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New York Times Bestselling SeriesThe Fourth Book In TheNew York Times Bestselling Series That Inspired The Hit ABC Family TV Show Pretty Little LiarsFour Pretty Little Liars Charmed Lives Have Turned Into Living Nightmares Emily S Been Shipped Off To Iowa To Live With Her Berconservative Cousins Aria S Boyfriend Is Behind Bars Because Of Her Spencer S Afraid She Was Involved In Ali S Murder But Hanna S Fate Is Far Worse She S Clinging To Life In The Hospital Because She Knew Too Much These Liars Have Tried To Keep Their Scandals Secret, But The Truth Is About To Rock Their Pretty Little World Full Of Unexpected Twists And Shocking Revelations, Unbelievable Is The Fourth Book In New York Times Bestselling Author Sara Shepard S Compelling Pretty Little Liars Series

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    The end of this cycle of Pretty Little Liars, although sadly the series is somehow continued.We commence with a prequel rehashing absolutely every dull thing that happened before the disappearance of the infamous and appalling Alison, and reminding us of Shepard s obsession with Bratz dolls Then we re back where we left off, as all the characters gather in a hospital waiting room to hear whether Hanna has survived her cliff hanger car accident Emily is not present however, as she has somehow managed to get onto a plane to Iowa whilst everyone else was distracted with this whole accident business Aria has attended, but is less concerned with her friend s potential death than with telling the police that another friend Spencer, for reasons mentioned in the previous book is probably the mystery killer Luckily Officer Wilden, the only local policeman, is fully aware of the details of every teenage girl in Rosewood s love life from 3 years ago and is also slightly less stupid than Aria, so he is able to point out that none of the previous book made sense and Aria is wrong Clumsily forced prime suspect this book is Melissa, Spencer s sister We know this because Shepard suddenly starts inserting jarring references to people suspecting her, although there is no particular reason to do so at this stage, or indeed at all.Meanwhile Hanna has some sort of near death experience vision thing that makes no sense and basically consists of the whole prologue written out again, presumably for padding Aria s teacher boyfriend loses his job due to his inappropriate sexual behaviour, but thanks to the typically lacklustre Rosewood Police Department there are no legal ramifications and he is free to continue to molest young girls as he wishes He then immediately moves away in order to draw the storyline to a close, leaving Aria with the romantic parting gift of a William Shakespeare bobblehead Three paragraphs later she has forgotten all about him and decided to take a course on Mindless Art , for which she is obviously well fitted Elsewhere, Emily s trip to Iowa turns out to be a disappointment although the phrase American Gothic is used a few times, in lieu of Shepard actually evoking it not a possibility with her limited skills , it almost immediately turns out that Iowa is exactly the same as Rosewood, but with less money and a backdrop the author admits to lifting from the lazy American remake of the Ring Ring 1 film Emily s cousins all turn out to be obsessed with parties and sex, and she immediately meets a sexy lesbian who fancies her Directly after this it turns out that Emily s cousin is a bitch, just like every other female in these books, and Emily is sent straight back to Rosewood She has the misfortune of having to briefly come into contact with poor people on the way, but mercifully makes it through the horror unscathed and returns to her parents, who have forgotten that they are racist and homophobic This leaves her with no problems, but she swiftly corrects that by deciding that she s in love with Trista from Iowa instead of her girlfriend, even though she only met Trista once and all they talked about was chocolate.Spencer, meanwhile, is rewarded for trying to kill her sister with a luxury beach holiday She spends her time reminiscing with her sister about their childhood torture of ponies, and planning a candlelit vigil glamorous social event for Hanna Aria s brother Mike continues to be a sex obsessed pig and potential rapist, but no one cares Hanna remains in a coma, although she does still have a taut, young body and attentive boyfriend to read her magazine articles on Lanc me Soleil Flash Browner tinted mousse, so it s not all bad The Rosewood Stalker is mentioned once a chapter, but continues to refrain from actually doing anything Everyone continues to be drowning in expensive possessions, none of which they re grateful for. Hanna eventually wakes up, but is unfortunately suffering from a very specific form of plot assisting amnesia which causes her to be unable to remember all the relevant murder related stuff she realised just before her accident She is however well enough to immediately demand a private room, a portable DVD player, an orthopaedic mattress and a masquerade party Meanwhile an awful lot of nothing happens Spencer s dull essay fraud drags on Spender and Mona indulge in some therapeutic knicker flashing Mike the pervert sexually harasses some nurses and the bed bound Hanna for a bit, even though there s no reason for him to be at the hospital Mona reveals that she s been getting mystery texts from A as well, which have exactly as much impact on the plot as all the previous texts Aria becomes furiously jealous that the girl she helped blind is going to have her art exhibited, even though she herself has shown virtually no interest in art throughout this series She is the Artistic One , but that mainly entails her dressing like the world s richest hipster rather than doing anything creative Mike sexually harasses Emily again about her lesbianism, but she s pretty sure he isn t doing it in a mean way, so that s okay One of Melissa s boyfriends sexually harasses Spencer again, but as usual she has no feelings on the matter and just placidly waits until the assault is interrupted Hanna frets over whether her latest sexual obsession is cool enough to date Emily and Maya are voted Couple Most Likely to be Together at the 5 Year Reunion , presumably on the strength of that one photo of them kissing at a party that did the rounds of the school Everybody gathers periodically to restate everything they know about the murder blackmail stuff, come up with no new ideas, and then leave Aria is briefly worried because her brother refrains from making a sexist remark for over a minute, but mercifully he is soon back on form Spencer s recovered memories and Hanna s prophetic dreams continue periodically, just in case the reader was in danger of taking any of this seriously for a second.By this point in this series each individual event is taking place purely for the sake of drama, and makes no narrative sense Trista from Iowa suddenly flying to Rosewood and turning up unannounced in the middle of the school Aria trusting A s helpful advice even