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    Author Sangu Mandanna s guest post for The Midnight Garden talks about her unlikely inspiration for her new novel, which releases in the U.S today Can we be certain of anyone s soul, human or otherwise Fiction is often most meaningful when it explores questions we find too disturbing to ask in the everyday world Through one girl s struggle to claim her own identity, The Lost Girl addresses some fascinating ethical questions, all the while presenting a measured, powerful essay on the value of human life.Fifteen year old Eva lives, sleeps, and breathes someone else s existence As an echo, a carbon copy of a girl halfway across the world, she learns everything that Amarra learns and is even nearly forced to suffer the same physical injuries as her other There have been various books that explore cloning, but what s so unusual about this one is the psychological element, since it s not just Eva s organs that are being harvested, it s her entire entity and identity.One of the things I liked best about this book is the way the science fiction elements are handled The creators of these echos are called Weavers, and they are presented in somewhat mystical and mysterious manner It has a similar tone and feeling to the film Children of Men, and the book is not unlike the way some of Bradbury s futuristic tales are written that is, these just happen to be human beings in extraordinary circumstances, rather than a fantastical, tech heavy setting with some humans in it.The writing is also well paced, thoughtful, and beautifully descriptive, deftly balancing gravity and humor, as well as joy and sadness Eva recalls a man with a voice like thunder and lions and upon her relocation, marvels at how familiar her new home seems I had been sent pictures all my life, of course, and Mina Ma had told me long stories about Bangalore She had described streets, places, pieces of her life As a child, I sat at her feet and drew picture, inspired by her voice and the flickers of memory passed on through Amarra s and my consciousness So many of those pictures had been true There were ashoka trees down the middle of a long road, just the way I d imaginedThere were little stalls along the roads, open late, tea stalls with clinking steel cups and sweet shops with packets of crisps hanging from makeshift roofs Or chips, as Mina Ma called them Coke and Pepsi in glass bottles with steel caps Men crouched on the edge of the road, smoking tiny not quite cigarettes Every character left an indelible mark, from Eva herself to her gruff caretaker Mina Ma to her brother Nikhil to her friends at school I was enraged by the casual cruelty Eva endures, and the parents later made me so angry that I couldn t see straight I do wish that Sean and Ray had a chance to be a little developed, though the love story and the love interest still squeezed my heart I d rather spend the rest of my life without seeing you again, he says, than to watch them destroy you because of me When I initially finished the novel, I rated this a 4.5 because there are some elements that might have been explained a little , and I thought the ending was a bit rushed and becomes perhaps of a typical YA thriller But who am I kidding A book that treats human life with this kind of reverence deserves nothing less than 5 stars.This book explores loss and grief in a way you wouldn t necessarily expect in speculative fiction and tears dripped down my face for nearly an hour as I was reading it It is an stunning elegy for those who have been lost, a cry of sorrow for those who are left behind, and a profoundly sad lament for those whose very existence is denied This elegant novel touched me deeply, and will leave readers with a lingering feeling of grief that is all the devastating for its restraint and its dignity.Recommended for those who appreciated the themes explored in The Children of Men and Never Let Me Go, those who anguished over the emotion in If I Stay, those who were drawn in by the unconventional, philosophical story in A Certain Slant of Light, and adult readers who might like to try out quality young adult fiction This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.Please join us tomorrow, when author Sangu Mandanna joins us on the blog with a guest post about her inspiration for this novel You may be surprised to hear what she has to say.

