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For those who follow our blog you all know by now that we love and I mean LOVE Aussie books and Aussie authors, this book is no exception Winter s Shadow is writing at it s finest and I am so in love with M.J Hearle.Winter s Shadow starts off with Winter s meeting with Blake our resident hottie bad boy mysterious guy He is everything that you want in your paranormal bad boy and when he saves Winter s life she quickly becomes entranced by him Their chemistry is off the charts and I loved how the author dragged out their story And I say dragged out in the best way possible It felt like breathing, every sentence was in inhale and an exhale just so beyond brilliant Blake and Winter were amazing characters, they complimented each other very well and well I have a soft spot for guys who protect their ladies Blake is fierce and scary but you can t help but fall for him and his tormented ways Winter, and can I just say that I love that name, was not your typical heroine and I loved her for that The story has a very unique twist and I have to say it was amazing I can t say I have ever read a book like this before and it just goes to show you that Aussie s definitely have something in their water.M.J Hearle has crafted something that is so unique and different and I can t wait to read the sequel If you are looking for a new and refreshing paranormal then you really need to grab this book AHHHH this book is SO SO SO good that I don t even know where to start Which leads me to wonder if just saying that is the best thing I can do Wondering if there is anyway that I can find the words to describe the level of awesomeness with in these pages But that s NOT good enough So I m going to try hereFirst and Foremost, this is M.J Hearle s debut novel, and this is not only the best debut novel I ve ever read, but probably one of the BEST books I ve ever readperiod With equal parts suspense, love, swoon worthiness, fright factor, heart wrenching moments you are left on the edge of your seat This book will leave you white knuckle gripping the pages, feverishly reading in to the wee hours of the nightuntil your husband kicks you out of the bedroom and you revert to the living room because there is no need for sleep when your reading this , heart pounding, blood flowing, as you turn each and every page.Winter s character is flawlessly written in the fact that she sees so many flaws in herself She is shy, self conscious, and kind of a self made loner With her pale freckled skin, red hair, and lopsided mouth when she looks in the mirror she doesn t see anything worth looking at Maybe that s why I relate to her, I dunno, but I love her I love how she doubts herself, because that is something that I do everyday How it is so hard for her to believe that Blake actually finds her attractive How nervous she is when she is around him It all just works so perfectly I mean isn t that how most teenage girls feel Then there is Blake swoon swoon swoon I love the mystery behind him In fact all the mystery behind the entire book just makes it that much better You are constantly left guessing WHAT the supernatural element is At one point I wouldn t have been the least bit surprised if a ghost flew by the window, a vampire rang the doorbell, an incubus answered the door, a pixie let the werewolf off it s chain, while a faerie sits in the corner brushing her kitty, only to reveal that the kitty is actually a changeling Yes.I really did think of all of these creatures while trying to figure it out.Where any of my guesses right you ask HAHAHAS come on now you don t really think that I m gonna tell you now do you You will just have to read and find out yes I am aware that I am evilbut you love me for it winks But back to Blake and Winter Their relationship, while tragically tangled, is smooth and perfect The best part is how at one point I m reading, loving it, flying through the pages, and then DA da dummmmm, and before I even realized that I had time to get emotionally attached there is an ache in my chest and a tear escaping my eyes as I audibly gasp M.J.Hearle sneaks up behind you and compels you to a point you no longer feel like a bystander looking in No you have become the storythe story has become you This is by far the best Paranormal YA I ve read in the last few months.With a twist at the end that leaves you begging for.I can t CAN T wait for the next book in this series to come out And you can bet you finest possession that I WILL be re reading this book Because once just simply isn t enough for a book with this much wonderment.Look out world there is a new supernatural kid on the block and he isn t going anywhere One last note before we hit the road here Unfortunately this book is only released in Australia right now But never fear you can get a chance to read it through a tour that s going on HERE Thanks to the fine people at Pan Macmillan AU M.J Hearle for making that possible Also for all you publisher s out there M.J Hearle is in the market for a US publisher, so please if your reading this do yourself a favor and look him up I wouldn t steer ya wrong this book is beyond words Favourite Quote Blake titled his head at her as if she was a particularly tricky problem to solve Their eyes locked, and for one delirious moment Winter had the sense again that Blake wanted to kiss her It was an irrational, impossible, wonderful instinct an instinct her body reinforced through its reaction Flushed with heat, her pulse quickened, and everything stood out in exquisite detail The stars in the sky, Owl Mountain, a tooth of darkness in the distance, a stray lock of Blake s hair stirring in the breeze, the sensual curve of his lips, and his eyes Most of all his eyes.Isn t that quote gorgeous Winter s Shadow is a dark and appealing read that is so beautifully written It s pages are full of intrigue and mystery that make it hard to put it down.Hearle writing is hypnotic He has a great eye for details especially when it came to describing the setting Through the broken pane of the stained glass window she could see the remnants of an ancient graveyard, all but