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In , Jack Scott And His Civil Partner, Liam, Sold Off The Family Silver And Jumped The Good Ship Blighty For Muslim Turkey They Parachuted Into Paradise With Eyes Firmly Shut And Hoped For The Best When The Blindfolds Were Removed What They Saw Wasn T Pretty They Found Themselves Peering Over The Rim Of A Byzantine Bear Pit Bitching And Pretension Ruled The Emigrey Roost The White Washed Ghettoes Were Populated By Neo Colonial Bar Room Bores Who Hated The Country They D Come From And Hated The Country They D Come To And Were Obsessed With Property Prices, Pork Products And Street Dogs Expat Life Was Village Life Where Your Business Was Everyone S Business For Liam, It Was The Barren Badlands Of The Lost And Lonely For Jack It Was The Last Stand Of The Charmless Raj Tenko Without The Guards, The Guns And The Barbed Wire It Took Them A While To Find Their Feet And Separate The Wheat From The Chavs But, Determined To Stay The Course, Eventually They Found Diamonds In The Rough And Roses Among The Weeds Welcome To Part Two Of The Mini Series Which Includes Previously Unpublished Material Together With Jack S Personal Recommendations Of The Must Sees That Turkey Has To Offer To Visitors And Residents Alike Jack takes a tongue in cheek, don t take anything too seriously look at the Expat community he encountered in Turkey over a period of about 20 months This is a really entertaining, fun read written with Jack s inimitable caustic wit in bite sized chunks His observations and descriptions of the characters give them life on the page Quote Nancy is the undisputed chief concubine, his Nell Gwyn to her improbable Charles the Second Because this book is effectively a diary I find it easy to pick up and put down at any point Jack doesn t tax the brain he just entertains A laugh a minute.MASK