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    Holy crap I need a moment to wipe the stupid grin off my face and take a deep breath so I can give this amazing book the proper review it truly deserves breathes into brown paper bag while heart rate settles Ok, with that hopefully out of the way, I have to hand it to Sangu Mandanna, she played all her cards right, The Lost Girl is an evocative dystopian that deftly tackles so many complicated themes identity, loss, grief through so many rich and complex characters that I m still lost in a jumble of emotions Be prepared for effusive praise.The premise alone opens the door to so many questions Eva s an echo, a creation of the Weavers, a copy of another girl, Amarra, intended to replace her if she ever dies because her parents can t imagine ever letting go But who is Eva, really An individual in her own right or just a copy of Amarra Can she really replace Amarra when that girl dies Is creating an imperfect copy the best way to cope with the death of a loved one Is it morally right to make a copy of someone and expect the copy to step in, assume a borrowed life, when the original dies So many questions, and Mandanna brilliantly answers all of them And her answers, they re not presented in some obvious manner like through preachy narration or lecturing dialogue, rather they re subtly, skillfully, and powerfully woven into the story Whether it s Eva s struggle to become Amarra or the reactions of Amarra s family and friends to Eva s presence, it all makes The Lost Girl a multilayered yet unforgettably emotional story that had me rooting for Eva from beginning to end.And why wouldn t I, Eva is such a complex character For once, I m glad Mandanna didn t take the easy way out, like writing Eva as Amarra s clone, because, as an echo, Eva s much than just a physical copy of Amarra she s connected to Amarra in other ways too, like in dreams There s no real sense of where one person ends and the other begins, so Eva s struggle to develop an identity for herself, distinct from Amarra s, like questioning whether she loves Amarra s boyfriend Ray or if those emotions are really Amarra s, it s all a wonderful soul searching journey of self discovery At times, Eva herself isn t sure if she s really a different person from Amarra the Weavers goal for echoes after all is for the echo to eventually be like a replacement body for the original s soul, and watching her as she first figures out her own identity, then convinces others to accept her as a different person, and finally challenges the system that treats echoes as mere replacements is the highlight of the book.Along the way, Eva s supported by an impressive cast of memorable supporting characters At the top of the list is Sean, the Guardian who watches and protects her before she steps into Amarra s life after that girl s death He may seem like the standard protective love interest common in dystopians, but he s the character that really helps Eva find her own identity and as a result his relationship with Eva, even if she s too dense to notice at first, stands out beyond just the typical forbidden romance in a way that makes the ending, an amazing fountain scene, truly bittersweet and satisfying But others, like Erik and Mina Ma, also stand out just by how much they clearly love Eva, even when they can t say the words, despite her being an echo And once Eva slips into her role of Amarra, her new friend, Lekha, wow what a cool, understanding, and very funny friend, accepting of Eva s echo status even when many others aren t This deep support system of all these characters who care about Eva as her own person just adds another layer to Eva s story as she tries to distinguish herself from Amarra.Of course, Eva becomes Amarra because Amarra s family isn t willing to deal with losing her, and it s interesting, and realistic, that Eva gets a range of reactions upon her arrival I liked seeing the different coping mechanisms coming from Amarra s family, her father Neil s instant recognition that Eva isn t Amarra, her mother Alisha s adamant belief that Eva is Amarra returned to life, and her siblings Nik and Sasha s slow acceptance of Eva s presence The entire situation, Amarra s death and Eva s identity slowly filtering through the family, it s quite moving really And of course, Ray, Amarra s boyfriend I don t think I ve ever seen so many conflicting emotions from one character, guilt for causing Amarra s death, hope that Eva is somehow Amarra, fear that he may be falling for Amarra s replacement It all profoundly shows how death affects the loved ones left behind.Eva s struggle for individuality comes to a head as she s forced to confront her status as Amarra s echo, with rejection meaning death Her fate lies in the hands of the Weavers, and I m grateful that even Adrian Borden, Matthew Mercer, and Elsa Connelly, the three who hold Eva s future in their hands, are interesting, complex, and even tragic characters who aren t truly villains even if they are not on Eva s side Elsa s capable of showing compassion, Matthew surprised me with the games he played, and even Adrian, the coldest of the three, isn t some stereotypical fiend but has motivations behind his character The choices they present Eva makes her battle for survival against all odds all the moving.I m gonna borrow a cheesy line and say I felt powerful emotions throughout this book, but I swear it s true So many things are going on, with Eva, with Amarra s friends and family, with the Weavers, I have to say The Lost Girl is a book with massive depth When a dystopian offers not just an interesting premise and a multitude of emotions but also boldly confronts the moral dilemmas it presents, it deserves every single word of glowing praise in this review and Simply amazing.

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    Mandanna does a good job portraying her characters feelings and relationships, especially Eva s fear and resentment at her untenable situation The unsympathetic characters also have dimensions beyond merely being mean to the protagonist She even has a romance that develops gradually out of two individuals gasp knowing one another over time And her writing is fine I wish she had written a different book.If, like me, you pick this up out of topical interest, you are going to be disappointed The world building, pretty much all of it, from the legal issues to the motivations of people who would pay for the presumably hugely expensive copies of their children to how those copies are raised, trained, and utilized Makes No Sense I was fine when we stayed in Eva s head, hearing her struggle to be herself as well as Amarra, but any time she or one of the other characters started explaining anything about the echoes I went Gah That makes no sense Why would anyone think do want that I mean this is terms of both practical issues like, Why would you raise someone in near isolation in a tiny town in England if they were meant to replicate a popular schoolgirl from Bangalore and psychological questions like What the hell kind of parent would want to pretend a copy was their dead child The things that were interesting about the people copying premise have been treated better in several earlier books If you don t require teen romance, I recommend Lois Bujold s two part Brothers in Arms and Mirror Dance.

