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Marina Adams Is Part Of The Super Secret Military Group IAR Infiltrate, Ascertain, And Retrieve By Any Means Necessary Her Latest Target Is A Middle Eastern Prince Who Asks To Take Part In A Military Training Class Inside The US She Is Assigned To Engage Him And Spy On Him They Have Tried To Get Close To The Prince Before And Failed Things Are Going Great, Until He Asks Her Out She Realizes How Easily She Could Fall For Him The Lines Begin To Blur When He Takes Her Back To His Country Can She Continue To Do Her Job And Fall In Love Can She Protect The Prince And Her Own Country Which Will She Choose, Love Or Her Career This Book Is Intended For Adults Marina marries a prince and that s not even the best part.I ve read this book several times It made me cry every time This book should be a movie It s exciting and romantic at the same time You need to read this book I found a recommendation from a reader on a blog that I frequent I looked like something I would really enjoy, so I ended up getting it I was not at all disappointed From beginning to end, I absolutely loved this book Marina is a super secret spy sent to spy on a middle eastern prince Things are going really well until he asks her out She ends up going back home with him and the lines get blurred Can still do her job or will she jeopardize everything for him This book constantly had me at the edge of my seat I couldn t put it down. Wow I wasn t too sure about this book when I first started reading it, but then I was addicted I just couldn t put it down I just spent the last six and a half hours reading to finish the book Now I m sad that it s over Another wonderful piece of literature from Melissa Silvey Well done