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As DC S Highest Paid And Most Sought After Dominatrix She S Known As Mistress Lily But At Home She S A Single Mother Named Summer She Thinks She S Happy Being Single Until Two Quite Different Men Come Into Her Life She S Attracted To A Super Hot Personal Trainer From Her Gym, So Why Does Her Newest Client Make Her Feel So At Ease Handsome, Charming, And Newly Widowed, The Vice President Is Not Her Normal ClientBoth Of Them Want Summer But One Of Them Wants Her On His Own Terms And It S Much Than She Bargained For Will She Choose The Right One This Erotic Thriller Is Intended For Adults Due To Language, Sexual Situations, And Some BDSM Themes And Scenes

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    I had never even heard of this author until the other day when I stumbled onto some of her freebies We all know of my addiction to clicking freebies lol I wanted to read her since I had so many of her books now, and let me tell you that was a helluva good idea This book was AMAZING

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    I was given as a gift by Melissa Silvey in exchange for a honest review.Wow My head is still spinningThis is a great book with lots of suspense and twists that will make you keep reading until the end I have a slight book hangover from this one Review will be posted tomorrow.Okay, so I could not sleep until I wrote the review.Mistress LilyMelissa SilveyThank you to the author for a free copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.I honestly don t know where to begin with this great book Honestly, I did not expect so much passion, desire, craziness, and suspense in one book This book has everything.a dominatrix, BDSM, politicians, client list, hot sex, power, money, alpha male, a little bit of crazy, stalking, love, salsa dancing, and did I say hot sex Mistress Lily is the most powerful dominatrix in D.C She is beyond beautiful, with her blonde hair and big blue eyes She controls some of the most powerful men in D.C without ever having sex with one client Summer Jones is twenty eight years old and has saved plenty of money for her and her 10 year old daughter to live happily and securely This also means she can quit her job However, the power and money suck her into one client before hanging up her cuffs and whips for good Mistress Lily can t say no to twenty thousands dollar and the code name Golden Fox She also finds herself attracted to a very sexy trainer at her gym Will she give up her illegal taboo career and settle for the hot trainer, Carlos, or will she fall for her new client Golden Fox is the very good looking, former NAVY Seal, and yes, Vice President of the United States Wallace Chapman is the youngest and richest Vice President that gets what he wants when he wants it He is a recent widow and is looking for release when he contacts Mistress Lily He has heard of her from within his high circle of associates After researching her and seeing a picture of her, he realizes he must have her for his own And he is not a man that is willing to share You will love and hate Wallace throughout the entire book There will be times that you will want to throw your e reader and then there will be times that leave you hot and wanting Carlos is a hot did I say hot trainer from Columbia He is attracted to Summer and begins dating her the same time she takes on her new client, Golden Fox Wallace He wants her to choose him and give them a chance He also wants to protect and help her and is willing to do anything to keep her After seeing Wallace a few times, he switches over to the domineering role and Summer is not sure if she can let go of her control and be the submissive type he craves After a few dates and amazing orgasms, she likes how she feels when she is not in control In fact she likes the safety and comfort in doing what is told of her But how much control is she willing to give to her lover and will she be able to gain it back There is so much than the typical alpha male, submissive vs dominant, powerful, and romance novel here This book is suspenseful and leaves you teetering on the edge wondering what Summer will choose and what she will do next I have honestly never hated and loved an alpha male as much as I do for Wallace I look forward o reading books from Melissa Silvey.

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    This book is different from any other that I have read The BDSM starts out as consensual and turns into non con This path has an unusual twist that would necessarily contain a spoiler so you will have to read the whole book to see and understand what I mean The female protagonist s character is very likable all the way through the story In places she s seemingly naive, in my opinion, but this is fiction and the development of the plot has reasonable consistency The plot what a roller coaster ride you will have at the edge of your seat as you go from chapter to chapter You will be holding on to your imagination as you only put the book down for urgent pit stops or time outs to get your heart beat back to normal Rich, powerful, demanding and appreciative personalities that are not the usual billionaire type Extraordinary power and manipulation is shown by the baddie The story is complete with resolution and a HEA I ll read it again and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes heavy BDSM descriptions with discipline in their story choices Also to those who do not have a heart condition as this is a thriller mystery as well as an erotic romance.I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest reviewMy goodness, that was a fun, sexy, heart pounding story It s about mistress lily, the highly paid dominatrix She has a thing for a trainer at her gym and meets a new client that she has an attraction to Which man will she decide to be with I was pulled in from the very first chapter and couldn t put it down I felt Summers struggles with her feelings as if they were my own The ending had me sitting on the edge of my seat and now I want Summer