hidden by the tall grass and weeds that had crept in from the surrounding woods Blackened tombstones rose above the grass here and there like strange fungi, weathered by the elements and the passage of time Standing over of the graves, dressed in a simple gray suit, was a young man.The pace starts very slowly, maybe a little too slow in the first half but it does pick up and then you find yourself completely captivated by this tale The plot is refreshingly different from other paranormal reads out there Hearle has certainly created an interesting and unique concept that is full of dark and eerie secrets that gently unravel ensuring you are kept in suspense until the end.Winter s Shadow is mainly told from Winter s POV We do get flashbacks to 1878 and Blake s narrative briefly that allows us to understand the story better Both Winter and Blake are likeable and well crafted characters However, Blake would be the standout out character for me He was a complex and alluring character.The ending was satisfying but at the same time wanting I am left hoping there is to Winter s and Blake s story Overall, Winter s Shadow is a strong debut novel It you are looking for an exceptional paranormal romance that is smart, spellbinding and original than you shouldn t miss this. I d wanted to read Winter s Shadow for a while now, when I heard that the Paranormal Wasteland s blog was doing a blog tour of this book I signed up immediately Winter has been assigned the task of taking photographs of Pilgrim s Lament, one of the oldest church buildings in Owl Mountain for the school paper Winter had taken a couple of great shots and was almost done until she sees a beautiful man standing outside the church Winter feels herself being drawn to the stranger, whilst distracted by this alluring stranger, Winter manages to trip over a piece of timbre and then bangs into a column of the church causing the roof of the old church to collapse As everything begins to fall around her, Winter thinks her days are numbered, there s no way she can escape now, but she finds herself lying outside the church still in one piece The strange man had saved her, but how could he have saved her so quickly Since that eventful day strange things have been happening, Winter s sure she can see dark shapes and shadows lurking about and things which she s sure she s seen before either in her dreams or on the TV and she always seems to have a sense of foreboding and what is Blake the mysterious stranger hiding I really was looking forward to reading Winter s Shadow, but I just couldn t get into it, I nearly gave up a few times, but decided to trudge along I found Blake infuriatingly secretive and was interested in finding out what the deal was with him The pace of the story did pick up ever so slightly in the second half of the book, but sadly not enough for me to increase my ratings for this book I also think that one of the reasons I didn t enjoy this book as much is because my enthusiasm I once had for paranormal books has simmered down considerably from before Thank you to Paranormal Wastelands and M.J Hearle for giving me this opportunity to read this book If you re interested in reading this book, you can still sign up here Well, they weren t lying in the Media Release for Winter s Shadow when they said that there wasn t any of the normal paranormal culprits here I m not sure if the characters and I use that word loosely are based on any popular myths but I sure as hell haven t encountered them before, making Winter s Shadow one of the unique Young Adult novels out there Winter has a talent that she s never really noticed until she meets Blake who is like her kryptonite And one hell of a hot kryptonite he is There s so many secrets he s hiding, I loved being able to find them out with Winter Some are kind of obvious but some come out of nowhere.Hearle does a great job writing Winter s Shadow from a female perspective being that he is male I ve had some bad experiences with males writing Young Adult so I m rather picky with what I ll read I m very impressed with Hearle s skills and it was nice to get away from the deception and bitchiness that seems to litter so many YA novels recently Not that I don t like them but sometimes you just need a break Unfortunately though, I found the style of writing a little stiff for Young Adult Maybe it won t feel that way to those better educated, I just thought some of the words and phrasing seemed a bit mature when narrating about a girl who is almost flunking school.Winter s Shadow stays interesting all the way throughout with great characters supporting the protagonists There are flashbacks to Paris during the late 1800 s that run alongside Winter s story giving us of an idea of who Blake is I really enjoyed these as there are only a few of them and they don t interfere with the main story, only support it The ending was very sad but then the last chapter creates an opening that is just begging for some closure I m not a fan of open ends so I d like something whether it be a sequel or just a few lines in the final published edition All in all, Winter s Shadow is a wonderfully unique story that paranormal YA fans will lap up.Cover Really pretty, not very unique these days though Love the colours. 