEXY PASSION Great story, easy written an addictive to read can t wait for the next book

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    Read for an honest review Well just as the first, The Happy Spinster, this one was so smoking hot Annie has been living with her boyfriend for 11 years And she finds out Rick has been a dick and is cheating on her She is smart enough to kick him out of HER apartment and out of HER life Her friends make her move on with her life and she may just find the one man that makes her find everything she has been missing all her life YUMMY I can t wait for the next book to come out.

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    The Barmaid is a well written fast paced erotic romance that will keep you glued to the pages Loved every bit of it the wonderful and likeable character of Annie, the spicy hot sex scenes built around a solid plot, and of course the flawless well paced writing style It has that feel good factor I would highly recommend The Barmaid together with The Happy Spinster trilogy written by the same author.

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    Ok first the book was pretty hot, second what I loved the most is Annie I am loved her character because she didn t close herself off after Rick screwed around on her The thing I hated was Ray, such a sweet hot guy, I mean obviously Annie fell in love with Gilles but I think it could have been just as hot with Ray.

What S A Girl To Do When Annie, A Beautiful Montreal Barmaid Catches Her Long Time Boyfriend With Another Woman, What Else Can She Do But Kick The Lying Jerk To The Curb And Start Again However, After Eleven Years Of Being In A Committed Relationship, The Now Single Annie Is Filled With Self Doubts And Is Unsure Of Her Future After Setting Her Sights On Her Handsome Co Worker Ray, A Girl S Night Out With Her Two Best Friends Could Change Everything Will A Scorching, Sex Filled One Night Stand Reawaken Her Libidinous Desires, Will She Give Her Ex A Second Chance Or Will She Ultimately Wind Up In The Rugged Arms Of Ray