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This wasawful And it definitely did not satisfy my rom com craving.The main character was whiny the entire time She pinned over a TERRIBLE ex best friend and a boy who I honestly don t get the hype around She complained about every single thing her family did and argued with Will just to be dramatic And the relationship between her and Will was just pages after pages of kissing Ick.Nothing was resolved at the end the family was full of drama from beginning to end and I had no idea what the lesson or character development was supposed to be, until the epilogue, where it was pretty much stated explicitly. March TBR Challenge 2Well, this was not what I was expecting Will I ever learn not to judge books by their cover Probably not I m not really liking this cover, but the insides made up for it This was my first E Scott book and I do not believe it will be my last I liked it I m not jumping up and down ecstatic over it, but it was still a good read.Kate was a different sort of girly book character She was self conscious, not popular, sad, tough, opinionated, moody yet still likable She was too hard on herself But that is part of what made her and Will s back and forth relationship so cute and enjoyable There were times I just wanted to hug her and there were times when I wanted to scream at her.Anna was absolutely horrid I really don t know why Kate put up with her at all She is nicer than I am, I guess I was really hoping for that moment when Kate was just going to blow up on her and tell what a horrible friend human being she was I got so tired of hearing her excuses and whining If this was a horror movie, I would be hoping she was the first to be axed 1,2, Freddy s coming for youI like how things weren t just magically fixed in the end It wasn t really a happy ending, but it wasreal that way Not my usual cup of tea, but enjoyable nonetheless Fans of Deb Calletti, Sarah Dessen, etc., should definitely pick this one up 3.5 stars Kate Brown S Life Has Gone Downhill FastHer Father Has Quit His Job To Sell Vitamins At The Mall, And Kate Is Forced To Work With Him Her Best Friend Has Become Popular, And Now She Acts Like Kate S InvisibleAnd Then There S Will Gorgeous, Unattainable Will, Whom Kate Acts Like She Can T Stand Even Though She Can T Stop Thinking About Him When Will Starts Acting Interested, Kate Hates Herself For Wanting Him When She S Sure She S Just His Latest ConquestKate Figures That The Only Way Things Will Ever Stop Hurting So Much Is If She Keeps To Herself And Stops Caring About Anyone Or Anything What She Doesn T Realize Is That While Life May Not Always Be Perfect, Good Things Can Happen But Only If She Lets Them Perfect You cemented, for me, the fact that Elizabeth Scott is without a doubt the next Sarah Dessen In other words, a writer whose books CANNOT be missed because they are so utterly perfectly right My first introduction to Elizabeth Scott came last May when I read and reviewed Bloom If you haven t read it yet, you don t know what you re missing Okay, that s not doing Scott much service If you re a girl who loves realistic teen romance novels that make you grin from ear to ear then you should definitely seek out Elizabeth Scott s books There, that sspecific.I also had the pleasure of interviewing her last fall.On to Perfect You.Vitamins had ruined my life Not that there was much left to ruin, but still.How many novels have you read like that Not many I m betting It continues, I know blaming vitamins for my horrible life sounds strange After all, vitamins are supposed to keep people healthy Also, they re inanimate objects But thanks to them I was stuck in the Jackson Center Mall watching my father run around in a bee costume Even if I wasn t previously familiar with Scott s work or her blog , I think I d be intrigued by the bee costume It s a fact that teens are embarrassed by their parents Often A bee costume I think everyone can agree on is just cause for embarrassment Our heroine, Kate, is a sopho whose life has gone from middling to worse She s never been popular She s never been one of those girls who with a toss of her hair and a flash of a smile gets the guy But her life has always been somewhat normal.Not any.When Kate s father has a light bulb moment involving a bottle of Perfect You vitamins, Kate s world begins to collapse He quits his job, rents a booth in the mall, and proceeds to tormenting his family by living out his dream The family goes from functional to dysfunctional very very quickly But even with her home life in chaos, it would all be okay if her best friend in the entire world was speaking to her.Anna Anna was her best friend Her best friend They told each other everything They were always there side by side through it all Neither girl being popular Neither girl getting the guy Neither girl the life of the party But it was all okay They had each other, right When the novel opens, Anna and Kate are long through Anna having