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Seventeen Year Old Ever S Love Life Has Been On Hold For The Past Two Years She S Secretly In Love With Her Best Friend Frankie, And He S Completely ObliviousOf Course, It Doesn T Help That He S Dead, And Waking Up To His Ghost Every Day Has Made Moving On Nearly ImpossibleFrustrated And Desperate For Something Real, Ever Finds Herself Falling For Her Hot New Neighbor Toby His Relaxed Confidence Is Irresistible, And Not Just Ever Knows It But Falling For Toby Comes With A Price That Throws Ever S Life Into A Whirlwind Of Chaos And Drama More Than Hearts Are On The Line, And Than Ever Will SufferSome Girls Lose Their Hearts To LoveSome Girls Lose Their MindsEver Van Ruysdael Could Lose Her Soul

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    I would not be ashamed I needed answers. You said it, sister I need answers too.2.5 stars I didn t hate this book I just ended up confused at the end than when I started How does this happen Good Cop This story has the potential to be interesting because it starts off no spoiler here, this happens within the first couple of pages with the girl s best friend dying in a car accident and following her home, only to haunt her house as a ghost that her family can see and converse with It s like Casper the Friendly Ghost, except with a hot guy instead Score Bad Cop Why is it never mentioned that the guy had any issues actually ADJUSTING to being stuck in someone s house as a ghost Wouldn t most people be somewhat frustrated by this turn of events All I saw was Frankie lounging around, ready at a moment s notice to comfort Ever when her nightmares would crop up He was always coiffed with a glint in his eye, ready to be there for his doll Good Cop Even though this chick was named Ever, at least she wasn t a complete snooze like the chick named Ever from the book Ever.Bad Cop The chick was named Ever puke Good Cop Lana Del Ray was mentioned.Bad Cop I was drowning in all of rockabilly and hipster details about these characters I felt like I was forced into buying that every character was supposed to be unique and super fascinating Good Cop The vampires going to vampire school reference made me think someone might be a Richelle Mead fan.Bad Cop The poking fun at Twilight scene has been done to death We get it sparkly, stalking vamps are teh suck Good Cop Speaking of Vampire Academy, I was intrigued by the huge age gap between Ever 17 and Toby 22 It for a second reminded me of Rose and Dimitri.Bad Cop and there s a reason why age gaps don t always work for teenagers unless you are awesome like Rose and Dimitri Ever acted like a clueless child half of the time She had no business dating anyone that old.Good Cop The love triangle was balanced I believe that Ever was honestly torn between both guys for good reason.Bad Cop and then the love triangle was unbalanced WTF at the last few chapters.Good Cop The start of the book was gut wrenching and had me absorbed The ending got completely crazy.Bad Cop The middle of the book was a lot of blushing, running away, and make out sessions with not much else going on.Good Cop The ghostie got some good news.Bad Cop The ghostie still had no real reaction to this news SERIOUSLY, KID When bad stuff happens, you don t react When good stuff happens, you don t react Is there nothing on your radar other than cute girl in front of you Good Cop I have a lot of questions that need to be answered now, so I m going to have to read book 2.Bad Cop I have WAY too many questions that need to be answered now I was told who everyone was and what they did, but I have no clue how any of it actually HAPPENED.Final thoughts A weak first book that bordered on sappy in partsyet, I do like the general idea for the world and where the plot is going to go Both of the guys were somewhat likable, although I felt Toby to be fleshed out HAHAsee what I did there He s the human love interest as a character than his ghostly competitor I think the series has promise if the next book focuses on action and starts cluing us in on how this world is built The lack of detail will hopefully be compensated for in the future I ll give book 2 a shot If it gets better, then we might have a promising thing going on If the story doesn t improve, then I might part ways with the series This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Warnings this review will contain the following cursing, and other assorted negative language, gifs and other images, and rage mixed with a large dollop of indifference.I received a copy of this book from NetGalley, and I would like to thank them, the author, and publisher for giving me a chance to read and review it All opinions stated below are my own, and are not influenced in any way by any of the above stated parties, the FSM, or the movement of heavenly bodies In the beginning there was Ever it s a nickname, but still , and she was madly in love with her next door neighbor who was tragically killed before she was brave enough to act on her feelings Now he haunts her, and she will never ever love another She is empty, and alone living without her one true love She is the man in black.No, wait, she s not Johnny Cash, but she does wear only black as we are reminded time, and time again in this book Her friend Jessie, by contrast wear only pink, and is popular, and bubbly