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    I read this for Erotica Revealed my review will be up in November, and I ll link it when it goes live Link to review Pandora is an American living in Prague with her husband Ty, who has returned to the Czech Republic after the upheavals there to build a business and reclaim a sense of his homeland from the corrupt regime Running her own lingerie shop, Pandora s Box, was part of the deal for moving, and Pandora finds she s in love with the music box of a city.There eroticism of Pandora begins from the start Pandora enthusiastically enjoys sucking her husband, and delights in swallowing him he drinks Pineapple Juice every day, and has a sweet taste but she notices that he s in tune with the video he s watching than with her ministrations His pillow bed confession that he has in the past enjoyed having sex with two women at once and sometimes fantasizes about doing so with her leaves Pandora a little flustered at first, but the conversation moves on, and she considers forgetting it.Then Cerise enters her store, and Pandora begins to realize that she has of a fantasy life than she knew Cerise is overtly sexual a private dancer who can cross the lines for the right clients and stirs something in Pandora for the first time Before long, the hint of where this is going bears fruit, and then it s Pandora whispering to her husband of a fantasy or two.While the background story Ty trying to achieve permits for his business deals and real estate venture, Pandora running her lingerie shop, and Pandora s friendship with Cerise plays out, we follow Pandora and Ty on a journey of sexual experimentation and fantasies realized that progress through any number of partners, combinations, and scenes The sex is erotic and liquid and well written, though there s not much beyond mild kink and those who prefer their sex to scorch with toys or submission or dominance won t find that in Pandora Pandora s taste for swallowing is a recurrent theme and her ability in this area leads her to a wonderfully triumphant moment near the book s conclusion.The narrative is enjoyable I particularly found the sexually omnivorous and carefree Cerise to be a character who sometimes stole the show from Pandora and Ty Cerise s ending felt a little rushed and forced, but other than that, there were few moments in the story structure that gave me pause Likewise, the eroticism is well done though there are occasional times where terms grew a bit too clinical for my personal taste.All said, Pandora is enjoyable erotica at just shy of 200 pages, you ll feel like you re zooming through the book and if it doesn t do anything exceptionally unique, that isn t to say it s flawed in any way It s erotic but manages to be gentle to its characters and reader even when there are threesomes, foursomes, or somes in play Pandora would be a perfect book to pass to someone dipping their toes into erotica for the first time, and, as Christmas approaches, a good gift for someone in that scenario there s enough titillation and frank prose to give a sense of the genre, but nothing so shocking as to startle someone not used to the style and content it generally holds That might mean that people who ve read a lot of erotica will find Pandora plays it a little safe, but I enjoyed the softer touch And it was certainly a welcome change to find women who were taking what they wanted, and not being consistently and constantly submissive Pandora works with Ty to explore her sexuality and, most of the time takes charge of her own path.

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    Openness and honesty are the basis for any good marriage, but Ty and Pandora clearly show how adventure and creativity are equally as important Pandora takes Ty s fantasies and explores them thoroughly, and not only Ty but you, the reader, get to enjoy the full fruits of her labors It is Pandora s fantasies I find to be a little suspect, and I think she does not give Ty the full disclosure he deserves This story, however, is incredibly erotic, and whether the scenes involve f f, f m, or f m m etc you always feel right there in the moment.Lototy Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance More

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    Received for free from Goodreads first reads program.Pandora and her husband Ty are living and working in Prague The book is about their relationship, trust, and helping each other live out their fantasies They are both very open minded and ready to experiment Pandora, willing, to experiement with and without her husband s knowledge The writing could be better and at times, I felt like things situations encouters just got dropped abruptly I wanted character development and interaction between Pandor and her husband than just sexual encounters Sure there are conversations here and there but nothing too meaty I think this would be a good book for someone new to erotic fiction Pandora is written as as sexual person and not as a sexual object which is nice There is a lot of sex in the book The sexual encounters are very well described and the scenes are easy to visualize At the end of the book things seemed to pick up for me My interest was piqued and there is a hint at a sequel.

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    I gave this to my boyfriend after I read it It definitely inspired him to new heights and lengths, LOL The writing is really better than what you expect for a book like this More like a regular book with a lot of very hot sex, and that makes the erotica hotter because they seem like real people But I think what I liked best is that it s okay for a woman to use her fantasies to make her sex life better It s like that saying the brain is the biggest sex organ.

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    I didn t like this book at all I felt as if I was reading a porn script Scenes would end at weird times and didn t necessarily flow well Also, it seemed not realistic at all.

Leaving Her Safe, Lovely Life In Santa Barbara For Her Husband S Native Czechoslovakia After The Fall Of Communism Was The Biggest Adventure Pandora Had Ever Undertaken, And Establishing Her Lingerie Boutique Pandora S Box In Prague The Culmination Of A Cherished Dream But There Are Other Kinds Of Dreams, Dreams That Lurk At The Edge Of Our Consciousness, And Making Her Husband S Fantasy A Reality Initiated Her Into A World Of Sexual Ecstasy Beyond Anything She D Ever ImaginedLike The Best Travel Writing, Erotic Fiction Should Take Us Places We Wouldn T Necessarily Wish To Or Get To Visit, And Excite And Inspire Us Reminiscent Of The Classic Film Emmanuelle, Pandora, An American In Prague Is A Landmark Work Of Women S And Female Erotica Ms Myonas Beautifully Rendered Erotic Imaginings Take Pandora From Her First Tentative Lesbian Encounter, Through Every Conceivable M Nage Combination, And Finally To The Best Sex A Couple Ever Had On Vacation, The Latter Showing That A Work Of Erotica Can Also Be Very Sweet And Romantic If You Like Romantic Writing With Than A Touch Of Spice, Wit And Color, Characters Who Don T Just Live On The Page, And A Woman Exploring Her Sexuality By Empowerment Rather Than Degradation, You Re Going To Love PandoraRead The Free First Chapter Preview Click Download Excerpt On The Green Get A Copy Button