lost considerable weight over the summer is now an IT girl She s popular as can be, and is dating one of the hottest most popular guys at school Kate is so very beneath her now.Dumped by her best friend and forced into working at the geeky vitamin booth at the mall while her dad practices new ways to humiliate her, she thinks life couldn t get anycomplicated.Enter Will.Enter Grandma.Oh, this novel is so good So very, very good Elizabeth Scott is a master at characters Both Bloom and Perfect You have weight and substance Yes, romance is involved in both But life is alwayscomplicated,complex than just that Her writing is for the heart, the mind, and the soul Life Love Friendship Family School Life isn t always beautiful It isn t always fair Its full of beginnings and endings Some times you have to go with the flow.I loved Kate I loved her story I highly recommend it.I think this one would pair well with Sweethearts by Sara Zarr It also vaguely reminded me of Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty Except, and here s the thing, Sloppy Firsts and the subsequent sequels always annoyed me in parts Perfect You was a better match for me Notes On a Near Life Experience by Olivia Birdsall is another one that comes to mind And of course Sarah Dessen fans should definitely try Elizabeth Scott. Favourite QuoteYou tell yourself you aren t something or that you can t be something and you know what It will become true You have to decide who you are and what you can do and then go after what you want Because believe me, no one is going to give it to you Okay, first up I have to admit I am on a bit of Elizabeth Scott binge at the moment I just the love the way her books make you feel happy yet at the same time makes your heart ache a little And Perfect You is a perfect example of that.Like I have said before Scott writing is stunning Her voice is so true to life She deals with some compelling issues with honesty and heart Her charaters always draw you into their world and are always unforgettable.Kate, is a character that I just get Someone so easy for me to connect with She is someone who doesn t realise her own self worth She pushes away Will because she doesn t think he is really into her She believes that her Anna can be bestfriend again even though Anna treats her like dirt Her family is falling apart and she feels like she has no one to turn too And Will, I adore Completely irresistible and yes book boyfriend material I love, love, love the playful banter between him and Kate The really had great chemistryKate, don t be like that You know I only did so well because I yearn see, SAT word to follow you to college and steal your heart Uh huh Too bad for you I don t plan on attending clown college He grinned Only you would ignore the incredibly sweet thing I just said Only you would describe one of your asinine comments as incredibly sweet I know you secretly have being dying to check me out All right, you caught me I m secretly obsessed with you and spend all my free time writing about you in my journal Dear Diary, today Will was an ass for the 467th day in a row He s so dreamy. Want to know my favourite part of this book The yummy kissing scenes Before reading Perfect You Alexa from Not Enough Bookshelves and Nomes from Inkcrush did mention some delicious kissing scenes and this may have been the main reason I desperately ran out and bought a copy and they were right I just love the build up and the tenderness of moments between Kate and Will They are one of my all time favourite couples.Overall, Perfect You is a charming and clever read that I couldn t get enough of If you love a good coming of age story with a nice touch of romance then you shouldn t miss this. Good Golly I think this is one of those books where you want to shake the main character to get her to open her eyes Kate is m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e It isn t that she s unpopular that s the least of her worries One, her father has quit his job to sell vitamins at the mall Two, she has to work as his assistant Three, her nightmare of a grandmother has moved in to help out Last, her best friend has turned into a beauty and totally forgotten her The only bright side is her love hate relationship with Will her school s hook up kingon him later I really did not like how self involved they all were And I do mean all of them Her father was too wrapped up in his dream to notice their home life was crap Her mother was too wrapped up in supporting her husband Todd, was too wrapped up in being a man about town Her grandmother was too wrapped up in appearances Her best friend was too wrapped in being popular And she was too wrapped up in being miserable.Wait, am I making them out as hateful Well they are Or they were Her blinders came off slowly, but with each realization, I would go, Oh, thank gosh. She s thinking Once her blinders were off once her mother s blinders were off, I liked the changes that happened Once they recognized the