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  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • The 13th Prophecy (Demon Kissed, #5)
  • H.M. Ward
  • English
  • 07 June 2017
  • 9780615598468

OH MY GOSH What an amazing end I d LOVE to read a novella on what happened next Can t wait for the spin offs either I love this series I mean, really love it, so it was especially sad to feel so let down by the final book Don t get me wrong it was a good book It just didn t have the satisfying bang I was hoping for I could list all the things that bothered me, but I won t I ll just stick to the 3 that really got me tweaked POSSIBLE SPOILERS 1 Is it just me, or did Ivy get pretty slutty in this It seems like every guy in the story got to feel her up at least once And then she s walking around naked and half naked all the time yes, I know the last one couldn t be helped.2 The ending with Lococia was very anti climactic I kind of figured out what kind of angel she would get as payment, but I would have actually liked to have witnessed the ass kicking It was disappointing that they just walked in the mirror and that was the last we heard of it.3 The final showdown with Kreterus was also VERY anti climactic, especially since that s what the first 4 books were leading up to It was clever how she pulled it off I didn t see that coming at all and was actually getting mad at her for being such a quitter , but it was literally over in one paragraph One I was hoping for a little description, maybe watch him writhe and suffer for a bit, hear about blood pouring out of his eyes, or his head exploding, or something not just a lou cracking sound, and a silent scream Very disappointing.As I said at the beginning, I really did like the book, it just seemed to have a different flavor than the others It s a good book, but to me, not a good ending to such an amazing series. READ MORE BOOK REVIEWS IN YA, CHILDREN S, AND ADULT FICTION.This series started out as solid Young Adult reading I devoured them alongside my daughter But, with this concluding volume the series has really graduated into a full fledged adult paranormal romance and it s stronger for it All along we ve seen Ivy Taylor struggle with the reality of who she believes herself to be versus who she is fated to become With this book, the underlying theme that has been alluded to all along becomes much clearer life comes in shades of gray Good and evil, right and wrong, aren t always clear cut That s what made me appreciate this series so much for younger readers Can a likable, lovable, relatable character really by damned Can true love be deeper than mere swooning, and complicated by less admirable feelings Does someone always have to win This was a really great, satisfying, conclusion that avoided the typical Disneyification that we expect in modern stories And, that s also why my twelve year old won t be reading this last book for a while The sexual tension in the past books is ratcheted way up and allowed to play out than it has before The relationships are complex and at times twisted than a young kid could be expected to follow And, the ending leaves readers feeling as though the author was true to the story and characters, even if it meant taking us all on a wild ride and a very dark roller coaster If you re an adult reader who hasn t picked up this series yet, the Ivy Eric relationship alone will be enough to keep you turning pages.This is an excellent series for a book club due to the nature of the novels. DamnI just had to read the whole book It was just to good to put down I happy sad and feeling a strong need for Ivy and Collin They are too cute I hate to say it but so much could happen with this ending Ivy is so powerful in this book it was hard to believe that she was so young Without saying to much I did like the hurting going on between the two I know it played into bigger things but it was painful at times to read and not be turned off Overallthis is a great series and one of my faves. I got in on my Kindle last night It s great so far not that i expected any different D I ve just finished the book and I think it is every bit as brilliant as the others I couldn t stop reading until I found out exactly how Ivy would extract herself from this elaborate plot without damning herself or anyone innocent in the process The story had plenty of twists and turns I honestly couldn t tell what would happen next, a rare quality in a book The end to this gripping series is perfect I like that everything doesn t just magically resolve itself all of a sudden, but it ends sadly but realistically well as realistic as you can call paranormal fiction and at the same time with a sense of future happiness for our incredible, brave, butt kicking protangonist I admit there were parts I had to reread to understand properly, but it was worth it If you have been following Ivy thus far, I strongly recommend that you discover what happens next in this unmissable finale or you ll regret it I m serious IT CAME OUT ON MY NOOK LAST NIGHT march 4 OK TO MUCH EXCLAMATION POINTS SORRY BUT THERE ARE MORE 11111it was good the ending was all OMG poor eric loves ivy but can t touch her cuz shes a soul with no body and poor poor ivy always gonna be and poor colin no body only a soul on the brightside they can only be touched by each other Before I say anything detailing1 Oh Em Gee 2 all hell no Ok so from the first book I was hooked I couldn t wait for it to come out and when i got it I couldn t believe it From start to finish I didn t want to put it down I finished it in two days and all I kept thinking was I should have read it slower But I just couldn t wait Now that I m done I wanted She never seems to let us down when it comes to her writing Loved the suspense, so many twists and turns that I loved it Loved the fact that when i read i could feel like i could feel what they were experienceing Love, hate, confusion, pain, everything so detailed that i could picture it happening Couldn t believe what happened from beginning to end Especially towads the end with Ivy and Collin Can t wait for D This book is AMAZING All I have to say is AWESOME JOB H.M Ward It is the perfect book to end this thrill riding paranormal romance I was never sure which guy Ivy was going to end up with Not only did we get to keep up with Ivy, Collin, and Eric, we also learned a little about a few of the secondary characters I must say that if The Evil Demon King really did look as good as what i pictured in my head I m not sure I would be able to resist This book picks up right where Satan s Stone left off so you must read all of the books to get an understanding I will be waiting to read the spin off series Popular Books, The 13th Prophecy Demon Kissed, 5 Author H.M Ward This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The 13th Prophecy Demon Kissed, 5 , Essay By H.M Ward Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I loved this series well written awesome characters and I could not put it down awesome job

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