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I just loved this book For some reason I love books like this one This is not a happy book, but it does have some happy moments, and moments that will make you smile It also has moments to make you scream and gasp, and even shed some tears in the end It is written in verse, and it is about London She is dealing with losing her brother, and how it has affected her whole family Your heart will ache right along with hers, and how she mournes and tries to live I highly recommend to those who don t mind a sad book with a touch of healing Now I need other books by this author Waiting by Carol Lynch Williams is the story of London Castle, a teenage girl who has recently moved to Florida with her former missionary parents About nine months ago her old brother, Zach, died and since then her family has been falling apart Her mother no longer speaks to her, her father spends all of his time working and her former best friend ignores her Then she makes some new friends and develops a crush on a new boy while also questioning her faith.I felt for London as soon we she was introduced, I could tell that she adored her older brother and they relied on each other because they were best friends as well as siblings Now she s lonely, angry, sad and I was really disappointed in her parents, mostly her mum but also her dad for ignoring what was going on Her mum blames London for Zach s death and now ignores her completely As the book went on my dislike her for became really intense, she s a really good example of a horrible YA parent I didn t understand how she could ignore the child that she still had.I always enjoy books in verse because I find they allow me to get close to the narrator, I feel as if I m sharing their thoughts and I could feel London s pain, and even though she wasn t perfect, I really liked her I found the book easy to read and the writing flowed really well, I was unable to put this downI was intrigued by the mystery surrounding Zach s death so I was happy when we finally find out what happened to him My respect for Taylor increased, he was such a good guy and always there for London and I was happy with her family situation by the end, but I still felt her dad owed her an apology for letting everything get out of hand.Waiting is a really sad yet compelling story that left my heart a little broken I d recommend it to fans of books written in verse and hard hitting, emotional YA books.Thanks to Magan for sending this to me via a book swap After Her Brother S Death, A Teen Struggles To Rediscover Love And Find Redemption In This Gripping NovelGrowing Up In Africa And Latin America As The Children Of Missionaries, London And Zach Were As Close As Could Be And Then Zach Dies, And The Family Is Gutted London S Father Is Distant Her Mother Won T Speak The Days Are Filled With What Ifs And Whispers Did Zach Take His Own Life Was It London S Fault Alone And Adrift, London Finds Herself Torn Between Her Brother S Best Friend And The Handsome New Boy In Town As She Struggles To Find Herself And Ultimately Redemption In This Authentic And Affecting Novel From Award Winning Novelist Carol Lynch Williams From Simon Schuster This is one of those books you need to think about after reading it I guess a lot of people will hate it because main character is messed up, her family is messed up But when you think about whole story there is a reason for all that I could find logic in it and that s why I like this book It s so realistic that you can t do anything but ask yourself what kind of person you are and what are your priorities in life If you set them right then something like this won t happen. From the opening lines to the very last sentence, this book is extraordinary The format in which it is written is incredibly unique The characters are extremely well drawn, vivid, and convincing It s intensely emotional, heart breaking, and absolutely captivating To me this book is a masterpiece Honest, powerful and dark, it s a tale of love and loss, heartache, desperation, losing oneself in grief and healing with the power of love It s a story of one girl s journey to find everything she lost along the way her parents, love, meaning in life, and herself.Zach and London were inseparable They loved and supported each other They were not only siblings, but best friends Until Zach died and London s world crumbled to pieces Nothing is the same as it used to be Her mother hates her She hasn t spoken a word to her daughter since Zach s death It s almost like London died, too Or never even existed Her father is distant and disconnected He s never around any London is lonely, abandoned and heartbroken And there is no one to help her through this insanely difficult time Eventually, she finds herself drifting towards other people, boys in particular, and before she knows it, she finds herself torn between her brother s best friend and a new student, searching for affection and redemption.Wow Waiting was phenomenal Carol Lynch Williams prose evokes so many feelings She brings both the powerful sibling love and the piercing pain of losing a family member alive within the pages of her book She writes with remarkable tenderness and sensitivity, and her beautiful, almost