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Your Favorite Girls Are Back With Drama, Lies, And Deception Amanda And Stephanie Attempt To Work On Fixing Their Tattered Relationship While Tiffany And Amanda S Relationship Continues To Drift Apart Stephanie Fights To Hold On To Her Man While The Others Fight To Win One Back But When Secrets Unfold, They Soon Find Themselves Fighting For Their Lives

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    I liked this better than the first book This book felt a little organized and had a lot of drama Amanda finally started getting her life together and made mature decisions Tiffany was as trifling as ever but she brought Mike s cockiness down a notch, which made her character tolerable Stephanie was still as dumb as ever and in love with a disrespectful manwhore She was so focused on what he was doing she couldn t fathom living her own life without him She was sad and desperate and I actually felt bad for her There was one hell of a jaw dropping twist that changed everyone s lives and brought new conflict to the story Much better than the first book in the series.

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    Baaaaaaaby the game is cold.

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    I should ve told her This book was good people have there ups and downs but who don t when it comes to being in a relationship

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    A whole lot of drama and drama made this book a very fast page turner I do suggest that you read the first book, Don t Tell Your Cousin.The ladies in this series are trying to either find the perfect man, sleep with a perfect man or take somebody else s man The constant chaos between the girls got even worse once the girls realized that they all shared a man in common This man will be the death of them Good Read

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    So after the first book I must say I was anticipating the sequel and let me say it did not disappoint I must say that as a reader I walked away with a many of lessons from this book I highly recommend it and I look forward to reading from this up and coming Author.

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    I enjoyed this read soooo much better than the first one it kept my interest from beginning to end This book shows you how one decision can ultimately affect your whole life You can really see the authors growth and talent in this book I look forward to her future works.

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    I really enjoyed the romance , tragedy, and drama in this book it keep me interested and please come out with and and I m so happy that Reggie did come out to be a good man because a man that can fit with you emotionally and physically is very hard to do

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    Love the story line to the book The only thing I didn t like was the book didn t seem to be edited Words were missing or misspelled The same name is spelled differently throughout the book If not for this I would have given it 4 stars I will read other books by this author

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    Good Read I really enjoyed this story I recommend that people read this book It s definitely a good read I wonder if there will a follow up story on them Looking forward to reading of your material.

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    Twisted Good Couldn t believe what I was reading Do read You have to read the first book to get a good understanding