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    What if your entire life s purpose was to be used as a replacement for someone else What if the world didn t see you as a person, but as an object What if you knew that your feelings and desires were real, but just about everyone else discounted them This is what life is like for Eva, created to be an echo for someone else s family For she is not really Eva to the outside world, but instead a copy of Amarra You re an angel among mortals You are hope Every day, Eva wakes up Eva learns about Amarra s life on the other side of the world, and how to be like Amarra, in case anything happens to her twin and she needs to step in to live that other life Only, she wishes for a life of her own, one where she could do things that every other girl gets to experience, and maybe even have someone to call her own Her feelings are to be locked inside and not shared with anyone, not even the one person who she wishes she could share them with You re not the echo to me It wasn t hard to get wrapped up in Eva s thoughts, and wish right along with her for things to be different I wanted to shake many people and try to reason with them that surely Eva must be human, just like Amarra was.It s always fun to get to discuss a book with others, and this book happened to be the monthly pick for one of my groups Opinions ranged from love to anger, and much of that had to do with details which were either left out or assumed There s something about Science Fiction which is looked at just a little bit closely when it comes to dotting all of i s and crossing all of the t s People want explanations for the hows and whys The creation of the echos was a vague concept, one not really explained in depth outside of the weavers, guardians and loom It just was For the most part, I was okay with some of the details being omitted, but there were definitely a few details which weren t explained as much as I would have preferred how Eva ended up with Amarra s memories when she was made before the memories happened this still isn t making any sense to me My opinion was this I d give 4 stars for an interesting story idea and good entertainment value, but 2 stars for there being a lot of loose ends and some ideas that floundered near the end So my final answer lies somewhere right in the middle.This book explored the concepts of what it meant to be human and what lengths people would go to in order to hold on to the ones they love It can be a study in one s own ideals when a book can get you to think about how you would handle being in the same situation, which this book certainly achieved for me For that, I am glad that I read this What is this power the dead have over the ones they leave behind It s strange and beautiful and frightening, this deathless love that human beings continue to feel for the ones they ve lost.Maybe that s what the dead do They stay They linger Benign and sweet and painful They don t need us They echo all by themselves

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    If I were ever to write a book, this is the book I would want to see my name on The Lost Girl was not a novel I originally went into expecting to love, but surely enough, it has made its place in my heart and even now, days after putting it down, it hasn t left Yet, than that, I don t want it to With her debut, Sangu Mandanna has created a piece of fiction that transcends all boundaries and explores, not only an unique futuristic society, but also the bonds of friendship, the ties of family, the depth of grief and most of all, what it means to be human In all honesty, I can not explain the utter beauty that this book is The Lost Girl is truly, in every sense of the word, a heart wrenching tale that will keep you both reaching for the tissue boxes and stunned in horror Mandanna s futuristic world is one that is richly developed and filled with cut throat politics You see, echoes, or clones, are regarded as monsters in society and many of them are illegal in certain countries, including India Yet, this doesn t stop parents from requesting a carbon copy of their children in the hopes that their grief will be alleviated through the presence of one who looks exactly like their deceased child Thus, Weavers, enigmatic scientists who reside in England, create these echoes and while society shuns them, they live their life in perpetual fear of Hunters, people who dedicate their lives to wiping off all the echoes from the face of this planet In The Lost Girl, however, we see life through the lens of Eva, an echo herself, and we see that she is just another teenage girl Eva s narration is filled with poignancy, an inner sorrow, and deep rooted hope for her future Throughout the novel, we only become closer and closer to Eva until her feelings are ours and it is impossible to tell where we, as readers, end and she, as a character, begins The Lost Girl is truly a character driven novel, but that does not make it a novel without a brilliant plot line of its own Eva has grown up in isolation, studying the life and memories of Amarra, the girl whose face she shares Thus, when Amarra unexpectedly dies in a car crash, Eva is forced to leave behind the only life and family she has ever known and travel to India, forgoing her true nature and becoming Amarra once and for all Yet, Eva and Amarra are completely different people and it is Eva s struggle to remain true to herself and her personality in a world which demands she become someone else that is so moving Mandanna writes with a skill that is