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Tom Adams Is Confused Alison Lived With Him Like A Sister For Several Years, But The Feelings He Has For Her Are Not The Kind Of Feelings He Ought To Have For A Sister And That S Not The Only Problem When He Goes To New York To Live With Ali, Because It Turns Out She Likes Women Rather Than Men Being Around The Most Beautiful Woman He Knows Is Tough For Tom, Even Tougher When Ali Brings Girlfriends Home, Way Tougher When She Asks Him To Pose So She Can Sketch Him To Pose Naked Tom Might Have Coped With That As Well If His Body Hadn T Let Him Down What Was A Guy Supposed To Do, Lying Naked On A Couch In Front Of A Hot Babe For A While Tom And Ali Cope With The Growing Attraction Between Them, Fighting A Mutual Desire Neither Wants To Admit Tom Seeks An Outlet To His Arousal With Other Women, And Ali Too The Business They Set Up To Sell The Drawings They Produce Takes Off And Other People Become Involved When Tom S Mom Gets Married And Asks Them To Housesit While She S On Honeymoon The Tension Breaks And Ali Flees Back To New York, Seeking A Respite From The Emotional Turmoil When Tom Follows He Finds Her She Is Gone And He Must Follow Her Trail Across The Atlantic To Italy Where Finally They Are Forced To Acknowledge Their True Feelings

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    Let s face it, most erotica doesn t usually have a good plot It s basically a bunch of jumbled erotic scenes with no real background JT Harding is a genuine author emphasis on author , who enjoys creating a story, while still having a great deal of sensuality to her books She has a unique quality amongst Erotica authors, because she builds a foundation, while creating a climax

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    Wow It is very rare to come across an Erotic book that has depth This story has character development, background, climax, and a fantastic finish but it is lacking absolutely nothing when it comes to sexual material Ali and Tom are both greatly developed characters I love Ali s curiosity, her carefree but composed nature Tom, I cannot say enough good things about Not only is he a sexy morsel I would like to kidnap and keep for myself, but he has such respect and control They are both perfect for each other with just the right amount of curiosity, willingness, and love.The best part about this book is the way that it is written It is completely believe, written in a day in the life kind of way There are a few slow spots, but it is a story that is hard to put down On than one occasion I lost track of hours while reading.As a Self Published book it is very well done, but there are several spelling and grammar errors JT Harding is definitely an Author to watch This is a fantastic story

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    Really enjoyed Ali s Art There was just about every sexual scenario in this book, other than m m The slow developing love story was cute but a bit repetitive at times.

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    I picked this full length novel after reading an inexpensive, well written f f novella by Harding My main problem with that story was a weird family vibe This book has that problem x 10.The main character, Tom Adams, is a totally unrealistic but likeable virgin At the beginning he s 18 or 19, just starting college and majoring in art He moves in with Ali, another art student and a totally unrealistic lesbian They re from the same town and have family like ties When she was a child, her mother died Tom s mother raised her for a few years before her father remarried and took over Tom has a big crush on Ali She walks around half naked in her apartment and teases him For extra money, she takes photos of naked women and transforms them into explicit drawings that she sells on the internet She asks Tom to masturbate for her on camera Later they both fool around with her girlfriend Ali s drawings of Tom rake in cash, so she gets the idea to pose with him in a series of porny shots This leads to sex without penetration.Both Tom and Ali are conflicted about their forbidden attraction She s a lesbian right and they re friends They grew up together and love each other like siblings This aspect made me very uncomfortable Every time it was mentioned I cringed But I kept reading Tom doesn t actually lose his v card to Ali or her girlfriend He returns home from college, gets a summer job doing yard work, and has an affair with Jenni, the lady of the house This was my favorite part of the book Jenni finds out that Tom is an artist and commissions him to do a nude portrait of her The art details are well done and so is the sexual tension The scenes between them are hot and sensitively written She wants to have anal sex but it hurts so he stops I found this scene believable and sweet There is a tenderness and caring to Tom s character and it shows in their relationship.More weird stuff happens with Tom s mom He hears her masturbate one night and gets an erection once when she hugs him I wish I could unread these scenes NOT SEXY.The rest of the book is nonstop horny shenanigans Tom goes back to Ali and art school They start a full on porn business and have group sexytimes, tag teaming women and couples Tom does pretty well on his own also, sleeping with lonely married ladies He s handsome and nice and well endowed Every woman wants him Most of the sex is hot Plenty of f f contact and almost no m m There is one scene with a tiny Asian woman that made me uncomfortable, and the repetition of Ali and Tom s conflict was tiresome They don t have penetrative sex because she s a LESBIAN And they re FRIENDS Never mind that they do every other sexual act imaginable Tom realizes that he wants a committed relationship with Ali He goes after her and they finally have real sex Ali admits that she s always wanted Tom, even when they were children Yuck Earlier in the book, she confesses to having a crush on his mom Double yuck.Without the family vibes, this would have been a good, naughty read The sex is a little crude, with language and imagery I associate with men lots of cum I liked the art details and the voyeurism of the photography sessions 2.5

