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Alex S Interstellar Relationship Has Finally Been Sealed In The Eyes Of The Human World, So Now She Can Move On To Her Next Step College With Ace By Her Side And A New Piece Of Jewelry On Her Finger, She Thinks She Is Ready For Anything Well, Almost AnythingHer New Roommate Holds A Dangerous Link To Her Past That Alex Isn T Sure If She Can Handle Then There Is The Whole Alien Fianc Thing Every Time She Tries To Get Closer To Ace, He Seems To Pull Further Away Top That Off With A Full Summer Class Load And A Few Alien Attacks And It S Just Another Day For Alex Except This Time She Isn T Sure If Marrying An Alien Will Be The Happy Ending She S Hoping For While The First Two Alien Books Were Mildly Tame, This Book Is A Little Different I M Not Saying It S Fifty Shades Or Anything, But Alex Is Eighteen, She S Going Off To College And She S Been With Her Alien Boyfriend For A Year There Is Guranteed To Be Some Heat I M Recommending This For Upper YA New Adult Readers

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    I just wanted to add that while I love the other two books, this one is my favorite I touch on some very sensitive subjects and let Ace and Alex finallywellyou knowThis may be the end of their story, but they will still forever be my favorites I m currently gushing at all of you who are adding this book I may have just squealed and made my dog question my sanity

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    Note The only reason I read this series is because of 1 ALIENS 2 Ace Other than that there s nothing, I didn t really like Alex at any point in the series I found her very whiny about her weight and appearances always comparing herself against Ace since he looks like male model of some sort In every book she gets over it but then some time later she whines about it again and the repetitiveness got really annoying Also I didn t like the way the book ended It felt too rushed The problem with Simone at the end, it was like the author wanted to hurry up and resolve the issue so she made her and Gavin end up together Which I think is pretty far fetched since in the last book, she dyed her hair, got a job, assimilated into human society to destroy Alex and Ace s relationship and seriously wanted to hurt alex and how she complains about humans like they re so inferior Now fast track to this book where she supposedly fell in love with Gavin Gavin who was so repulsed by Alex and Ace in book one saying it was unnatural and you understand that there was no way in hell I am going to take Simone and Gavin seriously This book was a disappointing ending to what started out promising.

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    I am so so sad to see this series finish I love Alex and Ace and I love the gang like Riley and Lucy I will miss them but I am looking forward to Magan s up and coming release In How To Marry An Alien Alex and Ace have survived some ups and downs and misunderstandings and Ace has put a ring on Alex s finger She is excited to finally be with her man and she is also excited because she is in college With Ace by her side what could go wrong Well lot s and I will not spoil it for anyone but I will say this that a relationship takes two people and when one starts to retreat and act weird the relationship will go south.If matters were not any worse for the wear Alex has a roommate who has secrets about her Will her roommate tell her the secrets or will she continue to make Alex guess The time Alex tries to spend with Ace the Ace pushes her away The ring does it guarantee them a happy ever after or will Alex get tired of Aces crap and move on She is in college and their are some hotties there that can take Ace s place When Ace does wake up from his temporary insanity he realizes that he and Alex are really in danger and if he wants Alex he better step up to the plate and protect her because someone or some people are going to try and hurt her What will Ace choose Will he marry Alex and be the protector he needs to be Will Alex get tired of his antics and attitude and say to hell with it Or will they fight for each other and get married This was such a refreshing ending to a refreshing series I really enjoyed it and I loved the Boutique scene so this is a must read Love you Magan thanks for letting me read this series.

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    This review is about the third and last book of the My Alien Romance Trilogy You might want to read the first two books before continuing How to Marry an Alien is the final book in the My Alien Romance trilogy by Magan Vernon which is holding some very nice surprises.Alex begins her first year at the Northern Arizona University which is closer to the Circe Operations Center where Ace lives She hopes for an uneventful start into her new College life But there is never a dull moment, when your boyfriend and fianc is an alien Suddenly, an old enemy becomes your best friend, Ace seems to have put some distance between them and then Alex surrounding seems to go haywire As if college courses would not be stressful enough, now Alex has to worry whether she can win Ace s affection back or maybe everything is just bound to fall apart The beginning of this book is very romantic since Ace is trying to do everything the human way as well, just for Alex Besides, Alex whole family is supportiv of her relationship with Ace and she feels loved and safe It was great to see how much Alex has grown up over the last two books Eventually, she settles down comfortably in her partnership with her alien boyfriend Of course, there are new challenges, but she is taking them head on and as a real grown up.In the other books, Ace was always the cool one, but here, he shows is jealous site which was totally cute There was a little situation, where Alex was left in the dark about the update in her s and Ace s relationship It was hilarious to read, when she finally found out why Ace acted so protective of her This little snippet shows clearly Mrs Vernon s ability to just capture the attention of the reader It felt like the pages were reading itslef.A sweet end to a great debut Trilogy where a difficult relationship between an alien and a human finds its satisfying end.