lyrical prose makes your heart flutter This is the kind of novel that invites the reader to lose themselves completely in its pages, tune out the rest of the world and just read, taste, feel, and, ultimately, fell in love While it s fantastically readable, and I m sure that the burning need to learn about what exactly happened to Zach will make you want to frantically turn the pages, you should refrain from rushing through it Slow down, re read some of the gorgeously written passages, savour This book is worth every second you ll spend reading it.While the theme of sibling bond is quite common in the literature, especially in Young Adult books, rarely do I see it being tackled with such skill and authenticity As I read this novel, my heart was bleeding along with London s I could see how much she was hurting, how huge a hole Zach s death has ripped in her heart, a hole that could never be filled The once complete and happy family unit is now totally dysfunctional London s mom has permanently withdrawn from the family life, ostracising her daughter whom she blames for the death of her beloved son London s dad is never there, either He s torn between his devastated, mentally unstable wife and the job that keeps him busy most of the time London is all on her own, she desperately needs someone to hug her, to pay attention to her, to care about her She needs someone to save her And she goes looking for that person, getting tangled up in two different relationships, distracting herself with kisses and touches.I loved that Carol Lynch Williams kept the mystery going almost all the way to the end When it comes to Zach and his death, we re kept in the dark for the most part of the book We get little glimpses of London s memories and a whole downpour of emotions, thoughts, regrets, and what ifs Clues and pieces of information are scattered throughout the novel, and it isn t until the end that we finally get the whole picture I absolutely loved the brilliant, well thought out structure of this book It definitely kept me captivated.It s not a story of happy endings and joyful family reconciliation It s a story of picking up the pieces of broken hearts and trying to glue them together Some pieces are crushed beyond dust, others are missing The family is forever broken and incomplete, and nothing, no amount of time, tears, or begging can ever heal these wounds The characters in this story are not flat and paper like, these are real people, with real problems, who find themselves in devastatingly real situation But, while its obviously a dark and harrowing read, it s also one that ends with a spark of hope The ending is a bittersweet one, there s a bit of light and a whole lot of darkness, but, thanks to London s strength and determination, I find the conclusion of the story to be realistically positive and perfectly satisfying.I cried at the end.I ve put the book down, took a deep breath, broke down and cried.Read it It s a MUST This was really good and so sad The verse style has nothing on Ellen Hopkins, but it was still very well written and poignant Full review to come I m trying to think of something that I didn t like about this book, but honestly it s amazing Since I can t help it for this book there may be a lot of huge spoilers Summary London and her brother Zach were really close, until he dies at the age of 16 Her mother blames her for what has happened, and never once talks to her Her father talks to her, but they re not connected as they used to be, and they rarely talk Then there s Taylor her brother s best friend, and her former boyfriend He s waiting, and then there s the new boy Jesse, London thinks everything about him is clich and she promises herself to stay away from him Characters London Her brother has died and lots of people blame her She has no friends, until Lili moves into town with her sexy brother Jesse Throughout that time period she starts to feel alive, and she also gets closer to Taylor Taylor s the only one person who seems to know the whole truth of what has happened Soon she s in a love triangle, but it s obvious who she s going to pick although sometimes I wondered Taylor, the one that s been there all along.Zach It s only fair to include him, and despite the fact that he s not alive he s still one of my favorite characters He was in a serious relationship with his girlfriends Rachel She ended up pregnant and her parents made them move away Soon later she told him that her parents wanted her to get an abortion He became so filled with emotions he killed himself Then at the end of the story Rachel comes back and the babies alive I literally cried in that moment that London met her brother s baby.What I liked The fact that the mother always blamed her, when it was he own fault because she didn t get the key to open the door, even when London begged her to Meeting Lili s and Jesse s family Nathan Natey , Steve and their parents, they just seem like a totally real family And although they were only in a few pages they are worth remembering When London makes it through to her mother that she is real, that she didn t die like Zach When the mom leaves I know that s mean, but honestly I would never want a mother like that EVERYTHING The poetic verse How some stanzas rhymed and