unparalleled and she develops Eva s character in a subtle, and utterly compelling, manner We, as the reader, are with Eva every step of the way and cannot help but root for her to eventually find a solution to her dilemma and return home to her home England and finally be together with her family and not Amarra s The Lost Girl is split, roughly, into three sections, each of which detail a different part of Eva s journey, but within the first section itself we are so invested in Eva s life We see Eva s bond with Mina Ma, the mother figure of her life, and are exposed to the beautiful friendship which is just waiting to blossom into something with her Guardian, Sean, and just as we have given our hearts out to Eva and her little world of happiness, it is snatched away from us Eva s life in the second section focuses on her journey in India as she assimilates with Amarra s family, builds friendships with her siblings, makes friends of her own, and most confusing of all, battles with her emotions concerning Amarra s boyfriend Yet, there is no love triangle in this novel as Eva s heart belongs solely with Sean Nevertheless, there is a gentle exchange and slow build up of beautiful friendships and for someone like Eva who has never been seen as a human, who has never attended a school and had friends, her self realization and growth is astounding Eva aside, Sean is one of my favorite aspects of this book I loved the romance in this story and while it broke my heart, it made me swoon in equal part too One of the things I admire the most about Mandanna s writing is that each and every character she introduces us to has their own depth, their own perspective, and she enables us to see that about them In terms of Sean and Eva, they are perfect and just click. In terms of other characters and their relationships to Eva, we are somehow able to understand them too, despite their convoluted ness at times Further, their responses to Amarra s death and the exploration of grief which Mandanna brings out through them are all written flawlessly It is difficult to explain, but just know that her writing brought tears to my eyes and there were sections of this novel where I had to constantly dab my eyes just to read the words on the page It pains me to admit, but my review for this novel is terrible I loved this novel with a passion I have shown for very few books such as The Book Thief or anything written by Melina Marchetta, but it is difficult for me to put into words the beauty that this book has It is written beautifully, it is character driven, its cast contains depth, and its messages are provocative and sure to stick with you for days if not years to come It is, hands down, the best debut I have had the pleasure of reading this year and is a novel I will, without a doubt, be reading again and again and again I don t know if there will be a sequel for this, especially as I am quite content with the open ending of this novel as it is, but if there is one, you can bet I ll be groveling at Mandanna s feet to receive an ARC I really, really loved The Lost Girl. It takes a lot for a book to make me cry and even during The Book Thief or a Marchetta novel, I only cry once or twice The Lost Girl I was crying after Part I, during the beginning of Part II, after Part II, and on and off again during Part III It was that type of novel It is a story that truly makes you feel and it is so rare to read a novel like that these days Truly, The Lost Girl is a gem in a genre of fiction I had nearly given up on, but just like Eva, Sangu Mandanna gives me hope for a glorious future You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings Also, be sure to check out my virtual tour of this novel on my blog as well

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    Eva is an echo, a person weaved into existence to serve as some parents backup plan, in case something happens to their beloved daughter Although reserved for the rich, the practice is not uncommon and Weavers make new echoes all the time Eva has no life of her own she must experience everything her Other, Amarra, does, so when Amarra gets a tattoo, Eva has to get one exactly like it even though she hates it, and when Amarra goes swimming in the middle of the winter, Eva has no choice but to do the same But the city is the place that shelters Amarra s ghost And yet being in it alone is one of the few places I can let the mask slip away and instead of walking in her shoes, it s like we re two girls, ghost and echo, walking side by side. Even though it s been two hundred years since the first echo was made, the public still considers them soulless They are illegal in some countries, but even where they re legal, they have to hide from the hunters This makes Eva s life even harder as she s not allowed to leave the cottage she shares with her guardians or spend time with people her own age Luckily, there is Sean, employed by the Weavers to teach her about normal everyday things, everything she can never experience herself, at least not unless her Other dies.The romance between Eva and Sean was not some flashy, unbelievable, overnight thing Developed over time and built on a substantial foundation, what Eva and Sean had wasn t something I m likely to forget The times when Eva s lack of social skill showed, especially in the way she handled things with Sean, were my favorite parts of the book because they made her seem realistic and very endearing For the most part, Sean was a perfect hero, unwaveringly loyal no matter how hard the situation, but he wasn t without