This leads me to one of my first major issues with this book lack of depth The characters felt like archetypes to me rather than real people Ever is the broody one, and Jessie is boy crazy, and the life of the party I will give this book some credit because Ever never once slut shames Jessie for her serial dating Nothing much is done to develop them as people beyond this, and it made for hollow reading for me.While I m on the subject of fashion choices Ever s true love Frankie wears his hair in a pompadour Are you fucking kidding me A pompadour I don t care how much you love the 50 s, or whatnot a pompadour, and Buddy Holly glasses in high school Added to the fact he insists on addressing Ever as Dollface Yeah, none of that really endears him to me But I digress Ever in the beginning tells us I couldn t be with anyone else I just couldn tI d never be normal again I d never have a normal life, a normal relationshipI d never go on an official date you get the picture Now that her one true love was dead she was closing that door More than a little melodramatic especially since not too much later she is head over heels for the new next door neighbor Toby, Mr Black Leather Which leads me to my next issue Ever never seems to be able to hold than one person in her head at one time If she is with Frankie it s all about how much she loves him, but then when she s with Toby it s all about how much she loves him Only when she steps away from either do feelings about the other even cross her mind Which once again leads us to my next issue All Ever thinks about, or talks about is Frankie and Toby Sure, she thinks about Jessie, and the challenges she faces, but never for very long, and not enough to actually do anything to help her, or even listen to her in any deep, or heartfelt way Ever suffers, what to anyone else, would be a devastating loss in their lives, and it fades in comparison to her boy drama Just once I would have liked to see that she had some sort of life beyond boys her love of reading, her interest in knitting, or her passion for Pre Columbian Art, something, anything For the deep girl in black character it seems like the author was trying to develop she is lacking in any sort of depth, and interest Most of the time I just wanted her to shut the hell up when she started whining on, and on, and on.Her parents were weak, ineffective, and poorly developed In one memorable scene Jessie s mother, and mother s boyfriend show up drunk, and the boyfriend is demanding Jessie return with them In the end it is Toby who punches the boyfriend, and forces them to leave Of course it is, because, being adults, her parents wouldn t do the sensible thing, and call the police especially since the boyfriend does everything, but hire a plane with a banner reading that he beat her mother before he drove over there beer in hand Later when Jessie tells them not to call the police, they do the right thing, and decide not to call Good job.Then we reached what I thought was the light at the end of the tunnel, when Ever reacts badly when someone dumps her for her own good Finally, I thought, Ever is taking a stand, and making it known that she is not some fragile little princess.But alas, my relief was short lived He comes back, tell her he loves her, and everything is magically better Ever also spends the entire book ignoring the enormous hints dropped that Toby isn t exactly who he appears to be It s not that she doesn t see the writing on the wall it s that she makes a conscious decision to ignore every impulse, every instinct, every fucking dream that tells her something isn t quite right When the big supernatural reveal happens I had passed the point at which I might have cared long ago view spoiler Soul collectors, really that s the best you could come up with Why does it make me think of Pokemon hide spoiler

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    I don t believe in rating my own book because it just feels weird But I wanted to take this empty space and turn it into one big THANK YOU Thank you to the readers and reviewers both those who love EVER and those who hate it for taking the time to read my book It means so much to me And yes, even the negative reviews are appreciated How else will I learn and grow as a writer, right So anyway, THANK YOU Book addicts are awesome

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    I really, really wanted to like this story, but it just was not in the cards for me Ever is hung up on her best friend, Frankie, and he doesn t know it Unfortunately, he s been dead for the last two years but is still present in her life as a ghost Really makes moving on difficult Ever hasn t had much of a life, she s been homeschooled ever since the accident that took her best friend, Frankie, and only connects to the outside world through her spunky friend Jess Ever s never dated or even kissed any boys, and she s seventeen Frankie is a constant presence in her life, always around at her house, and the reason she doesn t like to go anywhere He can t leave Her friend Jess tries to get Ever to move on with her life, encouraging her to be interested in boys that actually have a future Jess and Ever s parents are aware of Frankie and even interact with him This situation is about to change when a new boy, Toby, moves into the house once occupied by Frankie