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    As a request from the author a part of our corresponding will be part of my review This is an author worth keeping an eye out for I believe she will give us some amazing stuff in the future For this book not being professionaly edited, it is pritty amazing and absolutely worth reading for anyone interested in a unique story and the actual writing part of a book as well It is propped with suspension, desire, hot sex and a big portion of crazy The sexy Latino walking sexbomb makes you wanna slap him or jump him The crazy but hot politician on the biggest powertrip ever, makes you want to kill him and thrash the book But he is also the reason you can t put the book down until it s finished Lily I adore her, makes me jealous I wasn t the one kissing her shoes But Summer You need a bit of shaking I lost count how many times I wanted to yell at her to wake up Originally I gave this three stars becourse of technicalities, almost four, but I changed my mind Writing this review, and having this book lingering at the back of my mind for some time now, I finally realized how much I LOVED this story My final decision is Technical 3 Story 5 Equals four beautiful stars in my mind So Where was I Yes, the corresponding Well here it comes Technical As I said there s a lot of he she said did thought Most great books let the caracters revile their personality through actions and conversations a bit I felt this was a bit impersonal and I didn t get to know them as much as I would have liked to.Summer Lily There are some contradictions in her personality that just don t ad up at all Some insecurity would be ok, I love the fact that she s a bit insecure actually But the fact that she is scared of him even before he does something bad and she doesn t do something about it I find completely unbelievable She is a dominatrix, even if it is just a show she puts on, that too takes some amount of courage and self confidence So her going all soft and incapable of standing up to him in the beginning is just strange And one thing, as a woman making a hole lot of cash on knowing men, what they want and what they need, she would not be likely to forget something as elementary as Latino men being proud and macho Again, a irritating little detail Other than that I loved Lily a hole lot, she is kind of amazing Wallace I loved him Totally believable and I felt I got to know him the best not his story, but his personality Carlos Wow Would love me some Carlos alright You tapped into a lot of women dirty litle fantasy there But Again, a lot about him was missing Except from the sexy as hell dancing and a couple if comments I felt their date was hurried and a wery, wery silent date I didn t get that connection that made him so protective and willing to risk his life going to Mexico with her in matter of minutes I thought several times that maybe I skipped some pages earlier in the book And Then he just gives up Again Made me angry as a hurricane but that s a good thing Maxwell I would have liked a few looks, a nod, a wink, something, just some clues to their connection as well The fact that he somehow would stand up for her, I got at their second meeting But I did not get the way he felt about her, which was kind of a shock and weird at first I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his comment in the end I m sorry to touch you without permission Mistress Lilly OMG Did I mention I LOVED THAT DI think you have some serious potential to become a brilliant writer if you get this technical shit together, and give us readers some soul and personality from the caracters The story is great and you know what we girls want, so you just keep on bringing it I will definitely have an eye out for any new releases from you

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    Melissa Silvey does an amazing job writing a book that has just the right amount of seduction, teasing, and suspense all mixed together You will fall in love with this book.Summer a.k.a Mistress Lily had been a dominatrix for about 10 years She is thinking about quitting to spend time with her daughter When she meets a very high profiled client offering money then she normally gets she cannot refuse Soon things start to spiral out of control and she realizes that no matter what she is going to have to marry him and live with him She has tried to escape it and does not work he is too well connected At least he drugs her so it all is much easier on her Though there maybe someone close that will finally help her.Follow Summer to see all that happens and how it all turns out

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    This book is hot, Hot, HOT I loved the book but I hated one of the guys Summer gets her head all messed up when she falls in love, which women tend to do She finds herself in situations that she can t control, and for Summer self control is everything In the end the man who stands up for her is the right one.

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    Melissa Silvey knows how to write a good bad guy What happens when you unknowingly piss of a billionaire psychopath Even being a professional dominatrix can t protect you

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    Interesting combination of some not really a lot D s and a bit of mystery What kind of turned me off was that this Dominatrix so quickly turned over her control view spoiler I recognize that the guy drugged her, but wouldn t you question your actions and wonder about it before the time she figured it out hide spoiler