though A has repeatedly threatened all her friends and possibly tried to kill one of them I don t suppose it s worth asking why.Eventually everyone attends Hanna s masquerade party, which charmingly features dozens of scantily clad man slaves , presumably dying inside as they carry a spoilt little rich girl around on a tasselled bed The mask theme forces us to endure Hanna and Mona talking at some length in hushed and reverential tones about their Dior masks, previously used at a fashion show, as though they are holy relics The party also serves as an opportunity for Rosewood s second police officer to appear and start questioning teen girls about a delicate matter right in the middle of a massive social occasion This seems an unusual way to handle a police investigation to me, but at least it gives Officer Simmons a chance for a night out Aria skips the party however in order to hang around on her own, in the dark, in a thunderstorm, waiting to be attacked, even though this is completely unnecessary Jenna reveals that her accident was even stupider than it first seemed Then the four girls decide that they must stick together to stay safe, before immediately separating so that some of them can meet Justin Timberlake Surprisingly enough this leads to one of them being in danger, although unfairly not the Justin Timberlake fan.The d nouement is your standard where are you taking me victim trapped with a person who they realise too late is the perpetrator scenario, coupled with a car chase where the Rosewood police once again inexplicably let teenagers accompany them on sensitive and dangerous official business The Jenna Incident is also moved up to a new level of ridiculousness in order to try to explain events Matters are then quickly resolved when Mona the Blackmailer falls into a convenient quarry Hanna gives a swift eulogy fondly recalling the time when she and Mona came to the same quarry to deliberately sexually tease young boys with a swimsuit fashion show , and the blackmail problem is solved Moving on to the issue of the murderer, the police immediately head to arrest Melissa s ex ex boyfriend ex, or whatever he is now, Ian on the hearsay evidence of the accusation of a potential crazy blackmailer He isn t at home, so they panic and ask the teenage girls what to do Nobody is sure, so they all head home for now, and the police leave then unattended somewhere on the road where the murder took place, in the dark They immediately bump into Ian, and he is promptly arrested Afterward a number of minor details of the characters lives, none of which I care about, are wrapped up Nobody questions Spencer about throwing Mona into a quarry because Mona was a bit of a bitch, so that s fine and no legal issues remain to concern anyone Hanna s parents swap houses for some reason, whilst Hanna reflects on how her best friend s death will leave her with no competition for the position of most popular girl in school She also deletes vital evidence from Mona s phone in order to avoid the vague possibility of some social embarrassment for herself Everything is fixed and there is no need whatsoever for the series to continue But wait whose were the blue eyes Emily saw peering from a blacked out car Could she have seen Alison Granted none of the other sightings were actually her, but still, for cliffhanger reasons maybe this time it is Maybe things aren t over after all Maybe there s profit to be made in recycling this whole series of over again Worst Competitive Swimming Slogan LOVE AN ANIMAL, HUG A SWIMMERStupidest NamesDysonBrett, Todd and XaviTrista TaylorMost Obvious Sign of an Eating Disorder Which Goes UnquestionedHanna demanding to know how many calories she s getting via her hospital IV drip, and realising delightedly that she s lost some weight whilst she was in her coma.Most Ridiculous Product of Which I Was Previously Unaware Orbit Mint Mojito gumWorst Gift From a Mother to Her Newly Out Lesbian DaughterFinding Nemo, because in it Ellen DeGeneres is a fish a lesbian swimmer, just like Emily Most Pathetic Attempt to Show Off Nah, I bet they re giving her painkillers Mason s parents were doctors, so he always busted out his medical knowledge Leaving aside the use of the term busted out , can guessing that a girl who s been in a major car accident will be on painkillers really be considered insider medical knowledge Least Exciting Debate Bisque or ivory napkins Most Cliched SentenceAlthough the competition was stiff, I m going to go with a classic We all wear masks in our own ways, don t we Said during a mask making class, to a girl who will soon be attending a masquerade ball Ms.Shepard has never been one for subtlety.Most Inappropriate TeacherEzra Fitz has held this title with ease for the last 3 books, but is now challenged by P.E teacher Mr.Draznowsky and his habit of giving the girls regular impromptu advice on contraception, whether they want him to or not.Weirdest Potential Hooters Waitress Names Randi Fifi Oh What about Caitlin Caitlin Have I missed summat here Most Self Injurious Highlighting of a Plothole Which Remains Unexplained Why didn t the cops find Alison s diary when she went missing she sputtered Who the hell knows Most Snobbish Social Comment Hanna crammed into the back of Wilden s squad car next to Aria and Emily It was where criminals not that Rosewood had many typically sat No criminals in Rosewood Although there was that murder And that time Hanna was arrested for shoplifting And that time she stole that medication And Aria s molester teacher And the hit and run perpetrator And the stalker And the blackmailer And all that sexual harassment But that was all perpetrated by elegant upper class people who were just making mistakes, or were excitingly crazy for narrative reasons, not criminals Criminals are lower class people with no respect for the law and morality Totally different thing.As it turned out, the basis of this series seems to be a re working of Twin Peaks with all the characters removed and the life and originality sucked out, for the benefit of idiots A beautiful blonde girl dies in mysterious circumstances leaving behind a potentially clue filled and scandalous diary and a whole town of people obsess over her death, trying to uncover her secrets and discover the identity of her murderer Unfortunately in this case all her secrets were terrible, and everyone she knew was horribly boring and obsessed with themselves and their hair I wish I d re read The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer instead.My main problem with this book was the almost complete lack of momentum caused by the poor plotting, lack of content and unbelievable characters It basically amounts to a clutch of blank spaces in different outfits standing about waiting to reach the last chapter It s pretty much impossible to build up suspense when nobody s actions make any sense or have any logical consequences The biggest puzzle of all is how, given Shepard ran out of any ideas somewhere near the beginning of the second book, this series can be continued Sadly, I m probably stupid enough to try to find out.