Ever feels an immediate and intense attraction to him, and apparently he feels the same for Ever, he marches right up to her door after catching her looking, and asks her out cue eye roll, one of many Ever knows she can never have a future with Frankie, they can t even touch, but she still feels guilty over her feelings for Toby.I had such a hard time getting into this story and it wasn t until about 30% that I felt things started getting interesting To me the first 30% was spent on describing the clothing and looks of every character, in EVERY scene that or mooning over Toby and or Frankie, and lots of blushing I really had no idea what direction the plot was moving until I was about half way through the book This next part is completely my fault I really should have paid attention to the description of this story before I picked it up It would ve been glaringly obvious that there was going to be a love triangle, a situation I have very little patience for But this is not only love triangle, it s a quadrangle Two guys, two girls there s Ever and Frankie and Ever and Toby, then there s Toby and Ariadne And Ever can t seem to choose, flitting back and forth between these two I was totally annoyed how quickly things move from one boy to the other Plus, you know when you can sort of tell which boy the character is going to end up with, the one you should be rooting for because time is invested in that boy You re made to like that one just a little than the other Well, in my opinion I was made to root for one, and the other won out in the end There is a mysterious reason that Toby is in town and there is the issue of Frankie being a ghost Why can Ever and her family see him There were a lot of questions I had about all of this, and not a whole lot of answers I was left at the end scratching my head and asking Why I can t go into my questions because it would spoil the plot, so I ll just leave it at that So this story ticked the boxes on three things I normally can t stand in a story insta love, love triangle, and cliffhangers Yes, on top of everything else we have a cliffhanger Another pet peeve, while a small one, I just can t help myself and mention it Character names I can t stand it when an author chooses a difficult or almost unpronounceable name, like Ariadne in this case, because every time I come across it, it stops me I have to mentally pronounce it each time, and wonder if I m saying it correctly I know, I know, nit picky At any rate, while in some parts I was mildly entertained by this story, I doubt I ll be picking up the next in the series Thank you to Curiosity Quills Press and Netgalley for allowing me to read this story You can find this review and at The Readers Den.

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    This review is also available on my blog, QwertyActual rating 0 starWhat the did I just read.It s been than 48 hours since I finished with Ever, but I m still contemplating what is the best way to write the review One thing for sure, this is definitely the worst book I ve ever read worse than Fallen, who would ve thought so Urghhhalthough I can write a very colourful negative review, it doesn t mean that I like to write such review More so now, when I myself directly involved in the creative process of publishing books as a beta reader I hate it even to write a negative review for a debut novel But this, this is just intolerable.Dear Curiosity Quills Press, I had a pleasure of reading Wilde s Fire halfway and a pleasure of reading and occasionally skimming Fade and Ever While I m very grateful for your generosity for offering me to review those ARCs, here are a few things that I want you to take note because I do notice some unhealthy patterns emerging in your books 1 I think we had enough with Mary Sue heroines It doesn t hurt to feature strong, independent female protagonists with brain cells.2 Stupid, and I mean stupid love triangle Love triangle doesn t equal to it s okay for the girl to date flirt make out with two boys in such a short time frame.3 Mysterious males with paranormal, mythical true identity as the love interest.4 Insta love obsession soul mate or whatever you feel like naming it.5 Gross make out scenes EVERYWHERE in the book I feel like stepping on land mines the whole time I was just trying to get into the story and here we go again His lips covered mine bullshit Trust me, readers are not that stupid any to buy a book just to read the steamy, hot make out scenes because hey, there are a lot of post Fifty Shades erotica books in the market And trust me, the make out scenes in Fade and Ever are gross because the characters hardly know each other they were best friends before Real relationship needs development, people 6 You are in dire need for unique, attractive book title How do you know if that book title is not a good idea Search that title on Goodreads and your book isn t among the top five hits 7 On the plus side hey, finally the cover for your books are quite decent Keep up Okay, back to Ever This is my pre morning book I like to wake up around 3 4 am to read Pre morning inspired by Sheldon Cooper s pre evening definition because when I say early morning, people imagine 7 8 am , not my plane book, or my between classes book, or my I can t sleep so I m reading book Which meant to say that this book had my full attention I even