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This book has its flaws, but it is undoubtedly the best single volume history of philosophy I have read Unlike Russell, Marias deals a fair hand to even those he disagrees with, he acknowledges the gaps in his own knowledge, and time and again points out that his reductions are by no means a substitute for the vast swaths of direct sources he s covering Unlike many other historians of philosophy, he focuses on the thought of these thinkers rather than their life stories and he does a fantastic job of highlighting the historical circumstances that each thinker developed their ideas within He doesn t shy away from critiquing any thinker, but when he does so, he does it with grace and fairness, rather than engaging in strawmen and slanders like Russell Marias unfortunately discounts non Western philosophy but given that this was published in 1940, that s forgivable One thing in particular that I appreciated was his coverage of Spanish philosophy prior to reading this, the only Spanish thinker I could name off the top of my head would have been Averroes Spanish philosophy is largely neglected in most sources, but Dr Marias has done the world a service by emphasizing the great figures of his homeland of particular interest are the Spanish scholastics and Jose Ortega, the final figure he covers and one of the most interesting thinkers I encountered in this book As well, the author provides a decent coverage of continental philosophy its a sad fact that most histories of philosophy in English discount the last 100 years of continental thought and instead focus on analytic thought, if it can even be called thought I digress.There were a couple flaws that stood out Dr Marias occasionally quotes long passages in Latin, Greek, and French, sometimes translating, sometimes not Towards the end, when discussing Sartre, he recites two entire paragraphs in French without any translation or summary into English He also has a tendency to constantly add footnotes urging you to check out this or that other book that he wrote, as he doesn t have the space to go further in depth at this juncture a shameless self promoter Finally, if you want a history of philosophy written with a compelling narrative format, look elsewhere Marias style can be very geometrical and structured I found this to be a relief, as it lends itself to this task than narrative, but I acknowledge many would prefer the latter.In short read this book Its good as hell. A compelling, if sometimes hard to understand, history of philosophy Marias is an insightful authority on these matters, but often can be somewhat of a self promoter in his writing, almost always hearkening back to Ortega and the Madrid School to which he was a member in his analysis Still, this book gave me a lot of great insight into the development of philosophy, explained the problems posed by each of the thinkers in great detail, and was able to expose me to a lot of obscure philosophers especially from Spain that will definitely be of interest in the future Even though I think Bertrand Russell s similarly titled volume is a much easier to understand and less opinionated account of the subject, Dr Marias study is certainly worth a look for anyone who s interested in philosophy. Good, and different, introduction to the history of philosophy from a Spanish philosopher that followed Ortega I thought his treatment of ancient Greek philosophy the pre Socratics, Sophists, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle was very well done Where Russell focuses on the history, Mar as focuses on the philosophy. The exposition of the ideas of the thinkers presented here is quite well done However, in terms of historiography the book is exactly what you d expect from a white dude from the 1940s a history of lots and lots of other white men As is custom for this type of historiography, right at the beginning he kicks India and China out of the equation, in order to then proceed to pull off the usual Presocratics, Aristole, Plato etc., some Roman stuff, Medieval Aquinas, Scotus , Modern then Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Husserl aaaand it s done Yeah, so that was apparently philosophy for the past 2500 years The ideas of some 20 people A boring historiography with complete disregard for collectives, for writings on the margin, for the influence of media and culture etc.The defs of philo at the beginning are alright Nothing unusual here ofc philo begins with wonder, as Aristotle pointed out and so forth and so forth Here, philo is truly an ever reproducing, expansive, ultimately imperial, endeavor. In Appeared The First Edition Of Historia De La Filosofia By Dr Juli N Mar As, A Spanish Scholar Who Has Come To Have An International Reputation As A Philosopher And Teacher It Was Greeted With Enthusiasm In Spain, Where It Has Gone Through Twenty Two Editions, And It Has Been Adopted Throughout The Spanish Speaking World As The Standard Classroom Text It Has Also Been Rated By Many As The Best Elementary Level History Of Philosophy To Emerge From Europe Since The First World WarTranslated Ino English For The First Time, Under The Supervision Of Dr Mar As, The History Of Philosophy Presents A Full, Detailed, Lucid History Of Western Thought From The Pre Socratics To Middle Th Century It Provides Very Thorough Surveys Of Basic Figures, Currents And Trends, With Background, Biographical Data Where Possible , Survey Of Literature, Summary Of Ideas, Critical Evaluation, And Historical Significance In The Chain Of Western PhilosophyDr Mar As S Book Is Superior To Most Other General Histories In Several Important Respects Besides Covering The Major Figures, Especially Those Relatively Unfamiliar To The English Speaking World, But Still Significant It Is Also Modern And Up To Date Most Of All, However, It Is Remarkable For Its Precision And Clarity Dr Mar As Is Most Successful In Presenting The Most Complex Ideas In Term That Can Be Understood By Practically Any Intelligent Reader As A Result His Book Stands Almost Alone As A Text For History Of Philosophy Courses, As A Refresher For Students And Teachers, And As An Introduction For LaymenUnabridged Translation Of The Nd Edition, By Stanley Appelbaum And Clarence C Strowbridge Author S Preface To English Edition Bibliography Index Xx Pp X Paperbound This is a book that s served as a standard for classrooms all over the Spanish speaking world and my Argentine professor assigned the English professor to me My take A book with good detail but lives up to every ounce of the reputation that philosophers have for being opaque and wordy He has a special fondness for some of his own philosopher professors, but it doesn t seem to get too much in the way of his work. it is alright, gives a brief history about the important philosophers My problem with this book is that some of Latin and Greek sentences are not translated which was very confusing There are much better books if you are interested in philosophy. Not as good as other books of this nature Some of Marias s discussions just aren t interesting enough He fills in a lot of unnecessary details However, some of his insights are worthwhile. Not a bad work, but start with Bryan Magee s The Story of Philosophy first. Interesting look at the history of philosophical thought throughout the ages Definitely not for people who struggle with that style of thinking.