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He S Nobody S Bitch Until He Gets A Ride On The Bitch SeatForced To Apply For A Job He Doesn T Want, Cosmo Rawlins Has Only One Aim In Mind Fail The Interview And Get Back To Making Music Except His Attempt To Shock The Older, Sharp Suited Alasdair Grant Doesn T Have The Desired EffectInstead Of Getting Thrown Out Of The Office By Flaunting An Interest In BDSM, Cosmo Finds Himself On His Knees, Apologizing To The Sexy, Good Looking TopAlasdair Has Important Things On His Mind Than Training A Novice Sub, Especially A Rebellious Bad Boy Like Cosmo But There S Something Beneath The Younger Man S Defiant Attitude That S Too Intriguing To IgnoreAs Alasdair Takes Cosmo In Hand And For A Wild Ride On His Harley He Becomes Obsessed With Bending The Young Rocker To His Will, Both In And Out Of Bed Until He Goes One Demand Too Far, And Cosmo Is Gone In A Cloud Of Dust Forcing Alasdair To Admit That Earning Cosmo S Loyalty And Love Will Involve The Toughest Challenge He S Ever Faced Product Warnings This Title Contains An Overbearing Top With A Less Than Glamorous Job, A Rebellious Brat Who Refuses To Call Him Sir, And A Total Lack Of High End BDSM Clubs Or Playrooms Expect Floggings Over The Kitchen Table Instead 4 1 2 Huge Stars a super ber cute and romantic story about two gorgeous menI started Screwing the System with great anticipation and hope about something really amusing and very captivating and WOW, I got everything This is perhaps not especially innovative, unusual or grand literature, but it was so darn fun and I want to hug and kiss my Kindle because I loved my hours with these wonderful cute guys It s this kind of cozy stories I should read often and what a good looking hottie on the cover Mmmm.. Screwing the System is a really cuddly romantic M M novel about 215 pages that was both witty, slightly cheeky and a bit kinky light and tender D s playing I can certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a big pleased smile on your face the rest of the day What a grip Cosmo had all kind kinds of naughty thoughts about where else he d like to feel a hand like that and wondered wheter getting a boner in the interview would be something this Mr Grant would Alasdair Grant 40 runs a cleaning business and during a job interview, he meets the sixteen years younger Cosmo Rawlings A pretty saucy young guy with attitude and spirit Cosmo wants to devote his days to sing, play guitar and write new music a job as a cleaner is not high on his wish list One thing leads to another but no new job for Cosmo and a date for some playing in Alasdair s taste is scheduled for a few evenings ahead With instructions tight clothing, no underwear, etc and some time to think, is Cosmo..and I both slightly nervous, excited and quite tense But he goes to the bar and a beautiful muscular hot biker man in leather pants on a huge black Harley appear his date in a completely different style set in a tea drinking place. For me is Scewing the System a very amusing and emotional told story about two men with tangled past experiences and a credible path towards a possible relationship despite the age difference You don t get insta love but of course insta lust The quite rigid, harsh and domineering Alasdair softens of course I purred with happiness to follow his awakening and inner change I like it so much when a Dom realizes he must also show other softer sides Vanilla is also pleasure Cosmo on the other side realizes that he s enjoying and need the submission play a lot but in moderate doses, on his terms and when he desires There are both good and bad events on the road They have to reconcile, bitching about the rules, ask for forgiveness but eventually they begin to build something new Of course it was a lot of sex and thoughts on various hot and hard body parts but never too much so that the pleasant steam part took over Cuter lovebirds than Alasdair and Cosmo are scarce It was both sweet and touching, but most of all fun and entertaining For all of you who don t like when it gets too sugar sweet can I provide some reassurance This M M is cozy but never messy and sticky Cosmo is a challenge for a Dom and these are two guys who play equally Which I like A heartwarming story like this one is exactly what makes me so amazingly happy I m reminded of why I love and need to read some romances every single day I hesitate between four or five stars but I round up to a five because this was an easygoing and wonderful joy spreader I just love Alasdair and Cosmo s story they are really a quite odd and yet a very unforgettable couple A gem that ends up on my favorite shelf I will no jump over to the free short sequel Screw the Fags and some yummy good reading.I LIKE Shudder of delight and hugs my book.. 3.5 Stars for The Blog Of Sid LoveThis book has been on my list to read for AGES So in an effort to dwindle the pile I dragged my feet and threw myself onto my loveseat, puffing out the biggest sigh I don t know why, I just thought it was going to be a chore Shrugs.But then this happenedSo, Mr Grant, Are you a hands on kind of boss I prefer to keep a professional distance from my employees So if I wanted to get to know you better, intimately I d have to fail this interview Fail it But you re doing so well Let s just say I have a few extracurricular activities that might interfere with my ability to sit down and drive each day Oh my Can you imagine saying that to your prospective employer who s really built and looks like George Clooney Yeah Okay, maybe I would too, especially if I was