flaws, and it was those tiny things, his weaknesses and quirks that made him stand out for me Those are, after all, the things I ll remember months from now when the color of his hair or the way in which he smiles completely disappear from my memory Mandanna s writing is also flawless, not overly decorative and not too bare She demonstrated the kid of surety one expects from a seasoned author, not someone as young and inexperienced as her So if I liked the writing, the story and the characters, why four starts instead of five I think anyone who s ever lost a loved one, not a distant cousin but someone extremely close, will struggle with the premise behind this book As a parent, I can t even imagine wanting a spare child if something happens to this one, and as a person who s lost someone irreplaceable, I can t even wrap my head around the whole thing I struggled with the concept, but most of all, I struggled with the contradicting decisions and actions Eva s familiars Amarra s parents made None of it made much sense to me You are important, he says Even if I can t quite believe my daughter survived, like my wife does, you ve still given us reason to hope for something For life beyond death It s why we wanted you in the first place For that hope And the absence of loss However, I think I ve made it clear that I really enjoyed this book I had a difficult time accepting parts of it, and some of it just hit too close to home, but all things considered, The Lost Girl is a truly astonishing debut I expected no less after reading my friend Keertana s wonderful review She was also kind enough to take us on a virtual tour of all the places Eva visited in Bangalore It s so interesting, make sure to check it out.

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    If only tears could talk, they would tell you how much I loved this story. They would tell you that pages can radiate emotions, that words can create feelings, that beauty can hurt.If tears could talk. they would tell you how they dropped on this book drowning smiles in emotions, drowning sadness and turning it into in happiness, making me heart melt slowly and leaving me with a sweet taste of hope You re an angel among mortals Echos are asked to sacrifice everything to make another family, other people, happy To give them hope You are hope Sometimes I read sad books that make me happy How ironic, huh But it s true. I love reading stories about humans, about the human nature in fact, about their essence, about their deep, raw feelings Figuratively, I love the sound of my heart breaking with every word, with every new nuance discovered. There s a beauty that can t be put into words, it hurts but it also makes me feel complete, because books like this one are everything I want and then a whole lot .I am at a loss for words, you know, and this only happens when I truly love a story When it touches my heart, when it turns my life upside down, when it hurts to turn the last page and let go of a world so cruel but so beautiful, of these characters so perfect in their flaws.I loved every bit of it and I can t get tired of telling you how amazingly beautiful this book really was for me.It s like a part of me on paper, as someone said if I were to write a book, this would be it If I were to be a character, I would be named after a stubborn elephant in a zoo, I would feel trapped in a crazy world but I would grow wings and make myself fly I would love with all my heart and I would always hope to find my way back home I would fight, I would survive, I would believe in myself even when no one else will I would play nice but I would never forget who I am, I would never stop trying to find my way to freedom But maybe that s what the dead do They stay They linger Benign and sweet and painful They don t need us They echo all by themselves The story I ve always asked myself what are we without our choices, without the will to live our own lives by our rules and desires, without the will to be ourselves When you look in a mirror, what do you see What are you without that part that can t be seen the inner you, the real you. Can you be someone else, can you leave your own self behind and be that mirror Can you bury your feelings, fake your thoughts, be a puppet in a world that doesn t want you but uses you for what you represent, for the image you mirror And here goes question after question and the truth is that this is just a tiny piece of what this story might be about The Love I loved the relationship between Eva and Shaun their friendship was strong, their love was so sweet and innocent They matched like no others, perfect in every way.I loved how he saw her as a real human, I loved that he believed in her without any doubt, that he was there for her when she needed him the most, that he loved her and he never thought that she was just a reflection in a mirror, but a girl that deserves to be loved, to be cherished, to be given a second chance Their romance was sweet, their connection strong, their chemistry palpable. you could feel it in their little conversations, in their little fights, in their desires, their hopes for the other s safety and freedom They melted my heart like no other couple, and if there is another book to follow like a second book in a series I hope to see of them, together You, he says, before the door closes all the way I often dream of you The Family I loved the connection between Eva and the familiars.How the supposed brother saw her as herself not a copy and he wanted to protect her, and how the little sister Amarra left