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The Happy Spinster is spectacular Erotic and hot, hot, hot Tawny, the main character, or The Happy Spinster, is a woman that knows what she wants and goes after it She finds a cowboy and wastes no time giving him a ride in a backseat that leaves him wanting The Happy Spinster is a secure, complete woman who takes her pleasure where she wants it I have always wondered what my life would be like if I never met my husband I would want to be just like Tawny Great book about female empowerment and none of this BDSM stuff that every book has If you do nott find yourself loving Tawny, then you do not like strong, free women I would have given in 5 stars, but the ending did not go as I wanted it to. As I have said in the past, I read everything, and yes, on occasion I have been known to read erotica, but when I do it is only the best.and Karena Marie is the best.Why is she the best Have you ever noticed that many, most even, authors of erotica write as if they are scripting a scene from a C level porn video Not that I would know anything about porn videos, of course.Ms Marie is not a porn writer, she is an author whose specialized niche is erotica As in all of her books, the most erotic part of the book is the reality of her characters and the situations they encounter There are no silly pretexts leading to the erotic scenes Nurses, pool boys, lonely housewives, etc Her characters are real, in real situations and that makes all the difference.Sexuality is a part of life, a darned good part if you ask me In the way that the most terrifying horror stories and thrillers have some basis in reality Hitchcock s Psycho, and The Rear Window come to mind , for me, the most tantalizing, scintillating erotica comes from the real world.Karena Marie s work is based in reality, and the reality increases the erotic tension of her stories The Happy Spinster is no exception Tawny is a believable character, in control of her life and sexuality Her encounters, while graphic, are believable , making them even erotic.Yes, I read everything I like a good story and when I read erotica, I want it based in a lusty reality that I can envision.In short, when I read erotica, I read Karena Marie. IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME I really enjoyed this book It was a very steamy, short read Tawny is a strong 42 year old woman who lives her life doing as she wants and living as she chooses, without tying her life up in a regular relationship.Meeting Troy at a local bar, changes her life, after a night of passionate love making And , Tawny finds herself having feelings for him Will she bow down to her feelings and give in to Troy Or will she run Bought the Kindle edition and stopped reading approx 10 pages in Here s why view spoiler Almost like magic, Teresa s timing was perfect as she dropped the two shots down, before scurrying off to another customer It gave Tawny a chance to see that Troy had beautiful green eyes Up close, she could also see he was a good looking man, and would look just as handsome in a designer suit as he did in the fine pair of Levis he was currently wearing Where I come from, it s the Man who buys the Lady a drink Why, I will have to remember that, if I ever visit where you are from but since we are here, and the shots are ready, let s say we drink them up Tawny then lifted her glass and waited for the cowboy to do the same As he lifted his class to her, she said Cheers They both downed their shots and Tawny took a sip of her beer So, I hear you are up here, from Texas, is it Yes I am And what might your name be Oh, sorry, where are my manners I am Tawny, and you are Troy It s nice to meet youhide spoiler Red headed Tawny Hudson, aged forty two, boutique owner, resident of Montreal, and unmarried, is of the opinion that sexual variety is the spice of life She is an independent minded, self assured woman very much at ease with her sexuality and unafraid to indulge her desires she feels no need to look for anything beyond the immediate sexual gratification of the moment Her life is a series of no strings attached relationships and one night stands Scruples, though, she does have she will not knowingly have a fling with a married man The ensuing story concerns her one night stand with Troy, a visiting Texan, with than just a big hat Where normally in her sexual encounters she has been the dominant partner, as indeed she is in her first sexual bout with Troy, graphically and intimately described, she seems to become passive and submissive with him, allowing him to control and arouse her We follow them through a series of sex acts and games Check out what happens Has Tawny finally been tamed Or will she turn the tables on Troy Be prepared to be thrilled, excited and shocked, and then shocked, excited and thrilled again Tawny is a woman every man will want to devour, or, even better, be devoured by The Happy Spinster by Karena Marie takes a refreshing and delightful approach to both erotic fiction and female characterisation.Starting with an excellent clarification of what a spinster actually is, the author claims the right for unattached women to be as non starved of sex as is allowed their male counterparts in the societal views.Her female characters are confident,realistic and fun filled women with standards yet without pretence I immediately loved their fresh attitude.The story concerns mainly Tawny, a woman from Montreal, as she sexually encounters Troy from Texas They are having great sex and a great time Although I am not a big fan of erotica I found those scenes well written and much better than many I have