Cosmo and trying to sabotage the interview in favour of my dole benefits Turns out this book was not a chore at all I flew through the pages with a smile on my face and a fan in my hand This is my first Josephine Myles novel and my first impression was that her style is reminiscent of Anne Tenino, which is a good thing The writing is a breeze, the sex is sweltering, and the characters are divine even if one of them is a cheesy Daddy type who shops at Bikers R Us The humour is perfectly pitched, but unlike Tenino, it is very British for which I am forever grateful I always get such a kick when I can so closely relate to the Briticism s I know guys like Cosmo common, cocky, confident, street smart dole scroungers with a plan to make it big, or just make it When Cosmo hooks up with Alasdair, it s would seem he s landed with his arse in the lard but he s not a complete scrounger and he ain t prepared to be anybody s twink house boy either Cosmo is not a twink he s a struggling musician with a kink.Alasdair s like a proper posh git by day and a leather wearing Top by night He says all this cheesy stuff but the man dominates like a Master What starts as Cosmo s education in submissive kink quickly evolves into something It s a great dynamic, not only the age gap but the issues that come from two fella s that live on opposite sides of the class scale, and in England that is still a great divide In between the budding romance, the BDSM scenes hot and hard and the redemption of Alasdair s guilt over the loss of a long lost lover, Myles gives us an unpretentious, humorous and unapologetically honest view of the class system in England I just loved her perspective.So what s wrong with it Well, the synopsis hints at some angst and there simply isn t any There was plenty of scope for it, but the author shy s away from any anticipated conflict in favour of sweetness and humour It s a build up that dwindles with a deflated soft pffzzz just like my rating I do recommend this, it was good fun Note I didn t say clean fun, because it is quite deliciously filthy For those who worry about the BDSM, Myles gets it right I thought The writing, the humour, the Briticism s, the chemistry and Cosmo, are what carried this for me, and also why I m rounding up for GR.If it s on your TBR pile Know that it s worth your time and your money I say go for it. I am such a sucker for a story about two lost souls coming together and finding love and happiness and a sense of completion We not only get this with this story, but we get a hot, steamy BDSM romp thrown in too Hot damn, what could you ask for I fucking loved this book Highly recommended if you like beautiful, powerful men no twinks for miles indulging in a sexual exchange of power, BDSM style, hurt and comfort and real emotions, and OF COURSE a fabulous HEA that will leave butterflies in your stomach. I liked the book fine, it entertained me pleasantly I never wanted to quit for something else, and there were zero editing or writing issues that annoyed The only thing is I was kind of underwhelmed I didn t feel like I read the story the blurb promised It s definitely not a poor story it s that it s very understated, and there s absolutely no big winning back the boyfriend plot That whole thing in the blurb about Until he goes one demand too far, and Cosmo is gone in a cloud of dust Forcing Alasdair to admit that earning Cosmo s loyalty and love will involve the toughest challenge he s ever faced Well, I don t see that as being what happened But it was fine I liked the book. I ll admit it, BDSM is not my thing Most of it frightens me, shocks me, or quite frankly, blows my mind.I just don t get most of it.This book I got it I got the characters, and most of all..I adored it.I was tip toeing around my BSDM assignment for our blog week I wasn t sure what I wanted, where to look and what to read I asked around and was graciously directed towardsScrewing the SystemWhat a surprising indulgence it turned out to be It was kinky, but not the creep me out kink Nothing scary, no humiliation, and no scenes that left me feeling ill it was just lovers satisfying each other.utterly and completely sating their hungers It was about obedience, but respectful mutual compliance What won me over were the characters and the love they shared Admiration and the need to please among the Boss and the Brat was a solid base for their budding relationship Ha, and what a quirky twist of fate their first meeting was.Adasdair may be a forty year old suit, but beneath his shirt and tie he is hiding colorful secrets Trapped grieving a loss from his past, he never fully embraced his future A punk kid with an attitude might hold the power to change that Rock star wannabe Cosmo is looking for the easy way out until an unexpected force drives him to his knees with a desire to please With an experienced hand he discovers hidden urges and sheds light into hollow pieces Cosmo never realized existed I thought the age difference might bother me let s face it, sixteen years is a bit of a chunk And yet, what startled me was how perfectly they fit together.cuff key in lock They complimented one another immensely As if each piece was okay alone, but together, they were stunning The writing was fabulous, engaging and crisp The humor was warm and cheery The British flare was simply splendid fun.What truly struck me was the bond we witness fusing together A fierce and indestructible connection occurs between the two It was gorgeous It was enlightening It was a gift.There was an equal need which was likewise fulfilled Their passion