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Written By Renowned Aristotle Scholar Sir David Ross, This Study Has Long Been Established As One Of The Foremost Surveys Of Aristotle S Life, Work And Philosophy With John L Ackrill S Introduction And Updated Bibliography, Created For The Sixth Edition, The Book Continues To Serve As A Standard Guide, Both For The Student Of Ancient History And The General Reader

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    Aside from some of the standard anachronistic interpretations that you find in this period of Aristotle scholarship, Ross work is terrifically comprehensive Specifically his treatment of the organon as well as Aristotle s metaphysics were both very clear and helpful guides His treatment of the poetics and rhetoric was typically banal, and the anachronistic reading of parts of the psychology was frustrating That said, the only other synoptic work on Aristotle that I think even approaches Ross depth is J Lear s book Aristotle The Desire to Understand which I still prefer.

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    This book is a classic introduction to the philosophical thought of Aristotle, and with good reason It should be read by anyone who wishes to study philosophy, and by everyone who wants to get a better understanding of Aristotle s works.

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    Got me through the primary Aristotle A very good survey from Mr Aristotle Ross, that is Why is it not still out there