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    First the positives It was a squishtacular sexfest Super steamy Almost back to back sex scenes if that s what you re looking for but overall a story of two people falling in love.Now the negatives Editing OMG I have an inner red pencil and it was going crazy There were issues with word choice people don t walk round, they walk around , outright spelling errors, things that were written one way and then changed For example when Sandi and Jack came for their session, Ali and Tom said they d start in the living room and then move to Tom s room Then when things started getting hot and heavy, Ali suggested they move to her room that had been prepared for this And I could swear that at one point in the beginning of the book, he was nineteen, but then I thought he was eighteen again Toward the end, they re in his hometown and Crystal the waitress ends up messing around with them But later, she s Candy Just lots of inconsistencies like that Then halfway through the book, I had to look up where the author was from This book is set in small town America and New York City, but so much of the language was strange off to me Turns out the author was raised in the Eastern US but moved to England at some point I m thinking she picked up a LOT of British isms since she moved there because how the characters spoke reminded me of how English Aussie people would say things than Americans There was one passage where Ali referred to her butt as her bum and there was mention that it was a British term Then a few pages later, her knickers are mentioned, but no mention of the British there IMHO, knickers are British than bum I dunno things like this pulled me out of the story time and time again Then there were the characters Ali was the biggest tease, and Tom was the most unrealistic 18 19 year old I ve ever seen The things they would say to each other, their conversations it was just so immature, even for an 18 19 year old and a 20 21 year old They re masturbating in front of each other, and she gets turned on by his cock but she s gay, right , but they haven t gone too far as friends at that point Really At the VERY end, they seemed mature, but throughout most of the relatively lengthy book, they just were I dunno Tom didn t seem very realistic At 18, boys are still ruled by their hormones he was so willing to just take what women gave him and so laid back about it, even when he was still a virgin at the beginning of the story And he was sweet in some ways, but such a dog, too He had no problem that a lot of the women he fucked were married I think I have another book by this author, but after this experience, it won t be moving up in the queue I need quite a break before I read another story with as many editing issues as this one.Points given for the steaminess and the variety of sex scenes points taken away for the editing.

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    I won a Signed copy of this book on Goodreads I had put it in my pile of books to read and kinda forgot that I had it Then I saw it the other day and thought I could use a break from the other genre s I was reading I have to say right off I don t usually read straight erotica I think that much sex ruins any chance for an actual story line to happen, and most erotica ends up having no point to it anyway When I got further into this book I realized this author can actually write and not just sex scence Shockingly the author has created a story, a plot and characters, while still having a great deal of sensuality to her books This is unusual in an erotic genre I think most of these authors tend to throw in a sex scene if they run out of other ideas, but JT Harding actually stuck with her plot and made a romantic love story.Ali and Tom are both greatly developed characters Ali s seems geuinely curious about everything and pretty carefree Sometimes the way she acts towards Tom in the beginning of the book made me question the fact that she says she s a lesbian Tom started out a little immature for my taste but you can tell that when he finds out she is gay that he wants to respect that and tries to control his feelings for Ali They over time seem like the perfect match for each other.I really liked the view from which the book is written, There are a few slow spots, but that didn t detract from the whole of the book I had no clue this was a self published book until I read it on line it doesn t come across in her writing style, I don t know if this is the authors first book it is very well paced and put together if it is Thanks for the free read I really enjoyed it.

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    DNF I liked the last book I read by this author, and I started liking this one the writing s than competent and the characters seemed interesting, but there s sooooo much sex I m not someone who gets prudish but it was just boring It stopped being about the characters and became all about the fluids, and at some point I just got fed up of reading about glistening juices and ropes of semen Oh, and Ali s gay, and she and her GF haven t ever been with a man, but Tom s different Please.

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    This book had everything A very sexy couple, who were long time friends but developed into something much Great writing and character development I will definitely read of this author s work.

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    Awesome book really enjoy d it

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    a story about falling in love with ALOT of sex involved a good read.