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    Sixteen year old Fallon Braeden is on the road with her mother for what seems like her entire life Traveling from place to place, school to school, but never really understanding why they are on a constant move Until one day, when the past and all its hidden secrets catches up to them in a dramatic reveal.Wow, where do I even begin There is quite a bit happening in Touching Smoke, so much so that I m not even sure what I should say I don t want to spoil anything big since I think half the fun of this book was learning alongside the main character Fallon However, there are some things you should expect including haunting dreams, a mysterious guy who seems to have a unreasonable and instant connection to Fallon, inexplicable hunger pains, fireball throwing demons and an ultimate forbidden love story I made none of that up I really enjoyed the writing It was creative, vivid and rich with details that kept my imagination in over drive Airicka Phoenix crafted this story at such a fast paced by keeping the plot in a whirlwind of motion In the very beginning of the story, I felt like I was stumbling just to keep up with what was happening, not that s a bad thing It s almost like arriving late to a movie, missing the first half and trying to quickly figure out what s happening But I think this was intentionally done since this pretty much describes Fallon s life It made me even interested to see how things would play out for this character We really do learn along with Fallon and once we discover a few secrets everything started to click into place, making it easier to catch the momentum and enjoy the ride Now I d be lying if I said that I understood absolutely everything There were a lot of unanswered questions leaving the character and the reader equally frustrated But since this is a planned series, what s the fun in learning everything at once I really enjoyed these characters Fallon is such a stubborn little thing However, I found her reacting to things the same way I would, which was freaking the hell out, demanding answers and screaming when she couldn t get them It must be hard to not understand your own life when everyone is always keeping you in the dark for your own protection A lot of her reactions were very realistic, so she came across as likable.Isaiah would have to be my highlight in this story What an intoxicating force Protective, fierce and loyal Their love story has a remarkable twist that is warped with danger and need But it s also laced with doubts for both the characters and the readers The rest of the cast played their part well I hated Garrison and his mutated goons, but I couldn t help but be fascinated with the things he s done.Bottom line, I really enjoyed this one I thought this was incredibly consuming and intriguing all the way through I liked Phoenix s ideas The story line was fresh and unique and this left me curious to see what happens next Touching Smoke is a good start to what looks like a promising series.Special thanks to Airicka Phoenix for sharing your story.

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    Thump thump thump thump..thump..thump thump thumpthump shhhhhhhhhhhYou know what that is That my dear friends is my heart beat Holy smokes Touching smoke defies everything I have read as of late This book was so flipping intense I have been hours trying to think of something to compare this book with Congratulations Airicka Phoenix I can not find anything This book is definitely a intriguing and unique Seriously no vampires, no werewolf s, no fairies Freakin amazing However, throughout the book we do have supernaturals, ask me where they are come from, ask me how the dog ears you can have a book about supernaturals and not be the usual Vamp, weres, fae, I say you grab this book and read it immediately Figure that at for yourself Right when you open the book, you start out with Fallon and her mother, driving around everywhere Only staying in run down motels Fallon was not the typical child She is now close to 17 and never stayed in one school for than 6 months Always on the run So that s what you get in the first couple of pages Base line I guess you would call it Then BAM you are thrown into action, fear, powerfulness I mean mega WHOA Little farther into the story, the Author throws in the mysterious, hunky, ravishing Isaiah They are MADE for each other literally and that is all I am saying You want a book to drive you crazy, on the edge of your seat with anticipation You want a book with romance, originality, secrets, humor, danger and raw emotion You better run get your copy now, why it is only 2.99 If they right person gets a hold of the read Look out people this might just turn into market price Airicka Phoenix congratulations to you on a very awesome new debut book You better believe I will be one of the first to get my hands on your next book P.S I flipping love the cover One of my favorite books for 2012

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    Loved it I am total Isaiah fan I loved this book It was sweet, sexy, swoony and extremely entertaining The whole story kept me up all night and on my toes.need book two now Wondering how Amalie and all that will play out in the story.Very good job, Miss Phoenix

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    Review to come 2 and a half stars