read, mainly because they were quite naturally embedded in the rest of the story and were not trying to be shocking or boundary breaking Realistic with some original ideas and written with great passion they are sexy and pleasant to read.The ending is excellent and in my view puts the author in a different league of writers, it is impossible to talk about it without spoiling it for you With her talent Karena Marie has the potential for a long career ahead of her, both in erotica and in other fiction, should she chose to go there.Very enjoyable. She S Smart, She S Sassy And She S Sexy As Hell Meet Tawny, Aka The Happy Spinster, An Auburn Haired Siren Whose Seductive Style Has Set Many A Male Heart Racing In Old Montreal While At Her Local One Friday Night, She Meets Troy, A Texas Cowboy Whose Smoldering Good Looks Immediately Ignite Tawny S Sexual Craving With A Mutual Attraction Between Them And A Burning Carnal Desire Within Them, Tawny And Troy Embark On An Ardor Filled Night Of Sensational Sex And Passionate Lovemaking But Will Tawny Break The Rules And Fall In Love With The Handsome Bronco Buster And Is There A Future For A Woman From The City And A Ranch Hand From The Texas Panhandle Very well and of such compelling nature, so gripping that i had to devour right at full length, the characters are lovely and identifiable, the setting was fresh and the intimate scenes were made to make you melt I d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a quick and yet very sizzling read that is going to catch you and makes you revel in inappropriate fantasies Rich on multifarious words and emotions, developing its own charm as it was even for a non native speaker like me a joy to read.Short but very spicy, i absolutely loved it The Happy Spinster is drenched with pulse quickening pleasure Tawny Hudson is a dangerous but exciting woman Why Because she s at that point in a woman s life that s tantalizingly risky Risky for herself, and those around her Tawny is in her early forties, single, and successful by any standards She s in that age zone of having wisdom from past experiences, but still blossoming into full blown maturity with an unleashed eagerness to try new adventures So anyone hooking up with her exposes themselves to high risk involvement Tawny exudes reckless fun Could be over the edge interesting.And author, Karena Marie, makes it so, as auburn haired Tawny Hudson from Montreal meets smoky green eyed Troy from Texas Sparks fly wildly, and both have their hands full Literally As the story unfolds, the full flavor of past hurts and happiness in the background of The Happy Spinster begin to play out The author knows just how to pull the reader along on Tawny Hudson s nocturnal adventures But the stakes increase as the self assured Tawny is tempted by equally self assured Troy from Texas I felt the tangle of temptations as I turned the pages.The author writes with a direct, crisp, style that reflects the determined nature of the protagonist This is not an ambivalent story, but one that s on a direct course of pleasure seeking And as a reader, I found myself in the middle of the heat filled encounters of Tawny and Troy Umm, being in the middle can be exciting The Happy Spinster is a character driven tale that is easily carried by protagonist, Tawny Hudson From page one her confidence moves her on a direct course, heading for exactly what she wants, when she wants it, and from whom Not an ounce of bashfulness can be found in Tawny s hungry body or her seductive words She is very much a woman who s in control, holding equally her liquor, and her licker Although Tawny and Troy have different cultural and motivational origins, they find an intensely sensuous playground on which to tangle Both sense a deeper fulfillment, but neither knows just how far and how much they ll have to give in order to get their final satisfactions As physical passions sizzle, both Tawny and Troy are challenged by the yonder horizon of the future As a reader, I like a story spiced with that kind of suspense.The author has primed her first book with a number of possibilities, and it looks as though Tawny Hudson has some stimulating experiences in store as The Happy Spinster series continues Tawny has demonstrated that she s ready, willing, and open in a number of ways for fulfillment of her desires and wants, and apology is not a word in her vocabulary She d pass as an innocent spinster in your neighborhood, but when night shadows fall, she s on the prowl and all options are on the table Uh let s make that, all options are on the bed Never underestimate a woman full of passion, entering the gateway to her forties.By the time I finished reading the first volume, my Kindle was panting heavily, and I was too Thanks, Ms Marie, for an evening of Five Star entertainment Let your suggestive pen continue, as The Happy Spinster entertains your readers. I received it in exchange of an honest review First of all if i had to choose one reason why i loved this book it would be for the fact that the player in this one is a woman Not in her twenties nop She is forty something She is independent, strong, knows what she wants Just for that thank you Karena Marie Now the other reasons Well written with characters you grow fond of, you live every minute of the connection happening between Troy and Tawny You feel the sparks flying and the red hot steaminess And that was only the tale of one night My only problem the cliffhanger It made me go crazy I even think i screamed a little I really couldn t believe that s how it s gonna end But the good news is that there s a suite soooo we keep calm and wait for the other books