read this during my stay in Port Agusta such a lovely place which meant to say that I was in peaceful mood without any assignments plaguing my mind And what did I get An awful, awful experience I even decided to get back to sleep because of the horror And ended up having nightmares And I had to try so hard not to let it ruin my mood the whole day for the sake of my travel buddies True story bro Usually I do agree that reviews ratings are subjective and whenever I hate a book, I would still recommend my other Goodreads friends to read that particular book just to know other people s point of view But I don t dare to do that for Ever case because I don t want anyone else to undergo the emotional trauma that I had.Okay, just to prove that I m not exaggerating, I beg the author the readers to read my summary of Ever Granted, summarizing can take things out of context but I just don t care any at this point Spoilers ahead Frankie, Ever best friend had passed away for two years but strangely he or his apparition still lingers in Ever s house Neither Ever nor Frankie know why Frankie s soul couldn t move on Ever claimed Frankie is the first and the only guy she ever love in her lifetime Ever s choice of best friend is interesting because Jessie changes boyfriend as often as I have to mow my damn lawn and she only wears pink Not that I have a problem with that but wait until I describe Jessie s behaviour.Ever I don t know..complains rants mentions that she will never have an embarrassing make out story let alone sex because apparently she has given Frankie her heart all those years ago snorts Enters Toby, the new guy on the block who moves into Frankie s old house Ever s first thought Toby, I whispered Yes I liked the way that sounded, almost as much as I liked the way he looked Wow Note that this quote came only a few pages after Ever said Frankie possessed her heart for years Yawn And I think Elenoar is a nice name Why Ever thought it s an embarrassing name Can someone bother to tell me why That night, Ever went for a movie with Jessie But she couldn t concentrate to the movie Why you asked me Because her attention, unfortunately was on the hot guy next door Even imaginative than usual, her mind started making up all sorts of different things about him, and Ever found herself creating and playing out scenarios in my head about how the two of us would meet and what would come next.Unbelievable.Next page, Ever thought I didn t know why, but I found myself really wanting to touch him Toby came to approach her, asked her out, but she refused because she said she has a boyfriend.Ever saw Frankie looked broken after her little conversation with Toby and she wondered why That night, Ever had a nightmare and she was calling Frankie s name Of course, Frankie appeared on her bedroom but then he saw Ever was only in her underwear I watched his gaze slowly travel over me He seemed captivated by my lack of clothing, and took his sweet time before meeting my gaze Oh, now the ghost is getting horny too The next morning, despite the rejection, Toby gave Ever her favourite flower, anemones Of course Ever went nuts wondering How do he knows my favourite flower and all that Then, Ever thought only crazy person would allow herself to continue obsessing over someone long after he d died Sane people focus on things they actually can attain, like relationships with living people Like Toby Note that this happened only the morning after Ever thought Was I imagining the heated look in his Frankie s eyes because I wanted to see it there so badly Back to Jessie, the first thing she asked regarding Ever s new neighbour was did Toby ask Ever out Eheh We could all use a friend like that, do we And here s Jessie s word of wisdom we are seventeen years old We are supposed to be dating and having fun Susan says in one of the only bits of advice I ll even bother with that we should be dating multiple guys at a time Multiple Yay, and then we could all have multiple STDs Hooray Seriously.After numerous useless references to colour pink and legging, Ever encountered Toby again And she wondered what brand of shampoo he used Because Jessie with all her intelligence managed to set Ever on a date with Toby in the name of showing him around , Ever stuck with Toby that very night Toby even added that hopefully Ever s boyfriend won t mind.A few blushes, tongue tied moments with several thoughts back to Frankie, the date is over The next morning, Ever was woken up by Frankie Believe me, Frankie serves nothing except for Ever s personal alarm clock at this point and Ever thought she wished she could hold Frankie and Frankie felt the same way too Moving on, someone knocked the door and Ever opened it And it was Toby What did Ever thought I found myself blushing at the thought of what he might sleep in Flannel pajama bottomsboxersnothing at all Wow, Frankie just got totally friend zoned by the horny Ever And oh, I forgot to mention that Toby came to invite Ever for their second date At this point, I don t know what happened to the fake boyfriend story any Of course, Ever had her first kiss in only her second date How romantic.Next, Ever parents get all worked up by the fact that her seventeen years old daughter is dating a twenty two years old guy Hmm..I don t know I thought this is normal Except if that 22 years old guy is Ever s