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    A sensible introduction to language learningI recommend it Useful tips and arvices on hiw to organize your learning on your own or with a tutor.

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    I found this as a free download from .com I ve been thinking about trying to re learn okay, just learn French or Spanish I took French in high school, but it was a joke I didn t retain anything I took Spanish in college and did only mildly better I d like to use the Mango Language Learning program, through my local library This book offered many great tips, not only for choosing a language, but also for how to practice and work toward becoming fluent Lots of great references and links I d recommend this book it s a quick read to anyone who s considering picking up a language.

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    I am AMAZED that something I downloaded for free from could have so much useful information and free resources listed in it THANK YOU, Claire Handscombe.

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    I don t know what I was expecting but this was very basic and seemed to serve as a vehicle for the author to sell her services as a French and Spanish teacher.

So, This Time You Re Really Going To Do It You Re Really Going To Learn A Language But Where Do You Even Start Conquering Babel Offers Hints, Tips And Recommendations From An Experienced Language Tutor And Answers Questions Such As How Do I Stay Motivated Do I Really Need To Learn Grammar How Do I Get The Locals To Speak To Me In Their Language Why Bother Learning Anyway When They All Speak English What Are The Best Resources Available For Self Study How Can I Find A Good Language Tutor