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    Pros writing is getting better I liked some twists and turns a lot plot is still very interestingCons the book felt way too long and drawn out I feel like A reveal wasn t dramatic enough It was kinda boring at times Girls don t get enough page time together, they are always separate in almost all of the scenes Hanna is so annoying.My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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    Unbelievable continued to follow Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily as A stalks and threatens them.However this one marked the end of the what I call original four books The book begins in the hospital after Perfect ended with Hanna getting hit by an SUV and ending up in a coma Luckily she ends up ok Aria is forced to move in with her father and Meredith, Emily is forced to move to Iowa and Spencer is forced to compete in the Golden Orchid competition.Melissa continually gives off vibes as though she is the killer, with periodic flashbacks to life with Ali still alive Spencer ends up doing the right thing by telling the Golden Orchid guy that she cheated once he calls to tell her she won, that is , become closer to Melissa, and retrieve her blacked out memories Aria and her Mom make up and Meredith gets knocked up Emily and her parents also come to terms with her sexuality.Oh yeah and A is revealed Spanning over one week, this is the most intense of the first four and at the end of the book, everything is synthesized as Mona Vanderwaal is revealed as A However, there are still four books at this time in the series, so Sara Shepard will continue to enthrall readers with this web of lies and deceit among upper class Pennsylvanians.

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    Actual rating 3.5 5 starsThis book was much better than the last two, it was thrilling, and kept me wondering what was going to happen next even though I basically knew, because of the TV show The plot that this particular instalment is entered around was one of my favourite episodes, so that was really enjoyable I also feel like towards the end of this book, the characters started to become less annoying Hallelujah, haha.Going to take a break from this series now, and start back up again later

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    I have decided not to read any of these until the last one is published I just want to know who done it without having to read all of the HS drama I really liked this series at first, but once I got to the third book, all of the drama got old and started to annoy me Of course, I am WAY past my teenage years I m sure that has something to do with it.

