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Nice way to start a day is by reading Sexy Little Bites a short collection of hot words The only thing that kept it from a five star review was the length I can t wait for Velvet Rose to write longer works This is good erotica.Hands On Training It s Violet s first day on the job and boy does her boss the millionaire have big plans for her At first she s willing to play his game but when he makes demands Violet isn t sure she can meet, sparks fly as the two discover a hidden workplace passion that promises to change both their lives, and maybe even chart a new course for the company.Bound By Love Call it a bout of temporary amnesia but our heroine wakes up to find herself in a very compromising position That is, until a voice from the past brings back a flood of memories and difficult emotions A mysterious man from her past keeps her busy in bed until pleasure bonds the two unexpectedly.Bunk Bed Fun With the house to themselves, a husband and wife find time away from the responsibilities of family life tempted by intimacy and teased by time, a moment alone provides them with a chance to remind one another that their romance today is just as hot as it was when they first married.Ebony s Desire A sophisticated woman launches herself unwillingly into a world of high class and even higher fantasy life Little does she know that a bold intruder would take command of her and bring her to a place she might not be ready for Ebony s will is taken by another but whether she regrets the invasion of privacy is another story.Final Fantasy Boredom with sex leads one woman into a tryst with her mirror one lonely afternoon while waiting for the arrival of her husband home from work The fire returns and things get hot and heavy as new fantasies unfold like fine satinWhat adventure does the future hold I usually don t read stories as short as the ones in this collection, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed every single one of them Each story was a different fantasy there were no repeats or similarities between them, so you have a variety of characters in different sexy situations The first story, which was about a woman and her new boss, was my absolute favorite The tension between these two characters was sizzling The four stories that follow are pretty hot too If you like erotic stories and need a quick fix, Sexy Little Bites is for you. My second anthology review, this is a fanastic collection of sexy little bites indeed Hands On Training is a spicy little tale of office lust, rather than romance Bound by Love shows that sometimes giving up someone you love can lead to a hot reunion Bunk Bed Fun is a cute little story about parents at play while the kids are away Ebony s Desire is a bit of a mystery, but it s the unknown that makes this one so hot Final Fantasy is very relatable as many couples feel the need to hide their sexual fantasies, despite the wicked pleasure to be had This is one couple who dares take the step to enjoy their fantasies and are rewarded by hot fun These are five hot little bits that are perfect if you only have a short transit somewhere or don t have patience to sit through a full length novel Velvet Rose manages to capture whole characters in these tiny snippets, and it has me impressed and hungry for Sizzlingly Impressive Stories Each of these erotica stories amazingly blew my mind off One of these stories, Bound by Love, was pretty kinky, I really liked it But only short stories Be cautious, this book is recommended for adults 18. I like to read erotica and romance, but I normally prefer short stories or novellas, because it fits my busy lifestyle better if I can read and finish a story in one or two sittings This was a great collection of several erotic short stories that were sexy and romantic, but not obscene or disgusting Would definitely recommend, especially at only 99 cents per download A Collection Of Five Erotic, But Romantic Short Stories Covers A Wide Selection Of Themes, From Office Romance, To Paranormal Encounters And Couples Trying To Spice Up Their Married LifeEach Story Was Created With The Intent Of Providing A Quick, But Satisfying Sensual Read Whenever You Wish To Indulge