behind was so sweet and innocent How the mother wanted to see her daughter still in Eva and how the father never got over his grief and couldn t make himself believe in a fantasy.Also, I liked the guardians that represented Eva s real family or the only one she ever had How they loved her and wanted to keep her safe in their way How they treated her like a person and wanted her to acknowledge that as well.The Friendship I could understand Amarra s friends, how they wanted her back, how they felt betrayed, how they all loved her, but I was happy to see Eva make new friends, create her own path She tried a lot to be the best version of Amarra, but at the end she felt the need to be herself again, to take a break from that all, to just. be She was right I am the thief I ve taken everything that belongs to her She s had to give it all up What must that be like, to know that every single thing you wear, every last thing you know, is being copied, mimicked, duplicated halfway across the world I feel the need to talk a bit about Ray too the boy Eva never did study what was like to kiss, as the synopsis says I didn t understand how he got away with the accident, but I did care about him I felt his pain, his hope, his struggle when things didn t add up It saddened me to see how much he wished for Eva to really be Amarra.But there were times when I wanted to punch him right in the face too.The Pain and grief Here goes the family next to Ray.They were all so different and they saw her in such a different light.I felt their love for Amarra, I saw them caring and for Eva, I felt their inner struggle, the fight between what is right and what is wrong, between their desire and their reasoning. it was really heartbreaking.Tiny, tiny little bug The IT girl in me kept screaming a few hundreds years later I can only assume and they still use CDs aka the disks Come on, we barely use them any, if they can stitch life they must do better than that o_OCONCLUSION What an awesome, awesome read It cut my heart right open and I loved it from the first page to the last one, and its echo still lingers here..Happy midnight reading This review can also be found at ____________________________________________Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO ____________________________________________

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    Utterly beautiful The Lost Girl Yes, she s lost Lost in a cruel world where she has to fight for survival.She s broken too.She so badly wants to be a human Her feelings are almost palpable It s coming at strong waves toward me It s exhilarating My heart stutters here and then I paused the book and closed my eyes and for a minute, feeling grateful that I m not in a dreadful situation like her Feeling grateful that all these characters are a work of pure fiction No matter how much we wish we had vampires running around, sweeping us off our feet, they are still blood sucking monsters Anyways, this book is not about vampires and I don t think I m making much sense.The Lost Girl is about an Echo named Eva An echo who desires to live like humans do Echoes are exact copies of human beings and not everyone has an echo Only certain people who ask for another copy to be made of their loved ones Everyday, Eva learns about her other, Amarra And everyday she wants to be free of all this One day, there might come a time when her other dies and she has to step in Eva s waiting and dreading for that day.In her world, there are only rules I hate abiding by rules I honestly don t know why But I do Because I have to And she does too, because her life is at stake If you expect the worse, you re only denying someone a chance to be better There are so many confusions, so many goodbyes, so many yearnings that I really feel sorry for her She s truly lost and I so badly want to help her Sometimes, while I m reading I want to reach into the pages, get myself really inside the book and save her And overall, when I look back at the story, it isn t one comprising of complications like I had thought earlier It s a rather simple one The beautiful narration has made it It has made the simple story into a meaningful one.I loved this book It explored the various concepts of being human Of love and goodbyes Of hope and friendship I think a human s greatest power is hope We always hope, you know For example myself How I am hoping for another amazing book like the Lost Girl We always do hope in the darkest times, don t we D Here s a small message for Eva, our beautiful Echo You are human You are human than any of us I hope you have a life filled with pixie dust and happiness

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    Eva was created as a replacement for Amarra Her whole life has not been her own Everyday is based on Amarra s life, eating what she ate, learning how she talks, dresses, what she did that day, even studying maps of her house to know where her bedroom is located Understandably, Amarra does not like Eva Amarra has to make journals everyday sharing everything about her life with the girl that might one day take her place The girl who one day might hug her mom, laugh with her friends, and kiss her boyfriend Amarra hid her boyfriend for a year because she did not want to share him but Ammara never took the time to ask how Eva felt Eva wants a choice and she wants to be with Sean, one of the people assigned to watch over her.Eva loses the last of her free will when Amarra dies and she must take her place Everyone deals with grief in a different way but this was just beyond what