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    4.5 stars

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    There s a lot you can t tell about people, looking in from the outside After the explosive events of the last book, a LOT is happening Emily has a one way ticket to Iowa Aria is still homeless, waiting in the hospital with her ex friend, Hanna, as Hanna struggles in a coma And Spencer is shaken by what she did to her sister The girls just wait will Hanna remember who A is Will they ever be free of A s grip I came roaring into this one straight off Book 3 I just had to find out what happened next, after the events of Book 3 left me dangling And Book 4 did not disappoint the end to this story arc is edge of your seat madness.This review, however, is probably going to be extremely boring I don t want to give away TOO many spoilers, so I can t go into much detail about what happens As for the conclusion, for the big reveal of A and Ali s killerwell, that DEFINITELY can t be revealed.Also, a lot of the compliments I had for the previous book remain Characters are great, writing is great, pacing is great, the story is interesting in that soap opera y, over dramatic way, and so on and so forth So instead of breaking down each and blathering on and on about them, I ll just bring out the highlights of the final book to the story arc.Each girl continues to be unique, to have her own problems, and come to her own sometimes false conclusions Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily start to learn that maybe they need to try to work together and find out who A is The little tendrils of friendship, from Aria in the waiting room of the hospital, worried for her friend, Hanna, to Spencer helping Mona plan Hanna s vigil, begin to show how these girls aren t so different, how they could really be friends again if they tried It is when they work together that the mystery is revealed It is when they stop hiding things that their lives begin to go back to normal.What I adored most was how each girl had some sort of satisfying resolution to her story From home life, to new friendships, to breaking down the walls between family, each girl doesn t end the story as messed up as they began.However, that doesn t mean they are 100% cured After the events of this book, I want to know what happens to Emily Maya after, of course, smacking Emily around for how she treated Maya I also am not sure if Hanna will be back together with the adorkable Lucas And there is the hint that a new A will be popping up, thus why this series is longer than 4 books.I definitely have plans to continue this seriesonly, I need a break Reading the first four Pretty Little Liars books nearly straight through is threatening to make me PLL ed out So I ll take a break with a few other books, before continuing my PLL marathon Dialogue Sexual Situations Violence These books are surprisingly clean when it comes to language I ve read some teen books where they drop the f bomb than adult books, but no so with PLL There are a few b ches, but that is as strong as they get.Hanna and Lucas make out Emily goes to a party where the teenagers do a lot of exploring and grinding Mona hires hot males to carry Hanna to her party and to do all the serving.There is a scuffle at the end of the book with A that ends up in a death Also, Ali s killer is revealed.As with the other books in the PLL series, I would recommend this to mature teens, 16.

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    I don t know if I saw it coming Who A is I mean I guess I did and I guess I didn t Oh yeah, I m such a wiz with words, I just blow your minds, don t I Hey, it s Monday morning, go easy on me I added a lot of drama in my reactions while I was reading this, since I think these books bring out my inner queen.I m very curious about what will happen next Like deadly curious grins Silly little story I want to add I was reading this on the train and some girl was trying to explain drugs to somebody else It was the funniest thing I ve heard all year You take the idiot s guide and then try to simplify so even a goldfish would jump out of his bowl and smack you around for thinking he s that stupid I seriously think she had mental problems, because she asked the same question five times in a row in the exact same manner I never even heard the voice of the person who was with her, so it s quite possible she was talking to her imaginary friend ETA I reread my review and I realize this thing has nothing to do with the book I enjoyed reading it, I want to find out and I wonder how much deeper the entire backstory will go Just when I think I ve got it figured out, something else happens that completely mixes things up Gimme

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    I think it s hard to rate individual books in a series, especially a long one like PLL, but I honestly believe that each book is great and the only one I d say maybe wasn t a full 5 stars like I rated it, was probaby book 1, just cuz it was a little bit boring But this book is amazing It s actually starting to get a little deeper and the characters are stating to have depth to them as well I like the fact that with each book, I keep trying to figure out which girl is my favorite and I really can t figure it out I think that each girl has her flaws of course, who doesn t BUT they each have huge hearts and I just fell in love with all of them But as of right now if I had to choose, I think throughout the whole series, I ve been leaning towards Aria, especially her relationship with Ezra, I really really hope he comes back in this next book She s just a really well developed character and shes sweet and has so much crap going on, you can t help but feel for her Overall, I definetly recommend this book for anyone who s read books 1 3.

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    4.5 stars 5 because i am a little disappointed of who A was The good news is that is going to be a new A in town starting from volume 5.Besides that, it was amazing At last, the 4 friends started working together and they made it The atmosphere was intense, the secrets were incredible, and the ending left me wanting to find out I recommend this series.