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    Oh YesssssI ve just discovered a naughty new series As of now, you are an animal There will be no speech, no clothes and no conscious will of your own Ponies are no longer seen as human and your sole purpose in life will be to please your owner You would do well to remember that. WARNING This book is not meant for squeamish readers This was not my first rodeo with pony play Ha Rodeo See what I did there the theme has been touched on in several pieces of power play erotica over the years However, this was the first book series I ve read which exclusively focuses on the Pony Play theme And I m already smitten We didn t even make it to a full pony scenario in this short story, so I can t wait to continue this series If this book is any indication of what can be expected from the Pony Tales series, I believe I ve stumbled across something quite special Jenny Redcliff She was Jenny, she was not a filly, she was not a pony and she was certainly not going to be an animal for someone s entertainment. Jenny is a lazy spoiled heiress shipped off to an equestrian school by her father She thought she would be spending the week perfecting her riding skills, but she was oh so very mistaken.I m still coming to terms with the fact that it was her father who made arrangements for Jenny to be trained by the masters at Albrecht StablesJenny checks into the hotel only to find herself captured and tied down by two old ladies She s stripped of her clothing before the two women begin taking detailed measurements inside and outside for her new leather uniform.I love that we had the opportunity to see things from the perspective of the captors in addition to Jenny The two women in the tack room were professional and single minded in their effort to outfit the new fillyAnd I cant wait to see of Master Mark in the next books Master Mark It wasn t a secret that he preferred it when the trainees played hardball Give him obstinate, unruly, rude, sarcastic, narcissistic or greedy any day They were a lot fun to tame than the Miss Goody Two Shoes variety Jenny was definitely not going to fall under the latter category and that was so much better, She already had him smiling. Oh yes, Master Mark, the proper Englishman who strolls into Jenny s personal nightmare looking like a god in riding clothes fans self I definitely need to see of Master Mark I be he has delightful plans for Miss Jenny Inventory of Kink Abduction Non Con Bondage Discipline Medical Kink FF Action Edging Forced Orgasms I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Jenny Redcliff is a rich and spoiled princess who is sent to Albrecht Stables for pony training Ready for a weeklong session of horsemanship, Jenny soon finds out that she is going to be the filly trained and doesn t have the recourse to leave With her mind spinning over her situation, the hostesses quickly get Jenny situated for her initial evaluation so she can be properly fitted for her tack As of now, you are an animal There will be no speech, no clothes and no conscious will of your own The exam puts Jenny at odds with her mind and body because while she is restrained, her body responds to the pleasure given Once Jenny starts to feel uninhibited, the trainers are able select the perfect accessories needed to be a pretty pony One of the things that all pony girls and boys have in common is that their asses are rarely left unplugged That s why you ll need a breaking in session In this novella, the foundation is properly set and we meet an interesting cast of characters beginning with Jenny then Henrietta, Agnes and Master Mark The entire plot is quite fascinating, and while the pony theme is new for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it I look forward to reading the entire series to see how it all plays out Giddy up Pony Tales Series 6 novellas A shout out to my Twinsie for introducing me to this author and series

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    Okaaay That has got to be the weirdest thing I ve ever read It was so disturbing yet utterly intriguing at the same time I don t know if I can say I like it, but it was something And for something so short, I d say the author accomplished to shock and entice me for .

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    I ve gotta say that I didn t see this one coming I thought that I had heard of just about everything, but a literal pony fetish is news to me I m a firm believer in different strokes for different folks, but for me, this wasn t it I think if it weren t for the whole pony thing, I probably could have gotten into the story That said, I couldn t It was just a little too far out there for me I think I was surprised than the female lead to discover that the word pony was not some slang term for something else entirely, but did actually refer to a pony It was definitely a WTF moment for me Aside from the pony fetish, I did think the story was well written and probably would have really enjoyed the story otherwise So, I would read other stories by this author I ll just need to be sure and read the synopsis thoroughly.