was off the charts, but it was their love that took this one over the top If you are looking for a spanking good time, Alasdair and Cosmo are a surefire power play you won t want to miss 4.5scorching sensational screwy stars Join us for BDSM week. Another book for my BDSM comfort reread shelf combo This is a funny, sweet story about a kid from the rough side of the streets, with a talent for music, who hasn t realized how much he ll like sometimes giving up control And a Dom who grew up tough and climbed his way out, finding that his taste in subs runs to a guy with a bit of mouth on him, and a lot of heart They work well together, despite all their differences, and the result is this short, fun, sometimes nicely emotional romp as these guys try to figure each other, and themselves, out I liked the fact that Alasdair wasn t an all knowing, all seeing, always in control top He was toppy and experienced, but not above making mistakes or letting go of rules to adapt to Cosmo Cosmo in some ways seemed like a masochist than a lifestyle sub This was a book where the relationship seemed to adapt, and was somewhat different when sex wasn t immediately involved One variation on how people s preferences can work together with the right amount of give and take. Screwing the System was a nice read, but it didn t fullfil my expectations Cosmo and Alasdair felt emotionally flat to me and I didn t feel a connection to the MCs I couldn t see them in my mind and I had to stop reading a few times because the story didn t have the sparkle I anticipated Aside from that the end was a little abrupt I had the feeling something was missing. The novel length Screwing the System began its life as a 13k freebie story I wrote for the Goodreads MM Romance Group s Love is Always Write event I hadn t originally intended to write than that, but as I worked on the short story Alasdair and Cosmo grabbed hold of my imagination and refused to let go The short only details their first meeting and first scene, with a conclusion that worked okay, but didn t deal with all the issues the characters had raised Clearly there was an opportunity to write about these two.Turning the short into a novel presented a few challenges I wrote the original in first person from Cosmo s perspective I really wanted to get Alasdair s point of view across too, and was reluctant to write another first person novel after my previous two I ended up converting three of the scenes in the short into third person, and wrote others linking them from Alasdair s third person perspective.This was still only the beginning of the story, however The novel deals with the start of Cosmo and Alasdair s domestic relationship, which has a certain discipline structure along the lines of a Daddy boy relationship The original online short even has Cosmo calling Alasdair Daddy , but in the end I decided to change this I know that many romance readers are uncomfortable with this term being used in a sexual relationship, and I didn t want the presence of one little word to alienate readers who would otherwise enjoy the story To those who enjoyed that aspect of the original, rest assured the relationship dynamic remains intact Cosmo simply chooses a different honorific this time around.I hope this novel will appeal to those who enjoy reading about BDSM and discipline relationships, but also to those who aren t familiar with these stories There s nothing exceptionally hardcore here as I ve focused on the relationship dynamic than the kink That s not to say there isn t plenty of kinky sex too, but it definitely sticks to the lighter end of the BDSM spectrum.That s all from me I hope readers enjoy the novel, and fall in love with these characters just like I did 3.5 starsWhen readers are first introduced to Cosmo, he isn t entirely likeable He d rather live on assistance while pursuing a music career than get a job to make ends meet He thrives on playing the system But I can t deny that his funny bratty attitude and antics won me over pretty quickly He may not be the most productive member of society, but he s got potential, if only he would put in effort.Alasdair realizes this about Cosmo from the start He s very attracted to the younger man, but Alasdair also thinks Cosmo could do with some structure in his life Alasdair definitely has a paternalistic streak, but he s genuinely a nice person.Plus, he exudes sex This is one steamy read Cosmo and Alasdair click from their first night together, and it just gets better as the book goes on I liked that the BDSM in this book was a lot less formal than the usual There are no clubs and grand rituals just two men getting kinky together.The relationship between Alasdair and Cosmo builds gradually As they spend time together, both MCs realize that their assumptions about the other weren t entirely true Alasdair wants to give Cosmo structure and confidence to reach his goals, while Cosmo wants to give Alasdair back a life outside of work The two learn together to balance work and fun They re happier together than they were alone.This is a fairly low drama book The major roadblock revolves around a previous relationship of Alasdair s and how it continues to affect him The issue, and the resolution, was realistic However, there s a problem that comes up right at the end of the book which distracted me from Cosmo and Alasdair s happy ending I would have liked a concrete finish.Even so, I enjoyed Alasdair and Cosmo s story very much If you re looking for an MM opposites attract romance with some kinky sex and not too much angst, give this book a try