teacher After throwing a tantrum, Ever went back to her room to reply Jessie s OMG, EVER e mail Frankie appeared and asked where she d been and she lied to Frankie And I didn t understand why the lie is needed when Ever thought there s no hope between her and Frankie Frankie sensed her lie and Ever got so defensive, it chased Frankie away Of course, Frankie came back to comfort the crying Ever who at this very moment thought Frankie is her entire world.And I didn t really understand what happened next, between the pink toenails and Jessie s scream Toby I won t let some guy ruins my vacation with my best friend And I thought Jessie was the one who set Ever up with Toby in the first place Next, Frankie was trying to talk Ever into not going out with Toby for a reason he couldn t tell of course and Ever replied Get out of my way and stay out of my life I can see whomever I choose Remember last night when Ever thought Frankie is her entire world And I also didn t understand what happened next, between Frankie trying to calm the crying Ever again because Toby hasn t call her but Toby appeared next carrying Ever favorite flower and kissing her senseless.Of course Toby didn t explain where he d gone and of course Ever forgive him A few small talks later, they kissed again And kissed again And kissed again.But brace yourself because the next morning Ever admitted that she was simultaneously feeling that same strong pull toward Toby and Frankie That Frankie whom she yelled at the day before And that very same day, Ever went out with Toby again Seeing Ever, Toby kissed her again Toby brought Ever s parents in his ride, quickly earning extra points for himself Next, Ever and Toby started their real date on a ship Next, they made out At home, Frankie got upset because Ever went out with Toby.Next, on that night, Ever had a nightmare Her mom had to calm her down by rocking her in that way she always did when she was a little girl.Okay, that basically what happened for the first 100 pages.Next 100 pages.Jessie s drama llama with her mom s boyfriendFrankie told Ever not to go on a date with Toby againshe didn t listen because she wanted to be happy, she wanted to have a boyfriend apparently happy and having a boyfriend is interchangeable in Ever s dictionary Jessie s family drama llama againEver and Jessie talk about Jessie s new boyfriend, GregEver overheard Toby s confrontation with his dad Ever and Jessie s double date with Toby and GregEver found out that Toby s ex is a psychoJessie s PDA with GregEver and Toby kissed again once they got in the carOh finally some plot Ever s dad got killed in a car accident Cue the tiny violin sound because our Ever is broken and depressed Cue the heroic sound because of course, Toby came to the rescue Ever cried and cried and got aroused Aha She even thought she didn t want to be responsible, she wanted to go all the way with Toby She even thought she loves him Honey, everyone loves their boyfriend when they get horny.But Ever ruined that moment because she broke down and cried again Classy Toby accidentally spoke too much and now Ever demanded some answers When he couldn t provide those, he dumped Ever Minutes after they almost went all the way.Ever punched Toby He left, and of course, Frankie was there to comfort Ever.Four miserable weeks, Ever longed for Toby In the meantime, Ever s mom couldn t function any To cheer Ever up, Jessie invited her to a party and introduced her to Scottie And they made out too the very same night Being Ever, of course she thought Toby was a better kisser.Blegh.To add to the awesomeness of the plot, Ever caught Toby making out with his ex, Ariadne But suddenly, Toby got up and spoke for Ever when Scott asking Ever if she s okay Ariadne introduced herself and of course Ever felt a pang of jealousy But oh Later that night Toby came to apologize and guess what, they made out again And hey, what do we have here Ever s mom knocking on her door when they just about to do it.Thank God.And then Frankie and Ever fight again And then Ever realized that she d always loved Frankie lolwut The next morning, Ever went to Toby s house and caught him just wearing a towel And guess what Of course they made out again Ever and Ariadne had a fightToby and Ever kissedJessie threw a surprise party for Ever s birthdayToby and Ever kissed in Haunted MansionAriadne showed up in Ever s housebringing her own surprise gift, Frankie in flesh not in a ghost form.Finally, we got a plot development.No, no, don t celebrate yet because what comes next was Ariadne kissed Frankie and Ever fainted at the sight.When Ever woke up, Toby came clear that he was a soul collector well, this is apparently the big secret , and Ariadne too In fact, Ariadne brought Frankie back alive to trade him for Toby Funny thing was, this meant that Frankie s soul belongs to Ariadne now Ever got so mad, she threw up, she shooed Toby away.As you may expect, Frankie came to console her and they relive they long lost love by having intercourse.Note that this happened a few hours after Ever was Toby s girlfriend.Well, I couldn t bother summarizing what happened afterwards until the end of the book because I m very stressed out right now I feel like puking and I m losing my appetite Summarizing Ever is like reliving my nightmare, so that s it I got to stop now because it has taken toll on me.