I could imagine doing But to give credit to Amarra s parents the Weavier s overstated their powers The Weaver s hope to one day be able to transfer the soul into the created body but they are just not there yet Amarra s parents were hoping that Eva would come to them as Amarra in a new body and not just a clone Eva had to try her best to pretend to be Amarra or they could order to destroy her Eva does feel extreme guilt pretending I felt extremely sad for Eva She had to leave Sean and the family she knew to work so hard to pretend to be someone she is not When Amarra s boyfriend Ray looks at her with love she feels so sad because she knows he doesn t love her but Amarra.One mistake or misspoken word could alert her friends that she is not really Amarra and Echo s are illegal where she is So much pressure I couldn t live like that My favorite character was of course the swoon worthy Sean who loved Eva as Eva, as an echo, as herself He snuck her off to the zoo and did nice things for her I was almost crying when she had to leave him My other favorite characters, besides Eva and Sean, were actually Amarra s brother and sister They took Eva in as herself Accepted her as Eva and really took the entire echo process with such nice consideration A very intriguing character but not one I necessarily liked, was one of the actual Weavers, Matthew Three Weavers work at the Loom creating the Echos I found this extremely interesting and what connects Matthew to Eva is a bit shocking Brings some real excitement to the ending of the book It ends perfectly although there is room for I have been trying to figure out if this is a series or not but either way I am happy It was a very emotional book that dealt with loss, grieving, choices, freedom, love, family, friendship, loyalty, and bravery, all in a unique and beautiful manner Because they cannot bear the thought of losing her She was right I am the thief I ve taken everything that belongs to her She s had to give it all up.What must that be like, to know that every single thing you wear, every last thing you know, is being copied,mimicked, duplicated halfway across the world But your sister hated me I m not my sister, say Nikhil, and my echo s not you But he might replace you some day Don t you hate that that might happen That he might be here with your family No, says Nik, so calmly I am exasperated I worry about what might happen to the people who love me if I die before them I like knowing I have someone who will try to stop them from feeling so sad if that happens Because like Frankenstein s monster, I could win You said it, Eva You said we could do it together But you have a life Yeah, he says But I d rather have one with you.

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    Wow Just wow 5 stars really doesn t feel enough for this one FULL REVIEW Death is beautiful when seen to be a law, and not an accident It is as common as life Henry David ThoreauSpoilers and me have a hate relationship so spoiler alert It s really difficult for me to write a review for this book Since English is not my first language and I really want to do this book justice, I feel very limited to put my thoughts into words So although I will try to explain how absolutely amazing this book is, it won t be enough I have to admit, I was not hooked from page one I even put the book aside for a few days Yeah I know, unimaginable I don t know if it was me or the book though, so in this case I m going to use the line it wasn t you, it was me When I picked it up again, some days later, the story had me entirely captivated I swear, if anyone would ve come near me and my E reader I think I would ve growl, maybe even bitten I still don t know how to categorize this book because apparently it s not really dystopian sorry not a pro But to be frank I don t care This book is so much Indirectly, Mandanna kept throwing questions to my head Mainly questions about life and death, which even now, days after I finished the book keep haunting my thoughts Don t be afraid your life will end be afraid that it will never begin Grace HansenEva, Amarra s echo, was created stitched by a weaver so she can replace Amarra if one day something happens to the latter, something life ending Can you imagine yourself living your life waiting until someone dies And when you get the change to replace that person, it s just that, a replacement Living the life of someone else Pretending you are someone else Or will the pretending stop after a while Will it become your own life While the weavers are searching for a way to refine echo s, Eva is still an imperfect version She has her own feelings, opinions, thoughts, her own dreams and desires She proofs she s an individual by giving herself a name In my opinion that is Eva s way to stand up for herself, to go in against the ridiculous laws and to give the middle finger to the Loom I admired how Eva tries to search her own identity but also accepts her place in life without complaining And although she accepts her fate, living the life of someone else, she fights for her own life the moment it is threatened What made me sad is that although Eva spends years to prepare herself to take over Amarra s life, it doesn t feel good when it eventually happens It is said that the life of an echo starts when the other dies, but I believe Eva already had a life It is obvious that her guardians genuinely love her My heart went out to all of them when Eva had to leave to start her life in India.Once in India, although the start was not easy, everything is not that bad I liked