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    Fallon is just an average girl who travels with her mother in thier old Impala Sure it s not a typical life for a young girl of 16, but she loves it and loves being with her mother Every so often they stick around somewhere long enough so her mother can get a little bit of traveling cash And during that time, her mom puts Fallon up in some prestigious private school with the money her dad left her when he died Fallon was just a little girl when it happened so she doesn t know much about him.One day everything changes when her mother runs a mysterious motorcyclist off the road Something deep inside her mourns for this man that she has never even met And soon life becomes increasingly weirder earthquakes happen, men who can throw fireballs emerge, and Mr Motorcycle is there at every turn What s next for Fallon Who are these strangers seeking her out And who will she trust at her lowest point Man o man, this book was packed full of action at every turn I was drinking in everything this book had to offer the romance, the action, the plot Loved it all Like Fallon thought at one time in the story, I assumed I had another vampire story in my hands But I was way off Airicka Phoenix gives us a great story full of everything a good book should contain and I am now hooked on this author.I just adored these young characters too I loved Isaiah and his fierce need to protect Fallon Fallon was a great character as well She had this strong need to protect Isaiah just as much From the start of the book we watch her grow from an awkward girl into a strong young woman She faces chaos and loss and comes out kicking Even when all the cards of their future are laid out before them and it s not looking good I am still holding out hope for these two I look forward to the next book in the series, praying I am right, praying they get a happy ending.If you are a YA romance junky like me, Touching Smoke is just what you are looking for Enjoy a little fighting action to keep your interest Touching Smoke has that too Fans of Kelley Armstrong s Darkest Power s series will absolutely fall for Touching Smoke Swoonworthy line What am I I whispered, my eyelids already drooping in the promises of sleep If at any point I doubted that he felt half of what I felt, he pressed his lips to my ear, and whispered, Mine Always.

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    I love nothing than getting to the end of a book and being completely certain that what you ve just read will be something that you will read again and again Simply because you completely loved it from start to finish and it was so good you didn t want to put it down That is exactly how I feel about Touching Smoke Fallon and her mum spend their days travelling from place to place never really staying in one spot for too long, only long enough for Fallon s mum to work to save enough money for them to move on the their next destination During those short periods Fallon is placed in boarding school It s at her latest boarding school that Fallon meets Isaiah and the reasons for her and her mum s constant travel becomes dangerously clear The author gives us a whole new take on the paranormal and I was honestly left guessing as to what exactly Fallon and Isaiah were Just when I thought I had things figured out it turns out I was completely wrong The action starts almost immediately and continues throughout the book And there is definitely never a dull moment The characters are all fantastic Even the ones who are so wicked and twisted that you can t help but want then to be dealt some of their own medicine.Now some people might say that I fall in love with book characters too easily And if we re being completely honest, to say that my list of book boyfriends is long would be a massive understatement But, I have a lot of love to give and my heart is big enough that they all hold a really special place in it So what harm is there in adding one right What s that you say No harm at all Glad to see that you agree with me, because I couldn t not add Isaiah to that list of book crushes He loves Fallon with such intensity His NEED to protect her and care for her was beautiful What am I I whispered, my eyelids already drooping in the promises of sleep.If at any point I doubted that he felt half of what I felt, he pressed his lips to my ear, and whispered, Mine Always Sigh Tell me, who wouldn t fall in love with that At one stage Fallon says He was a walking symphony of predatory magnetism Yep, I m hooked And Fallon loves him with the same intensity The same NEED to protect and care for him I just adore this couple My only complaint is that there is now a whole year to wait for book two in this fantastic new series An incredibly huge thank you to Airicka Phoenix for introducing me to Fallon and Isaiah and the whole cast of characters that have gone into making Touching Smoke the awesome read that it is A huge incredible 5 swoon worthy, action packed stars