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    FINAL RATING 4.65 STARS CATCHALL Ever took me by surprise When I started it, I had absolutely no idea what to expect I didn t know at all what it was about, but once I dove into it I quickly found myself being pulled into its world I was impressed by the originality of the story, and the characters were deep and people that I had no problem connecting with It was an incredibly fun and yet emotional read, and I found myself laughing and crying at various points in the novel I connected to it on a deep level and loved it THE HEROINE EVEREver was a seriously awesome heroine Though she pines after Toby during their breakup, she doesn t turn pathetic about it She stays strong throughout the whole thing I love that She s not some crumbly girl who needs a boyfriend to make her happy She s a strong girl in her own right and I think that it would be impossible not to admire that We all make mistakes, but for the most part Ever makes good choices and she always tries to follow her heart and do the right thing THE LOVE INTERESTS FRANKIEI adore Frankie He s very, very sweet, and protective without being overbearing He s caring, and sexy in that way that quiet guys are, understated but potent Everything about him seems to be goodness, even though it s implied that he s hiding a few secrets under that soft exterior But for the most part, he is very open and honest with Ever, always straightforward, but he doesn t bother when she doesn t want to listen I like that he feels like he can tell her anything It s easy to see that, even through Ever s eyes.TOBYToby is Frankie s opposite in nearly every respect, except is love for Ever, and possibly a few other things that I could have overlooked Toby is dark All about black and leather But if you break down his exterior and look past that, he s also a very sweet and protective guy, but he expresses it and himself in a different way than Frankie does At the same time, despite seeming like a stereotype trap, he s not a walking clich I can t really tell you how he isn t only that he isn t He s a deeply developed character THE BEST FRIEND JESSIEI wasn t sure how I felt about Jessie for a long time, but I ended up liking her She s fiercely loyal to Ever and she ll do anything for her She isn t the type to flake and although she s portrayed as a bit flighty with guys, she is very different with her best friend Her heart is in the right place and she always knows where she stands with Ever No matter what THE PLOT From the very first sentence, Ever drew me into her world I was immediately dazzled And that feeling of novelty didn t ever seem to go away It was like the brilliance of the first time, all the time And that mae reading this book a pleasure all around.And I loved the whole originality of it I ve really never read anything like it, which is so hard for me to say regarding paranormal romance these days because so many of them feel the same Not this one In a world and a genre where boring has taken over, Ever managed to not only be something special but to capture my heart.It didnt feel contrived or fake at all Ever s story is a very real one The boy she loves, Frankie, has been dead for two years But he isn t gone He s a ghost And he lives in her house, keeping her company Then, on the two year anniversary of his death, a boy and his father move into Frankie s old house That would be Toby And after that, nothing is going to be the same for Ever.There was action, but there was mostly a lot of emotion Everything Ever did, and everything that happened to her was based at some level in deep emotion It s not a shallow book by any means It s a book that has to be invested in.Another thing I love is that this book is set in Southern California I m sure I ve read other books set here, but not too many or I d remember them And it was really awesome to recognize the places they were talking about and picture everything.Another awesome thing Ever s mom is named Annabelle.But I digress THE ROMANCE I love the romance It s clearly a central part of this book, but it doesn t take over everything It s important but it supplements the story rather than polarizing it I really, really like that aspect of it And although I have to say I m leaning towards Frankie, I like that in this love triangle I m still undecided because everything is so balanced Ever has chemistry with both of these boys, and they both care about her in their ways So I m looking forward to see what the future will bring here THE WRITING I love Jessa s writing I really, really do Ever has a very unique voice She s very much a teenager, and she s written perfectly in such a way that she doesn t come off as annoying or whiney She s very much an independent girl and her voice reflects that Additionally, Jessa s writing allows full characterization of secondary characters even through a first person POV, which isn t always easy to do Besides which, her writing is just awesome in general I love the description, and the dialogue was very fun, from the banter y to the serious THE ENDING The ending wow Very sweet Touching Well, not the very ending But there is a scene near the end that is very, very touching Honestly, I m not entirely sure why But it really is It brought a smile to my face Probably because it felt so right But the very ending, including the last line wow It s a serious cliffhanger I couldn t help but wish there was right away It was just unexpected enough but seemed plausible and not ridiculous It was perfect WRAPUP I absolutely loved Ever It was an incredibly pleasant surprise and I will definitely be picking up the sequel In fact, I will be desperately awaiting the sequel because I really, really, really want to know what is going to happen next It was that good, people Moreover, I completely and totally recommend this book To be honest, it s not going to be everyone s cup of tea No book is But if you love your fantasy and romance, and you re looking for a unique paranormal romance, I d definitely recommend checking this one one FINE.Find of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning

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    For a in depth review, head on over to my blog has a secret 2 years ago her best friend Frankie and she were in a bad car accident She lived, and even though he was dead, he never left her Now he haunts her house that she lives in with her parents Everyone can see him and is used to his presence The only problem is that Ever has been in love with him from day 1 and now she pines away wishing that he was alive so she could be with him.Then, on the 2nd anniversary of the accident, someone moves in next door into Frankie s old house He s gorgeous, he s interested in Ever and, better yet, he s ALIVE But he s got a secret, tooI started this book at 7 30 in the evening Aside from a break to eat dinner, I read straight until 3 in the morning Not because I had to, but because it was so good, I couldn t stop reading it Even to get some well deserved sleep And then with the cliffhanger endingwell I can t wait to read the sequel.