gem that her grandmother was convenient, I know, I felt relief If they re all so hateful, why bother one might ask I could not help myself The story is just that good Even if the individuals were crappy, and even if the relationships were all screwed up, I liked how honest the story was Honest. How Well, there s no denying that they were flawed, except for Kate, the MC, it seemed She just kept on denying till the very last moment when she couldn t any BUT there s also no denying that they ve got a good side too Her father with his passion blind as it was, her mother with her loyalty, her brother with his humor, her grandmother with her willingness to assist wanted or not And Kate with her slow discovery and acceptance of those flaws and merits But let me get down to the happy happy side Will I really enjoyed him as a character, and then later, them as a couple They start out a bit juvenile think boy hair pulling to get the girl to pay attention, all very love hate Deep down she liked him, but just couldn t face another rejection so she d reject him at every opportunity Until a very sudden twist of events, then she just couldn t get enough of him and vice versa Except, it didn t stay that way, because like her grandmother said, Kate s used to being miserable I love how their relationship developed and that theshe learned of him, theshe liked him I didn t like the yo yo that was her emotion though. LIke all of Elizabeth Scott s books, this one was fabulous It s a sweet and quirky romance with a load of family tension which Scott has proven to be GREAT with.And, for you romance fans, I assure you that the love interet is HOT I love Will He s the boy Kate wants so badly to hate The boy who teases her and who has a rep for hooking up with everyone But he s attractive, and somehow, she can t completely hate him.Especially when they start making out OF course, that s also when things get super complicated.Just read it SOOO adorable So good. This is my first introduction to Elizabeth Scott, and to a young adult novel not considered a classic I went through the list of the first 200 most widely read YA novels, and discovered I have read at least 30 So, the competition is pretty tough for a contemporary writer of YA novels I have to say that I did not find Kate, the main character, all that likeable To me, she came across as a pretty shallow person The irony in her refusal to accept the loss of her best friend, Anna, is that it was because of Anna s own superficial personality that the friendship ended And the number of times Kate interrupted Will when he tried to talk to her made me wonder why Will would even bother continuing to pursue her With family, friendship, and love the main themes, this is probably a typical story geared for teens mainly girls, but my guess is that boys might enjoy it, as well As an adult, I did actually find myself laughing out loud, because parts of the story really are quite funny So I think I am going to give Bloom, Scott s debut novel, a try as well. I m not going to gather up the energy to do an actual review because I read this truly, I can t remember when I picked this up Anyway, this book is one of the explanations on why I m not a big fan of contemporary YA romance books The basic story is The book revolves around Kate who works with her father selling Vitamins in the mall Her best friend has become popular and ever since that occurred, she acts as if Kate is invisible Andother clich teen drama crap, which I will not bother to list.Okay, the novel does deal with significant challenges of being a teenager such as divorce and selfish parents.But what irritated me to the point of insanity was the ending Nothing gets fixed Nothing But one thing That one thing is her relationship with Will The guy who, in my view, was a complete player Kate wasn t any nicer to him eitherI guess that makes it evenWhat she doesn t realize is that while life may not always be perfect, good things can happen but only if she lets them Wait,WAIT But good things didn t ensue I felt like I personally knew the message that the author was attempting to deliver in this book.Everyone gather around for the compelling message It doesn t matter if your parents are getting divorced or your best friend basically ditched you, but as long as you have an amazing douchebag boyfriend then your life is complete.END OF THE STORY I mean message. This book is equal parts adorable and frustrating The romance had a lot of promise, and the family and friend dramas were engaging But it takes way too long for Kate to wake up to what s really going on with her best friend, way too long for her to figure out whether Will is actually sincere, and the thing with the dad played out for way too long as well And after she does wake up, we don t get much time to enjoy it before it all ends.All in all, this could have been a great book, but as it is, it didn t quite make the mark for me view spoiler The kissy scenes were awfully cute, though hide spoiler