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    3.5 Stars Stranded is a very quick steamy read Felix and Poppy are both divorced from failed marriages For Felix, his past experience led him down a path of one night stands Poppy, on the other hand, ran away to get away from everybody When Felix drives his car into a ditch, he stumbles upon Poppy s small cottage in the middle of nowhere Their night is hot, erotic, and electrifying.For me, their romance kind of felt incomplete by the end of the story Even though they are mentioned in Book 2, That First Kiss is focused on a different couple I think I just needed closure.

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    ARR from the author in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Stars What a hot little story I am shocked as I am not a big fan of novellas I like em long the books of course.Felix driving back from a work thing is so tired that he gets in the accident crashing his car into a ditch Waking up all bruised, with a broken phone, crawling out of the ditch in the middle of nowhere as it s raining stumbles onto Poppy s run down house.Poppy with no womanly self preservation, in the middle of nowhere or a man around runs out to find a stranger soaked and freezing, brings him into her home without questions to take care of him And take care of him he does actually he takes care of her too Two people who sworn off relationships feel something in a span of few hours that they have not felt in their previous marriages.A fast read with cutesy romance and some hot sexing This girl is satisfied and looking forward to from the series.My favorite moment in the book While Felix is warming up in the bath, Poppy so worked up by Felix decided to pleasure herself Only to be caught by Felix Poppy was fully into her fantasy when she heard the sound of a throat clearing he eyed her suspiciously and one of his brows arched I heard you call my name Tell me, Poppy, her name on his lips was a sensual promise, do you always get wet when you think about laundry

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    So the gal name is Poppy and she is recently divorced yeah, call me a sucker, but I love the name and the fact she is just jilted Marking it on my TBR list Burned, Felix Sinclair has all but vowed never to get seriously involved with another woman as long as he lives After a long day s work, Felix is looking forward to getting back to his luxury apartment in the city When he detours onto a road less traveled in order to shave off some travel time, the last thing he expects is to wind up stranded in a roadside ditch in the middle of a downpour or to fall into the arms of a beautiful woman.Recently divorced, jobless, friendless and utterly alone, Poppy Montgomery is struggling to convince herself that single life is what she wants needs Then a handsome stranger staggers into her life and sparks fly Riding out the storm together, their instant connection seems like the perfect opportunity to explore a night of passion, but will one night be enough to satisfy their craving for one another

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    I don t normally go for the novella s but decided to give this one a try.This was an enjoyable read with characters you can sympathize with, both being divorcee s, and a story ending that leaves you wanting The sex scenes were hot that s for sure, even with a touch of embarrassment, for cringe worthy giggles thrown in.I would love to read from this author and see how she can expand the story of Felix and Poppy.

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    A CALL TO SPICE THINGS UPSynopsis Poppy has finally settled in and accepted her new life After divorcing her cheating husband Jimmy of ten years, and getting laid off from work, she decided it would best to pack up and move to the peaceful country Building walls to protect herself, Poppy has decided against dating In fact Poppy finds every reason under the sun why she can t date So she decides on Bo, her dog and protector, to be the perfect companion.Felix is a successful literary agent A few years removed from his own marriage, he has taken on a different stance on dating Instead of shying away from women or jumping into meaningless relationships, Felix just sleeps around It seems to work well for the perfectly chiseled body, deep seductive eyes and ber masculine presence he exudes Funny thing is that he really believe he s happy with his current life and he women in it.But one long day and night change the game for Felix Deliriously drowsy and rung out, Felix attempts to keep his eyes on the highway praying he can make it home soon Unfortunately, he finds himself upside down ditch deep with water slowly running into the car Once he s able to release himself he makes his way up the hill and down the roads through freezing rain seeking the tiny light coming from a small house Once in his site he can t believe his eyes Before him is the most beautiful woman he can ever remember seeing and she s yelling at him to get out of the rain.Poppy can t believe what s happening She s daydreamed for what seems forever to have a drop dead gorgeous guy in her grasp that isn t a douche, but they only appear in her trashy novels Now that this stranger is here and looking like death is at his door, she can t believe it As she brings him inside and nurses him back to health, she can t help but to admire his strong and manly physique She s never responded to any man the way she s responding to Felix and she soon realizes that she s having the same effect on him, and for the first time she doesn t want to let anything get in the way What comes next is some explosive, life altering, steamy sex that stirs something inside both Poppy and Felix and changes how they ve been viewing their lives.With cold feet and broken hearts Poppy and Felix almost let one another slip through cracks Neither wants to continue to deny what they feel, so they ll have to push aside their past pains in order to take what they really want an unquenchable, undeniable love The Best Thing I think Stranded was the perfect length for what it offered So often authors try to squeeze everything they can into a short story and it comes off as rushed In this particular story I didn t agree with Poppy s take care attitude for a complete stranger and thought she jumped in to things a little fast, but I thought it was hot once the ball got rolling The Worst Thing I was a little confused by the fact that Poppy went to great lengths to seclude herself from men and parts of the city, but invited a stranger in to her home and had a wild a passionate night with him Don t get me wrong it was hot but didn t match up I also thought that it was very interesting how the story ended keeping in mind how things started between Poppy and Felix and learning about their pasts and paths But then again it is a novella and you can t jam everything in there.

