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Camille Reed Is A Single Mother To A Beautiful Teen Aged Daughter She Has A Dead End Job, No Education, And No Hope That Her Life Will Ever Get Better Until She Buys Two Lottery Tickets In Her Small Town In West Virginia And She Wins Money Than She Can Imagine She Ends Up In New York City She Meets The Perfect Guy With Influential Friends He S Rich, Good Looking, And Genuinely Cares About Her And Her Daughter But Her Past, And His Secrets, Prevent Her From Falling In Love With Him Can She Overcome Her Demons And Give Herself To A Man Who Is Much Than He Appears Read The Winner And Find Out What Would You Do If You Won The Biggest Jackpot Ever This Is A Mature Book Intended For Adults An excellent read I enjoyed the darkness of the book A number of times you wanted to slap them all upside the head and scream WTF are you doing , which is what you want from a read, because you want to get involved with the characters I agree with the reviewer who said about the ending, as it is quite abrupt.I also wanted to know a bit about the characters, and felt that some parts were left hanging, whether this is because they will be resolved in another book I don t know I especially wanted to know what happened to Elizabeth, because after all the years and courage it took her to admit her feelings, I can t believe that she apparently didn t have some sort of mental fall out from being knocked back I wanted to know about the feud with Matt Raphael, we got that Matt was obsessed with Elizabeth, but it just seemed as if there was to it than just that We also never found out if Cami contacted Mr Johnson, I saw him as a sort of father figure to her and would have liked to have seen resolution there as well Cami also investigated getting her GED and possibly Uni, at the end I expected to see her achieve those things or to at least have gained her GED, possibly with Mr Johnson helping her.I don t want much do I lol This book is, like Cami, sad and happy and sad and happy again I loved it and I wanted I didn t want it to end, I wanted it to keep going Hopefully there will be another book with the Tates, or maybe Sydney This would be a beautiful, powerful movie.