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Siren Classic Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, Public Exhibition, Spanking, HEA The Feisty, Fiercely Independent Lizzie Carmichael Never Had Any Men That She Could Rely On As The Sole Owner Of The Stony Creek Caf , She Finds Herself In A Desperate Situation Where She Stands To Lose Either Her Honor Or Everything That She Has Ever Worked ForKnown As The Tough, Quiet Brother, Benjamin Powell Adores Women But Strives To Keep Them At Arm S Length, Never Risking His Heart When He Finds That The Only Woman Who Ever Inspired Him To Dream Is In Trouble, He Makes A Choice That Could Change Both Their Lives, ForeverLurking In The Shadows Of Stony Creek, There Is A Dangerous Menace That Will Stop At Nothing To Get What It Wants, No Matter What The CostsAs Ben And Lizzie Start To Explore The Secret Delights That They Finally Find In Each Other, Can Ben Protect Lizzie From The Threats That Try To Tear Them Apart What a great book to fall into I loved Stony Creek Cowboy and read this as a continuation of the series Fabulous Loved hearing about all the characters that I fell in love with and even so now I blushed a few times at the BDSM sort of thing but it was written so well I can t wait for the next I was given Stony Creek Hero for and honest review by Manic ReadersBen Powell likes his women but isn t into relationships until he crosses paths with Lizzie Carmichael, now he can t even think about sleeping another woman When he finds out that his Lizzie, who has been secretly crushing on him for years, is in trouble with the banker he comes up with a plan to help her Lizzie knows that his interest in her is only fleeting and that it is a matter of time before he moves on and she is nursing a broken heart but she just can t say no to him and all she can do is try to shield her heart but Ben has other plans if he can just reconcile what thought he wanted with what he really wants, which is Lizzie forever.Favorite Quotes I don t know about you all but I have no appetite for dinner after that confession from mom I think I need to wash my brain out with Listerine or something, BenEntire review can be found at Book two of my secret GREAT READS I think I am in love with Benjamin Powell In this story, he knows who he loves but sits like most men, on his rear, while trying to figure it all out As usual, the details of the story are exceptional as well as a charming story peppered with humor Absolutely a fabulous follow up to Stony Creek Cowboy and am excited to see whose story will be up next Highly recommend DNF Did not finish. Freakin AWESOME Ben and Lizzie s story was incredible I laughed so much, gasped and did my share of panting in the Awesome story This series is amazing A super sexy follow up Read it in one day Who is next and when does it come out lol Not soon enough. They just get better and better