Neil He is down to earth, sober, and tries in his own time to get to know Eva Sasha and Nikhil stole my heart right away I was touched by how they accepted Eva so easily and gave her the chance to be herself around them I believe all of them, even the mom who so desperately wants that Eva really is Amarra, are capable of giving Eva a place in their family And with that it might even be possible that there is a life for Eva in India after all How terrible it is to love something that death can touch UnknownI guess you can say that Alisha and Neil turned to extreme measures out of fear to lose their children one day At first I didn t really care for Amarra, but I think that s normal considering I lived the story through Eva s eyes But while reading, questions slowly started to make an entrance inside my head what would I do if someone is waiting for me to die Waiting to take over my life, my family, stealing my boyfriend and friends Would I just accept that Writing in my diary like a good girl, tell my copy everything And that s when I started to understand Amarra and her repulsion for Eva Cause although my heart hurt for Eva when I read about the sleeping order, I understood Amarra s reasoning behind it The only thing that I might blame Amarra is that she never tried to talk with Eva, try to see past the monster, just like Nikhil does with his echo And this is exactly what makes Mandanna s writing style stand out The author is capable to let you feel so many things at the same time and to sympathize with all sides and not just Eva s Let s take Ray for example When he snitched to the hunter about Eva, I was furious I thought that Eva started to grow on him, that they were finally becoming friends Maybe I even saw a tiny chance for So how the hell could he do that Then realization, and with that understanding, sunk in Knowing that Ray did it because he loved Amarra so deeply and he was convinced he could get Amarra back that way, how could he refrain from trying Wouldn t you try to defeat death to get your loved one back To be honest, the world Mandanna created frightens me The idea that there is somewhere walking an exact copy of myself doesn t make me feel comfortable and I m sure I can easily find some other people who don t like the idea of a second me either But in the end, I don t know what scares me most being an echo and have to wait until your other dies to fulfil your only truly task in life take over their life Or being born as a normal person but to be afraid your whole life that something bad might happen to you because there s an exact copy of yourself lurking somewhere, waiting to take everything that s yours To conclude there is the ultimate question sequel or no sequel The main reason why I would say definitely is because I loved this book so so much The writing Mandanna does is so beautiful and captivating that I just want And there are still some unanswered questions and things that can be explored The ending gives room to use your own fantasy and in general I don t like open endings The reason is simple it can drive me entirely mad not knowing what will happen For me, when it isn t written then it isn t there My own fantasy isn t good enough BUT in this case I m in doubt I will definitely get closure if a sequel gives me a real ending However, I m quite sure that one of the reasons why this book keeps haunting me is the open ending, the not knowing for sure I keep speculating what will happen now Will Amarra s parents accept Eva for who she really is Will Eva and Ray try to have a relationship And if so, will it work Will Eva stay with Ray because she wants to and not because it is expected from her Can Ray love Eva for Eva and not because she s all he has left of Amarra Or is a relationship between those two bound to fail and will Sean and Eva find a way to be together Because of all those questions I still have, this book keeps invading my thoughts, and isn t that exactly what makes a book so exceptional and memorable

Eva S Life Is Not Her Own She Is A Creation, An Abomination An Echo Made By The Weavers As A Copy Of Someone Else, She Is Expected To Replace A Girl Named Amarra, Her Other , If She Ever Died Eva Studies What Amarra Does, What She Eats, What It S Like To Kiss Her Boyfriend, Ray So When Amarra Is Killed In A Car Crash, Eva Should Be ReadyBut Fifteen Years Of Studying Never Prepared Her For ThisNow She Must Abandon Everything She S Ever Known The Guardians Who Raised Her, The Boy She S Forbidden To Love To Move To India And Convince The World That Amarra Is Still AliveWhat Eva Finds Is A Grief Stricken Family Parents Unsure How To Handle This Echo They Thought They Wanted And Ray, Who Knew Every Detail, Every Contour Of Amarra And When Eva Is Unexpectedly Dealt A Fatal Blow That Will Change Her Existence Forever, She Is Forced To Choose Stay And Live Out Her Years As A Copy Or Leave And Risk It All For The Freedom To Be An Original To Be EvaFrom Debut Novelist Sangu Mandanna Comes The Dazzling Story Of A Girl Who Was Always Told What She Had To Be Until She Found The Strength To Decide For Herself

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • The Lost Girl
  • Sangu Mandanna
  • English
  • 12 June 2017
  • 9780062082312

About the Author: Sangu Mandanna

Sangu Mandanna was four years old when an elephant chased her down a forest road and she decided to write her first story about it Seventeen years and many, many manuscripts later, she signed her first book deal Sangu now lives in Norwich, a city in the east of England, with her husband and kids.