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    Tallyho The Riding School Pony Tales, 1 is a fantastic read First, I love short erotic stories Long stories are, well, all that sex gets old after awhile The writing style is engaging and vivid The characters are wicked cool, and the story line is original and creative Who doesn t love it when a spoiled, little rich girl learns a lesson

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review I have never been that into pony play I have been into non con kidnapping That being saidI really liked this book It wasn t your typical grab the girl off the street type of kidnapping That was refreshing Jenny s realization of her immediate future as she entered the tack room was wonderful and I felt like I was there with her as she eyed all of the devices and thought of what they were used for That helped bring me into the pony play aspect of the story The forced sex was great It made me wonder what I might enjoy drooling because of a ball gag if it were forced upon me and I didn t have the embarrassment of asking for it I wonder where the Daddy angle is going I m hoping somewhere in the future stories since it was Daddy that sent her to the school Jenny doesn t think her Daddy knows what type of school it is but I m sure he does What will she do when she figures this out I am looking forward to the next installments.

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    I really enjoyed this book well written how exciting and different for me the pony romp generates a lot of heat Jenny has been sent by her father to the all exclusive riding school for instructor training or so she thought to her surprise she get then what she expected 5 stars

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    Not sure what to expect, I dived into this book and enjoyed it I rate it 3.5 star and it s one for pony girl lovers Ms Mandara is a new to me author She writes a wickedly fun tale of non con slavery Jenny is a spoiled brat who spends her daddy s money Unfortunately for her, her daddy s fed up and sends her off for some schooling What she doesn t know is that it s a pony girl school.The scenes in here are smoking hawt The story is tightly written with just the right outrage from the unsuspecting Jenny The staff at the Albrecht Stables are perfect I loved the fitting scene It is deliciously depraved I enjoyed every little detail Ms Mandara does a great job of stripping Jenny and turning her into a vulnerable little girl Delightful This teasing story is just the beginning and I can t wait to read the next ones in this series Ms Mandara is creative and incorporates just the right amount of sexual tension This book is recommended to kinky readers who love watching a pampered princess receive a sound spanking I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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    Not a whole lot shocks me, having read Anne Rice s Sleeping Beauty books, so I wasn t offended by a novella about pony play If you don t know what pony play is you probably shouldn t be reading this review In any case The novella was quite well written with a great flow The author clearly spent the time to thoroughly polish her work before releasing it, which made for quite pleasurable reading.The story itself was quite entertaining and a fun, light read The entire novella can be read in a single sitting if one desires, or the short chapters make for convenient pausing points.I look forward to the author s future releases as it will be fun to revisit these characters.If you enjoy reading about pony play this is a great addition to your collection and I highly recommend it

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    A great book pulls the reader into its world in the first few sentences because its seductive, tantalizing and very visual C.P Mandara s 5 Star Read, The Riding School Pony Tales is BDSM Erotica at its finest This pony romp generates a lot of heat and is perfect alone or paired with your own stable of toys The minute you start reading you ve submitted to this world and the Scene , much like the wealthy, arrogant, and willful Jenny Be prepared for a book that will dominate your senses Jenny isn t prepared for riding school and her shock and disbelief of the school s very disciplined curriculum amuses her elderly, hilarious and totally delightful guidance counselors Agnes and Henrietta Despite their sweet personality, these ladies are strict they know their jobs and are certainly not to be disobeyed Jenny s world is turned upside down by fear coupled with uncontrollable excitement She s such a naughty pupil that Master Mark must take over her education You ll want to know about all she learns, but we ll all have to wait for Mandara s next book Hurry, please.

Meet Jenny She S Rich, Spoiled, Rude And Obnoxious She S Also Just Been Signed Up For The BDSM Ride Of Her Life Without Her Consent An Intensive Training Course At The Albrecht Stables Is Not What It Appears To Be And Training To Become A Human Pony Was Not On Jenny S To Do List The Trouble Is, How Do You Escape When You Re Tied Up, Gagged And Constantly Sexually Aroused Which Master Or Mistress Do You Turn To For Rescue And What Do You Do If You Suspect You Might Actually Be Enjoying Yourself This Is Jenny S Adventure Into The World Of BDSM And Pony Play She S About To Find Out Just How Much Effort It Takes To Become A Pony Girl And That She Has No Choice But To Excel In Every Aspect Of Her Training Or She May Never Stand A Chance Of Being Released From Her Bondage Book One Features Jenny S Abrupt Induction Into The Realm Of Pony Girls, Where She Finds Herself Being Stripped Naked, Medically Examined And Intimately Measured For Her New Uniform As A Human Horse