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    Fallon Braeden has never attended a single school consistently in her life She has never lived in anything apart from hole in the wall motel rooms All her belongings fit into one duffel bag She and her mom had always been drifters, moving from place to place, only stopping long enough to resupply on cash before moving out again.It all changed one day when Fallon began attending a high end boarding school After only one week, a massive earthquake consumed the school Panic and smoke fought to choke the children fleeing the premises.Fallon, confused and abandoned, is rescued by a handsome man with superhuman powers He was the same man who she noticed has been following her mom and her around on a motorcycle He was the same man whom his mother had run off the road a week before And there he was, rushing her from the burning, crumbling building, and away from unearthly killers in mad scientist s garb who can throw flames and hover off the ground.This intense action is only the beginning of Touching Smoke, Airicka Phoenix s debut novel I can assure you, the rest of the book is just as exciting with several surprises and a few delightfully written action scenes The entire book is a massive chase with the main characters running from the flame throwing men and several other strange people who work for powerful man called Garrison.Now, seeing as this is a paranormal romance, I cannot neglect to talk about the relationship between Fallon and her rescuer, Isaiah Fallon feels a deep attraction to him, and it isn t just because he is frightfully good looking He, in turn, feels he must protect her no matter the cost But, toward the book s end, they both begin to wonder if their love is real This leaves plenty of room for a sequel Vampires and Werewolves are the cliche staple of paranormal romance novels Touching Smoke defies that cliche And for that I am very glad Although the entire book is filled with characters of superhuman abilities, the superhuman aspects do not come from being able to transform into a wolf or sucking blood and living forever The question is, where do the characters superhuman abilities come from And how do they impact Fallon and Isaiah s relationship Well, my friends, you ll have to read the book to find out.I give this book a 4 out of five stars because there were several plot aspects that I saw coming, but that s just me And I rarely give five stars to anything Overall, however, I really did enjoy this book and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for romance with a mixing of action and thrill.

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    DNF Honestly, I couldn t even make it past the first few chapters The main character, Fallon, is a whiny brat that does not seem to have a brain attached to her Her and her mother have been moving across the country since she was very young, only stopping when they run out of money, and then moving on Of course it never occurs to her WHY they would be doing this She completely believes everything her mother tells her about world experiences, yadda yadda When they do stopover somewhere for a few months, her mother sticks her into fortified private schools only, but of course she never wonders about that either She also doesn t wonder about the dreams she has been having for the past six months She is scared of them, and wishes they would stop interrupting her sleep, but her brainpower doesn t seem to extend to using logic to figure out the whole situation.Very early on, as Fallon and her mother are driving down the highway she spots a motercycle trailing them She feels this weird pull towards the motercyclist, and is sure she had seen him before in one of the previous places they had bbeen That does not seem weird to her, nor does it seem overly weird that her sweet calm mother would slam on the gas, run the motercyclist off the road, and then manhandle her back into the front seat to keep her from checking on him She also experiences some weird sort of OMG HE S DEAD NOOOO MY SOULD HAS DIEDthing when the motercycle whipes out into a ditch She does t think about that, oh no, she just throws this screaming, crying, beating her fists against the window tantrum I just couldn t take it I can honestly say I hated Fallon I don t know why her mother is doing these things, but the fact that Fallon isn t wondering, drives me nuts She is ditzy and whinny and just totally immature.

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    Holy Sofhsdifushdfsdlkfshd Okay, so I m totally obsessesed with this series now swoon I absolutely LOVE Isaiah, and his relationship with Fallon is just so interesting, adorable, and downright perfect As a main character, Fallon earned an approving nod from me, too She s a dangerous weapon, and I love how we really get a sense of her deepest desires and her insecurities with being a murderous monster She and Isaiah are the perfect match, and my spine tingled during those scenes where Isaiah would be attacked defending her.The plot was SO suspenseful I literally could NOT stop reading At all Airicka s writing kept me on the edge of the proverbial seat just itching to find out what happened next There are so many twists in this story that kept me guessing, and the ending Oh, the ending Loved the characters, loved the plot, loved the concept I can t wait to see what Airicka does next with this series, and I will DEFINITELY be coming back for

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    I have to confess, I knew the author before I read Touching Smoke Airicka is amazing She s sweet, smart, witty, thoughtful, selfless and a person everyone wants in their friend column With that said, I started her book wanting to like it It turns out Touching Smoke was a FABULOUS read and within two pages, I forgot I was reading a friend s book and was totally immersed in the story It was original, cleverly written, the plot was deeply layered, and the characters were a joy to read The main character, Fallon was age appropriate, the dialog was natural and the story was beyond original.Isaiah was swoon worthy, I loved that his only interest was Fallon s safety, no matter the situation The idea of soul mates has always been interesting to me, but the idea of creating a soul mate, WOW Just WOW This is one of those books where you will completely lose yourself in the story and when you re done you ll pick it back up to make sure you didn t miss anything.Airicka, CONGRATULATIONS on an exceptional Debut novel

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