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    This was the perfect read to snuggle up with on cold night in bed This is a short story but only in length Stranded holds its own and locks you into the story immediately Felix Sinclair, a literary agent sigh in his way home from a conference when he has an accident in and ends up upside down in a ditch With great skill and finesse he gets out and looks for help.Poppy Montgomery, a divorcee living alone with her dog sees a man walking onto her property in the middle of a horrible storm and rushes out to help him She wasn t ready for this kind of distraction he caused her It was bad enough she found him attractive, but having a attractive man in her home was just asking for trouble Though they are strangers the tension is felt between these two once they get into the house and begin to strip down their defenses Felix and Poppy are broken by past relationships but the immediate connection they feel could be the perfect opportunity for a night of passion Will one night be enough for either of them Is the instant attraction only there to ride out the storm Felix was not a one stand kind of a guy He didn t do commitments It surprised him how comfortable he was in a stranger s home in a stranger s bed Stranded is a wonderful story about how two people can come together under less than perfect circumstances Call it fate, call it destiny or call it serendipity whatever you call it is just works The story of Felix and Poppy is one that I cannot stop thinking about Poppy with her trashy romance novel, Felix feeling overwhelmed by their instant connection I am anxious to have from this author and to see where and if their story continues.

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    Felix Sinclair is literary agent that works really hard at his job He s been a playboy that only does one night stands because he s been burned by love as the saying goes once bitten twice shy When he is traveling home from a conference never expecting to be in a car accident He s battered and bruised while trying to find help and ends up walking to the nearest house Poppy Montgomery has been divorced and out of work for over a year now Her marriage has left it s share of scars before, during, and after the divorce which leave her completely gunshy of men period She never expected a handsome stranger that s been injured to rev her up in ways her ex never did She is definitely not used to having one night stands because she s of the hearts and flowers type person Yet Felix has made her realize how much she s missed out on specifically the need for human contact Poppy isn t the only one affected by their encounter Felix is kicking himself for how he treated Poppy and sees that he doesn t want to such a player with only one night stands any He wants such as family and one woman who can make him burn Poppy What will Poppy do next Will Felix get the chance to admit his mistake Will Poppy trust Felix again Your answers await you in Stranded.I m definitely looking forward to of this author s works The story was excellently crafted The character s were real and believable with hang ups, flaws, and all This is one book that will get you hot under the collar to make sure you get a piece of action yourself afterwards I will definitely revisit Stranded when I want to get revved up for the night.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this short, erotic, romance story written by J.C Valentine Poppy is recently divorced, not seeking any relationship with another man, and lives in an old house in near isolation This is her protective life style she has chosen, and to ensure it, she keeps a rescued Doberman named Bo nearby Felix Sinclair, a successful business man, quite the philanderer, takes a shortcut home, but falls asleep at the wheel and drives into a large ditch His car upside down, Felix manages to crawl out of his car as pain sweeps through his body A heavy rain is falling as he stumbles along the dark empty road He approaches the first house, opens the gate, and stumbles onto the path Bo confronts him and Felix stops in his tracks Poppy, in the meantime, is enjoying reading her romance novel maybe as much as I m enjoying this one when Bo s aggressive barking draws her attention She sees a dark image, now approaching awkwardly Poppy sees it s a man needing help and assists him into her house while it s still raining hard Wow, this was never a consideration Poppy envisioned, nor did she ever see such a handsome man Okay, if you enjoy reading romance stories, you will definitely be delighted with this one I love the poignant, witty writing style of this author She has definitely placed a smile on my face and a valentine into my heart tonight Enjoy