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    This book is absolutely hauntingly beautiful While I read an advance copy of it, and things in it might change, what will stay the same is the skillfulness of the author s voice I don t want to give anything away, but the characters are people you want to spend time with, and the descriptions are so vivid you feel like you re right there with Ever READ THIS BOOK, you will not be sorry.

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    This review on B s Book Blog Seven hundred and thirty days since the only guy I ve ever loved died in my arms, followed me home from the hospital, and never left my house again. Prior to the beginning of the book, Ever and her best friend and crush Frankie has got into a car accident that ended up killing Frankie but not her Ever came home that night with Frankie s ghost, and his ghost has been around in her house ever since Frankie s ghost is not only visible to Ever, but also to her father, mother, and best friend Jessie they all can interact with him Ever is still pretty much in love with Frankie until a new family moves into Frankie s old house When she meets Toby, things start to change Now, the book blurb sounds really appealing, don t you think I read the blurb and was interested, because it sounds dark and dramatic But the book itself doesn t quite measure up It s not that I m disappointed, because disappointment would suggest that I have an expectation that isn t met I didn t have any expectation I finished this book annoyed and irritated I didn t like this at all and couldn t see anything good in it, to say the least I hated that the pages are filled with nothing going on Dates, make out sessions, lying, blushing, sneaking, etc All these don t quite contribute to anything Not even the plot I didn t even like any of the characters Ever seems to me a v ery annoying person The fact that her father s death doesn t bother her enough to talk about it or be sad about it bothers me to no end After his death, she cries a bit and goes right back to being obsessed with boys Are you kidding me The best friend Jessie is a flat character whose only function is as Ever s personal cheerleader And Toby, oh Toby, can you be any cheesy Sent on a job and falls in love with that job Jeez In the end, I don t even know what this book is really about Ghosts No, not really, since the only ghost we see in the story is Frankie, and not that much attention is paid to him Which leads to another disturbing question why is he there at all I mean, what s the significance What s the point You know, the whole ghost thing never fits seamlessly into the story It always made me feel like it s out of nowhere and awkward The whole book reads like a contemporary book, but then the ghost shows up and goes all What s wrong, Doll or dollface or whatever, and then it s just weird The ghost thing is displaced and everything else is very poorly done The most frustrating part of this book is when, near the end, something else ENTIRELY is introduced into the story that changed the book s direction There has been no foreshadowing or anything, so this thing coming into play is just very forced and contrived Like the idea just occurred to the author and she thought it would be fun to put it in the book, and then she did, and never went back to edit the whole book to make room or drop hints for this thing You know what I mean It s just bad So throughout the course of book, the story kept changing genre directions, and it s than annoying Contemporary Paranormal Fantasy WHAT And then before I could answer, it abruptly ended, which totally caught me off guard Excuse me Is this supposed to make me feel like I m hanging off a cliff and dying to read the next book or something If so, I m sorry to say that it unfortunately backfires Although this book sounded like something I might enjoy, it was the opposite There s nothing about it that I enjoyed The writing is mediocre the plot is wait, what is the plot the characters are weak and flat I m not glad I read it If anything, I m glad I got it over with and wish to have nothing to do with it ever ever ever again Take that, Ever I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for review.