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    DISCLAIMER I do not condone cheating, ever Cheating is bad NO SPOILERS, ALL SPOILERS ARE HIDDENNOW COMPLETE WITH A MOVIE UPDATE I decided to read this novel in preparation for the upcoming movie I thought I would hate the book, but I had no idea it would be this horrible o.O Let s take it step by step, shall we PROBLEM 1.Zane is trying to get me to believe that Zoe, the protagonist, is a sex addict SHE IS NOT A SEX ADDICT Her husband, Jason, the only man she s ever had sex with, does not engage in any foreplay In addiction to refusing to play before sex, he refuses to let her give him a blowjob, or go down on her, or finger her, or let her give him a handjob He only will participate in penis in vagina sex Also in addition to that he always has to be on top Always He will accept no other sexual positions He will only have sex at night and with the light off Two minutes and about thirty pumps later, he pulled it out, and I wanted to scream I lay there, thinking to myself, Is this all I get So.Our protagonist has been with this guy all her life, since she was 13 or so This is the only man she s ever been with She is a sexual person who enjoys masturbating and has the natural, normal urge to have orgasms.Needless to say, she is very, deeply sexually unhappy in this marriage, even though she truly loves her husband She just waits til he s done pumping on top of her, and then she sneaks off to masturbate.Still, this is perfectly normal, not sex addict behavior.Then she starts cheating on Jason After being loyal to him for 13 years Obviously NOT a sex addict.She doesn t plan to, or seek out cheating A man comes on to her and she is turned on by his proposal I personally thought this guy was a huge creeper, but shrug we all have our own preferences, I guess She ends up cheating on her husband with 3 different lovers While this is a bad thing to do, it is not even close to qualifying Zoe as someone with a sexual addiction view spoiler Also, the fact that she is easily and almost instantly cured of this addiction at the end of the novel is ridiculous and testifies to the fact that she was never an addict in the first place hide spoiler

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    This is an EXTREMELY inaproppiate book,but i loved it It was juicy and scandalous.

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    I just saw the film s trailer and I m definitely interested in reading this now.

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    not that i was expecting anything spectacular, but seriously, WHY this novel is written like a poorly orchestrated soap opera with twists and turns than can possibly happen to any human being it is overly dramatic and completely unbelievable the only reason why i m giving this book a star at all is for the theme of true love which i actually liked other than that, there were extremely stereotypical portrayals of perceptions of beauty in the black community, ie straight long hair, colored eyes, and the list goes on and on also, the book had a lot of branding of material items like cars, shoes, bags, etc i could go on and on for daysbut i won t my first and last zane book for sure.

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    Book description is as follows Addicted is the story of Zoe, an African American female arts dealer It traces her life from the time she first meets her husband, Jason, in the fifth grade, falls in love with him over a game of Twister in the eighth grade, loses her virginity to him in high school and eventually marries him Everything seems perfect in Zoe s life to her friends and family as she secretly deals with serious problems in her marriage After failing to get Jason to open up to her sexually, Zoe becomes involved in not one, not two but three extramarital affairs By the time she seeks the aid of a prominent female African American therapist, the walls of her picture perfect life have already started to crumble Addicted shifts into high gear as Zoe finds out that everyone from her lovers to her husband to her own mother are hiding secrets of their own Zoe s best friend, Brina, is physically abused by her alcoholic boyfriend, Dempsey Meanwhile, Zoe discovers under hypnosis that her fascination with sex stems from she had buried deep in the crevices of her mind years before Zoe ends up being repetitively stalked and attacked It all comes to a head on a cold, dark mountain following a trail of murders and the true murderer is anyone s guess Addicted does for women what Fatal Attraction did for men It will make a woman think twice before risking it all Very intense read from Zane A page turner, a little erotic then I m used to reading, but it touched on some serious issues with the main character.

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    This was one of the first erotic books that I read and it was great Addicted, chronicles the life of Zoe, a middle class African American female who seeks therapy for sexual addiction Zoe becomes obsessed with sex in early adolescence and relentlessly pressures Jason, her high school sweet heart to take her virginity.Although she manages to marry Jason, the love of her life and they experience financial stability in spite of becoming teen parents, Zoe leads a double life By day she is mother, doting wife and successful art dealer By night and sometimes in the afternoon, she goes barreling headfirst into affairs with people who keep dangerous secrets Blunt, violent and entitled, something black women have never collectively been, Zoe, feels she has a right to toe curling extramarital sexcapades with people she knows only on a first name basis to fulfill the sexual desires her sexually repressed husband cannot She s possessive of her lovers and feels justified in having knockdown drag out fights with their women and justified in telling outlandish lies to Jason to cover her tracks Thanks for the fabulous read Zane,

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    I absolutely love this book The story was on point, I love all the twists the fact that the book wasn t predictable One thing I could say that I dislike about it is how extra parts could be, like how perfect her life is, and the part where she got hypnotized etc It just seems a bit too exaggerated, but I guess you could find people like Zoe in real life And the sex scenes were kind of whack They weren t descriptive exciting I don t know if that s a good term, but anyway the book was good I d definitely recommend it It s a mind blower

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    Boo Boo Boooooo And I don t mean it as a term of endearment No Just no Sorry I was liking this book in the beginning and it just kept spiraling into a trifling mess.

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    Much like reading the comic strip Curtis, everytime I picked this up on the bus and hope the person next to me didn t read the cover , I wondered if Zane is really black I also wonder if she is really a woman If it turned out that Zane is really a psuedonym for a racist, misogynist, white man, trying to reinforce every idiotic negative stereotype you ve ever encountered, I wouldn t bat an eye Or maybe she s just someone who discovered people will buy horrendous trashlit that traffics in wish fulfilment and the most pedestrian taboos treated in the clumsiest ways To say that this book is trash would be unfair To trash Ka zing I would be hard pressed to say reading this is better than not reading at all It s perhaps a step up from internet fan fiction.Reading Zane is much like eating McDonald s The first taste almost fools you with its instant blast of fat salt sugar, but as the initial nicotine like high wears off, it reveals itself to be increasingly, unceasingly vile And when you actually think about it, you can t escape the awareness that it is actively RUINING the WORLD.

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    A heart stopping 4.5 stars I can completely see why this has been made into a movie It is jam packed with passion, suspense and surprises Top that off with a gorgeous cast it s no wonder I loved it.

For Successful African American Businesswoman Zoe Reynard, Finding The Pleasure She Wants, The Way She Wants It, Is Not Worth The Risk Of Losing Everything She Has Marriage To The Man She Has Loved Since Childhood, A Thriving Company, Three Wonderful Children But Zoe Feels Helpless In The Grip Of An Overpowering Addictionto Sex Finding A Compassionate Woman Therapist To Help Her, Zoe Finally Summons The Courage To Tell Her Torrid Story, A Tale Of Guilt And Desire As Shocking As It Is Compelling From The Sensitive Artist With Whom She Spends Stolen Hours On Rumpled Sheets To The Rough And Violent Man Who Draws Her Toward Destruction, Zoe Is A Woman Desperately Searching For Fulfilment And Something Darker, Deeper, And Perhaps Deadly As Her Life Spins Out Of Control And Her Sexual Escapades Carry Her Toward A Dangerous Choice, Zoe Is Racing Against Time To Uncover The Source Of Her Fatal Attraction As Chilling Secrets Tumble Forth From The Recesses Of A Woman S Mind, And Perilous Temptations Lead Toward A Climax That Can Threaten Her Sanity, Her Marriageand Her Life