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    i liked the first book of this series it was funny and i could see the appeal for the tween crowd it was kinda funny then the second book, and i was all um, getting lamer and now book 3 embarrassed to have on my bookshelf sigh why why introduce all these weird little plot elements and then not address them, like at all was it just bad editing and is he really this whiny pants after being a 100 earth years old is aliens maturity really in question here because i feel like mama aliens was all, and now you die, and then, picking out china sets needed a heavy re edit maybe condense into just 2 books and take out all the stupid plot contrivance.

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    Really 3.5 stars As much as I ve enjoyed the alien love story I felt in this book things were rushed The whole story in my opinion could have been several books and not just three Overall, it s one I m glad I took a chance on.

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    Felt like different characters from the previous two books but I still loved it Sad to see the trilogy end Full review to follow.

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    In this third and final installment in the series Alex is graduating from high school and moving to Arizona to attend college As she an Ace are driving something darts across the road and they have a terrible accident, and Ace is hurt pretty badly A team from Circe rescues them and Alex is taken to her dorm, while Ace is taking to Circe, and they won t let her see him right away She meets Lucy, her new roomate, who is also gay, and her girlfriend just happens to be someone from Alex s past, which provides an even greater challenge for Alex She also meets Monte, Ace s friend, who things he is Calatia s gift to women, and is quite the character Alex and Ace s romance heats up physically in this book also Alex also has to deal with everyone she comes across of the alien race treating her as somewhat of a celebrity, because she is engaged to the prince of Calatia Just when they think they are out of danger, they find out that the car accident wasn t an accident at all, and someone, namely an alien, is still out to prevent this royal wedding from taking place I enjoyed this third and final installment in this series It started off with a bang, when the accident happened, though I thought it was kind of strange that Alex could continue on with her classes right after the accident without going to Ace s side to make sure he was okay After this, the story kind of centered on Alex and her friendship with Lucy and Riley There really weren t that many exciting things happening I was glad to see Alex and Ace s romance heat up, though Ace was a little resistant to going all the way with Alex, which made things a bit awkward for her When Alex finds out what it really means to marry a Calatian, she understands his hesitation though The ending came rather suddenly with someone from their past threatening them again, but there was an epilogue, which kind of tied things together If you are looking for a cute alien story, then you might want to check this series out.

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    How to Marry an Alien was intriguing from page one Alex is off to college, and Ace has proposed There wasn t much of an adventure or mystery about the attacks on the alien human couple not like the first two novels but the novel did tend toward drama related to the relationship and the tension it created.First thing I noticed was that some of the characters changed a bit in How to Marry an Alien Alex for the better, but Ace seemed a little alien in this novel than usual I found this odd considering he s been on Earth since World War II But as I read, I realized that I actually don t know much about his past He seems to keep it locked up inside, even from Alex Maybe if he opened up or if there were a few chapters with his POV, I would understand him better.Also, I liked Lucy and Riley They were wonderful characters in this novel, especially Lucy, who seemed like a breath of fresh air The only thing I was getting tired of the continued comparison of Lucy and Riley s relationship to Alex and Ace s It was overdone, and eventually, I felt the comparison was beating a dead horse.Finally, there was one thing I wasn t that thrilled about with in this novel the last chapter where the villain, or villains, that were trying to destroy Ace and Alex finally revealed themselves I felt things happened to drastically, especially since it wasn t really focused on throughout the novel Not to mention that, it was really hard for me to understand their motives for attacking Ace and Alex in the first place, especially with the sudden turnabout in the last few pages.All in all, How to Marry an Alien was a sweet conclusion to the My Alien Romance Trilogy Truly, I did enjoy it, and I would say it s my favorite of the entire seriesFor book reviews, you can also visit my website over at Ketch s Book Nook Thank you.

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    Eep I love love loved How to Marry an Alien Finally, Alex has graduated the strange world of high school and is moving up to college Alex and Ace s relationship has been sent through the ringer, and they ve come out on top Now sporting a massive Calta diamond on her finger, Alex finds herself attempting to navigate the confusing and liberating world of college while at the same time, coming to realize that she indeed has made a massive commitment, one that affects the lives of everyone on Earth.Alex is just as hilarious and amazing in this book as in all the others She s changed a bit, matured and is still maturing in How to Marry an Alien Her spunk and straight up awesomeness constantly amazed me in this book Being the future Princess of Calta is no easy feat, even if your Prince is gorgeous Ace is Ace And I love him He s also changed a lot since the first book, for better and worse This time though, it s Ace who s retreating from Alex when all she wants is to be closer to him Some of our favorite characters are back, along with new ones that you will love seriously, Monte is like my alien hero A new relationship will spring up that may shock you, but in a good way Ace and Alex s tumultuous relationship keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it s really not that hard to see that both characters are desperately inlove with each other When you have something as big as a life long commitment hanging over your head and the fact that someone is trying to kill you constantly, I can see where things become a bit stressed In the conclusion to this fantastic series Vernon brings us back to the characters we all fell in love with, and at the end it s like saying good bye to a truly great friend Everything about this book was perfect, and I have to give credit to Vernon for her great pull off of Alex and Ace s first time together The My Alien Romance series will leave you ready to find your own Circe and Ace