others didn t Like how they just tell us that it was Rachel s fault yet at the same time it s not told till the end.Overall I could go on and on and on, but if you haven t read this book the main message is go read it, although it s a bit predictable the way the author writes is definitely worth it I also hope to read books by this author very soon Favorite quotes 1 It was Lauren Of course Lauren told Lili everything At least what she knew, which I m sure isn t accurate That s how gossip is Bits of truth sprinkled with lots of crap 77.2 How long would I be dead before she found me 83.3 When the best part of a family dies, everyone falls apart 112.4 Just remember, I m here okay I can keep waiting 110 Taylor s saying this. Ever since I read The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams, I have been interested to check out her other novels and Waiting sounded instantly interesting to me since it not only deals with questions of first love, but also with suicide and the lives of those close to someone who commits suicide.London is the daughter of a missionary father and a religious mother who spent her childhood traveling around the world After London s brother Zach faced problems dealing with the horrors they often had to face on their journeys, the family moved back to United States to make sure that Zach gets better Eventually, he falls in love and finds happiness, but that is taken away from his because of his family s religious beliefs and the opinions of the girl s parents Zach ends up killing himself and London and her parents fall apart London s father starts to work and while her mother fails to even acknowledge her Was what happened to Zach her fault Is there something she could have done London is an interesting character who finds herself from the crossroads of her life for the very first time Her brother, her best friend, is gone, and her family is crumbling into little pieces that she fails to recognize As someone who has gone through the grieving process of losing someone close to me for suicide, I was able to identify with London s doubts about the role she played in her brother s decision and the battle she has with the thoughts about whether she could have done something, or said something, that could have stopped her brother There is a sort of love triangle here between London, Taylor and Jesse Taylor is the best friend of Zach and knows what London is dealing with While that is comforting to her, Taylor also reminds her of Zach and at times she finds it difficult to spend time with a walking reminder of better times Jesse is new to town and while he is aware of what happened, he didn t know Zach, which London was surprisingly comforting Though I am not at all a fan of love triangles, I am a fan of flawed characters that are trying to figure their life out, and in this book, the two guys essentially aid London in the process of coping with her grief and finding answers for her life after the loss of Zach.Waiting is narrated in verse, which I really liked, but at the same time, I couldn t help thinking how much powerful this novel would have been if it was narrated via prose and thus would have probably included a bit backstory and characterization Nevertheless, I think the verse narration works too, and provides a nice escape from the traditional prose storytelling The verse narrative also made this one a fairly quick read, which is also a nice bonus Waiting did not impress me as much as Lynch William s The Chosen One, but despite that, I did find it to be a touching account about the struggles of a young girl whose life completely changes in a fairly unexpected instant. OH MY GOD I can t I am just speechless I have lost words This book was just I don t even know It got me It got me good The style of the writing, the characters and their relationships, all of it was just phenomenal Under normal circumstances, I would not condone cheating, but that little bit was what made London especially human London was a living, breathing person My heart ached for her And Zach, he was just phenomenal I didn t read this book for the epic love story I read it for them For Zach and London I find myself wondering, what would have happened, had their parents not been such stick up the butt jerks Zach and Rachel probably would be married, with their little baby, named London Taylor and London would probably be together as well Honestly, I HATED their mom She was just so selfish And mean How could any mother treat their child like that She was the reason Zach died And then she promptly pushed all of that onto London And poor London just kept trying and trying My heart ached for her For her and Taylor, and Rachel, and London Faith who will never know what an amazing and loving person her father was I think Taylor and London will get married And name their first son Zacheus, after the most amazing older brother, friend, boyfriend and son that ever lived I didn t read this book I lived it My verdict All the stars in the universe wouldn t begin to cover it. 1.5 I found WAITING disappointing.Underdeveloped characters with a hefty dose of melodrama This is an unhappy family dealing with death It s told through London s POV, and her brother s death view spoiler by suicide hide spoiler