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    You did something to me that day, Poppy, he said, his voice gone low and gravely I haven t been the same since From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed at night, you re all I think about, I want you, Poppy I need you Felix Sinclair doesn t do relationships any ever since he was badly hurt by an ex He s a single, powerful playboy with a sexy smile.Poppy Montgomery, just recently divorced, has no friends but a rescue dog, named Bo She doesn t even have job Her life is slowly falling apart it seems Convincing herself the single life is what she needs she closes herself in a lonely house out in the middle of no where The two meet when Felix crashes his car in the ditch near her house and stumbles to her door needing help What they didn t expect was to fall into bed filling the night with passion that would change both their lives forever This was a quick read, and though I don t really like novellas all the much this was a very good start to a stand alone series that has characters that interweave in each story I also promise that book 2 That First Kiss is a full length novel that insures to carry on the tone Stranded has gave us I highly recommend this series and even though you can read each book a stand alone, I advise you start with this novella It sets the tone of the series and a great quick read

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    Felix Sinclair is on his way home and due to tiredness he dozes off and lose control of his car falling in a ditch His body aches from the impact so he walks hoping to come across a home to ask for a phone a call someone to get him and his car back home Poppy lives away from the city After her divorce she wanted a fresh start She adopted Bo her doberman and loves to read erotic romances Poppy s home is the first house Felix finds after his accident Walking in the rain he doesn t notice Bo who is ready to attack and reap his head off Poppy comes to his rescue and gives him shelter To avoid any health complications she makes him strip to put his clothes to dry and take him to the bath tub After having a good view of his gorgeous muscular body and leaving him in the bathtub she heads to her room and touches herself and she gets caught by Felix What will happen between these two Keep reading and I can assure you, you will enjoy this book very much There were parts that I coudn t stop laughing it was hilarious how he took Poppy from her comfort zone and of course the SEX Hot Steamy Sex.

Burned, Felix Sinclair Has All But Vowed Never To Get Seriously Involved With Another Woman As Long As He Lives After A Long Day S Work, Felix Is Looking Forward To Getting Back To His Luxury Apartment In The City When He Detours Onto A Road Less Traveled In Order To Shave Off Some Travel Time, The Last Thing He Expects Is To Wind Up Stranded In A Roadside Ditch In The Middle Of A Downpour Or To Fall Into The Arms Of A Beautiful WomanRecently Divorced, Jobless, Friendless And Utterly Alone, Poppy Montgomery Is Struggling To Convince Herself That Single Life Is What She Wants Needs Then A Handsome Stranger Staggers Into Her Life And Sparks Fly Riding Out The Storm Together, Their Instant Connection Seems Like The Perfect Opportunity To Explore A Night Of Passion, But Will One Night Be Enough To Satisfy Their Craving For One Another AUTHOR S NOTE Stranded Is The First In An Interconnected Series Of Erotic Romance Each Book Can Be Read As A Stand Alone, But You Will Find That Each New Character Has Been Previously Introduced In Some Way As An Introduction To The Series, Stranded Is A Novella, But Rest Assured Each New Addition Will Be A Full Length Novel Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into