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Paris, France, And Attractive, Vibrant Year Old Sloane From Stamford, England, Meets Nicholas, A Writer And Artist From Boston, USA, And Ten Years Her Senior The Attraction Is Immediate Sloane Believes That She Has Found The Love Of Her Life But As The Days Pass, It Becomes Clear That Things Are Not Quite As They SeemChristmastime In New York And Nicholas And Sloane Are Finally Making Plans Their Fixation, One With The Other, Is Overwhelming But Fate Has A Way Of Disrupting What They Are Certain Is Meant To Be And Disaster Is On The WayTelling Their Story To Em , Nicholas And Sloane Recount Their First Meeting, Their Thoughts And Actions And The Tale Of Their Passionate Affair, Delving Ever Deeper Into The Dark And Sinister Side Of Compulsive LoveWhat Is It That Is Driving Them, Why Is It So Urgent And Who Is The Mysterious Em Jae De Wylde Explores The Raw Emotion Of Obsessive Love And The Power Of Perception In This Poignant, Compelling And Splendidly Paced Tale Of Secrets, Lies, Blame And Guilt With Its Bitter, Heart Breaking Twists

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    A chance meeting, a stolen glance, a skipped beat and the birth of a fine romance Well, not exactly There are no roses round the door in this gripping trans Atlantic tryst of passion, intrigue, obsession, and deception Sleeping People Lie is a splendid affair of the fixated heart with a bitter chocolate twist A box of Cadbury s Milk Tray it ain t Where will it end That would be giving the game away Jae De Wylde s second book is a corker and her first book was pretty good too The lady s going far Fabulous

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    This book drew me in the I read, building to a crescendo, until I couldn t put it down Very thought provoking, it stayed in my head for a long time after I turned the last page.

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    Great book on your travels Keeps you reading

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    Sleeping People Lie by Jae De WyldeI was extremely fortunate to have had a pre publication read of Jae de Wylde s second novel Sleeping People Lie and found it superbly written in language almost lyrical, with a strong plot and characters that were utterly believable The dual narrative in this instance a very effective technique provides readers with a deeper insight into Sloane and Nicholas s personalities, emphasising the obsessive, selfish and at times almost disquieting nature of their relationship while paralleling their differences and points of view One is kept guessing as to the identity of Em to whom Sloane and Nicholas pour out their innermost thoughts, and the disclosure when it comes is gobsmacking Without wishing to give anything away, the ending is perfect Another fantastic novel from Jae De Wylde, and I am very much looking forward to her next one.

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    I know Jae so you might think me bias, but then she s a colleague and not all colleagues write books like she does The Thinking tank was good, a book I would not normally choose, only I did as I knew Jae and was impressed.Her second Sleeping People Lie, I read for the same reason but was than impressed I was mesmerized I couldnt put the story down and when I lost the book halfway as it was on a Kindle machine that went out of sight I ordered it again on as a hard copy as I simply had to hold the book and finish itSleeping people lie is a beautiful utterly real and utterly honest book that would deserve the status of 50 shades of grey but then as much much much much better book.Jae, I didn t know jealousy untill I became an author myself Of this book I m jealous and I hope it will break through for it deserves to.

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    Not my usual type of book, but still this gripped me and had me staying up till the early hours Written as a diary with 2 people s account, gives it a different feel to most books and actually feels as if you are being told the story by two friends Brilliantly written and a fabulous read that defiantly is not all hearts and flowers.

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    Compelling and very clever You re drawn into the description of a passionate affair, set in Paris and New York, but you re not sure why the two characters are telling their versions of the story to the unknown Em Plenty of twists and skillfully delayed revelations A classic tragedy unfolds, but who are the victims and who was in control No doubt about the destructive power of emotions.

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    This was really good, especially for a free kindle book I wasn t pleased with the ending, but it wasn t that suprising considering where the story was going.

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    Sex, lies self understanding As this tale starts out, our heroes meet on a bus while taking a group of students to Paris Sexual fantasies for both emerge quickly We learn about this in journal format in letters to Em whose identity represents a mystery to the reader right to the end, as does the reason behind the urgency with which the letters must be written Both struggle with the decorum of their sexual identity with guilt on one side and aggression curiosity on the other They put sex on the table as they try to muddle into an understanding of life, and who they are as a person As our two protagonists venture through the City of Love, they report on their choices this new relationship has offered as well as the snowball of destruction it provokes as it unravels over time As the relationship develops, too often when either faces indecision they use lies to support their decisions They report various events in their background, which form the basis of how they struggle to understand self and relationship Here the reader can identify with these events, although much mystery remains until the denouement Complexities emerge as the relationship between our heroes shifts as the years pass One gains insights as to the pain where lies prove little base for relationships, often destructive Well worth a read

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    390p Paris, France and attractive, vibrant 26 year old Sloane from Stamford, England, meets Nicholas, a writer and artist from Boston, USA, and ten years her senior The attraction is immediate Sloane believes that she has found the love of her life But as the days pass, it becomes clear that things are not quite as they seem.Christmastime in New York and Nicholas and Sloane are finally making plans Their fixation, one with the other, is overwhelming But fate has a way of disrupting what they are certain is meant to be 13 and disaster is on the way.Telling their story to 18Em 19, Nicholas and Sloane recount their first meeting, their thoughts and actions and the tale of their passionate affair, delving ever deeper into the dark and sinister side of compulsive love.What is it that is driving them, why is it so urgent 13 and who is the mysterious Em Jae De Wylde explores the raw emotion of obsessive love and the power of perception in this poignant, compelling and splendidly paced tale of secrets, lies, blame and guilt with its bitter, heart breaking twists.