Best She Went to the Field: Women Soldiers of the Civil WarAuthor Bonnie Tsui –

Women Soldiers Of The Civil War Profiles Several Substantiated Cases Of Female Soldiers During The American Civil War, Including Sarah Rosetta Wakeman Aka Private Lyons Wakeman, Union Sarah Emma Edmonds Aka Private Frank Thompson, Union Loreta Janeta Velazquez Aka Lieutenant Harry T Buford, Confederate And Jennie Hodgers Aka Private Albert D J Cashier, Union Also Featured Are Those Women Who May Not Have Posed As Male Soldiers But Who Nonetheless Pushed Gender Boundaries To Act Boldly In Related Military Capacities, As Spies, Nurses, And Vivandieres Daughters Of The Regiment Who Bore The Flag In Battle, Rallied Troops, And Cared For The Wounded

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    wanted to like this book and probably would have had it contained even one note of the irony of women joining the Confederate Army because in contrast to the constricting role of women in that era s society, they felt freedom.

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    Okay this was fascinating Woman actually putting their lives at stake in battle on the fields somewhat disguised as men Totally amazed this has not been made into a film.

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    Simple, quick overview The first third focuses on three women who hide themselves as men It does not go into depth The rest are about spies and nurses with an even quicker overview It s as almost as if this book introduces you to the names of these women and then you can go and find a better book about them I am glad I picked up this book for the simple introduction.

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    A wonderful non fiction written very well, however not very captivating I went to Gettysburg and was interested in women Civil War spies and soldiers I did find the part on vivianderies interesting though.

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    stories of women who fought or otherwise helped out in the Civil War

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    Very interesting I never knew so many women were in battle back then I used this book as part of my research for a novel idea.

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    It was a good, brief overview of the women soldiers, but it doesn t go into depth about any of them.