0o The cover is stunning but also the story seems very interesting edit post readingMaybe if I was still a sixteen year old I would say this book is amazing Sadly,I m not 16 and I m not impressed Cover and the blurb are to blame and also my high expectations because so many people are saying how amazing Winter s Shadow was Don t get me wrong,I really,really wanted to like it I dislike those love at first sight romances I think it needed so much character interaction between Blake and Winter for me to believe how much they cared for each other Maybe they should know each other at least a month before declaring their undying love to one another But no It was enough just after one week One thing,there was this part where Blake tells Winter he is a monster and she is like You are not a monster I am not afraid of you Ding,ding,ding Twilight alert Let the poor man breath Winter,slow down. It starts out in familiar territory a dark brooding hero and a girl with a sad, sad past are inexplicably drawn to each other Said romantic hero has a secret and must keep the girl at arms length just to keep her safe It s then interspersed with glimpses into someone s past Now, between the present day troubles and the past ones, I d much rather have reading about the latter, Madeleine and her love, especially since Blake and Winter s story was old hat THANKFULLY, things took an interesting turn when the cats showed up Picture this Then throw in some of what made Soul Screamers books three and four special, when the Other World was explored It was both these elements that pulled Winter Shadow out from what would have been been there and done that territory into something a little better and interesting Initially there s a good deal that s predictable in it, with the story only really becoming its own sometime after the first two thirds Not bad. Winter s life changed the moment she first saw Blake Duchamp Not that she was aware of it The only thing that Winter was aware of was his physical perfection and those hypnotic green eyes of his that shown with their own magical light That, and his other worldly charm.This is the first young adult, paranormal romance book that I ve read that s been written by a man Bearing that in mind, at first I was afraid that I wouldn t like it, even though the back blurb had caught my interest Actually, the book called to me It wanted me to read it So when I finally did I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I really liked it.I had a little bit of a hard time getting into Winter s Shadow at first What I was reading wasn t bad, just a little slow moving Then POW All of a sudden the good stuff started happening Where I was once taking my time reading, suddenly I was hooked and needed to devour it I swear, the pages started flying through my fingers Winter was your typical shy girl She had insecurities about her looks and purposely made herself invisible by having a shinning star for her best friend She knew that she was often thought of as that girl who hangs with Jasmine , and was just fine with that I thought it wonderful that she was so self aware She recognized her faults She also recognized the faults of others and considered them part of their personalities Whether it be Jasmine s daily dramas in her self centered little world or her sister Lucy s stickybeakishness She was wise for her young age.Another thing that really struck home for me was the way Winter was with her sister I really loved it Her behavior was so realistic and spot on that it still boggles my mind that Hearle was able to capture it in words and put it on paper.Blake was quite a mystery through most of this book You knew that there was something up with him but what was it He was hiding something that was for sure That was another reason why I gobbled this book down The mystery of what both he and the strange happenings that kept occurring were was something that I needed to find out.I had two issues with this book that brought it from a five to a four for me The first one is the way the book made me feel Or should I say not feel While yes I felt excited and drawn into the plot, I didn t feel all the emotion that the characters were feeling I didn t feel the romance that was happening between our two main characters For example, my favorite line in the book is from a love letter that Blake wrote to another girl I mean, I read the words but the sensations weren t palpable for me like Winter s feelings for Jasmine or Lucy The second problem that I had for this book is very simple I guessed the answer to big second floor mystery about halfway through the book It sorta took away from the big action scene for me.Though I guessed the great twist in the ending before I read it I would read this book again The world that Hearle created is extremely original I truly have not read anything like it before Trust me when I say that M.J Hearle is an author that we are going to hear from At the moment this book is only released in Australia. 4.5StarsAussie Book challenge 2011 8I ve been looking forward to Winter s Shadow for so long, wanting it to be exactly what I hoped it would be, so I m thrilled to say that it did not disappoint This is very much, a Tina book M.J Hearle writing is exquisitely remarkable He smoothly invites his reader in with ease and anticipation from the very first chapter, on The tone of the book is set in a very mysterious teasing way The suspense is thick and distant, almost like you could grasp the meaning behind it all, but with it s quick turns made it hard to predict The flow of the story was drawn at a leashed pace, your only meant to understand once the character does, but I think that s what I loved the most, it was never dull and I was completely engrossed Winter is a great protag It s mainly told through her point of view but we do get some of Blake s thoughts as well as some chapters from the 1800 s, which I also really loved since it painted the picture that much clearer The moment Winter Adams looked into those emerald green eyes, the minute he saved her life, Winter was apart of something bigger then she could ever realize The significance of her role, which we don t find out till later in the book, was fascinating and I really loved that twist.But I think that Blake is the one who owned this one for me It s not a surprise to those who know me I ve always been easily swooned by the haunted male character who is fiercely protective, intense, complicated, dangerous but still tries to hold on to that goodness he desperately clings too What he did for Winter was beautiful The concept was very well crafted It was both paranormal and magical but it s not any one element I could put in a category This one seems to be fresh and unique and I have to give props to Hearle for use of imagination and creativity The last few chapters, once everything started to unfold, was completely memorizing and I really didn t want it to end I m definitely gonna need to pick a copy of this book once it hits shelves over here.Overall, I just loved this It s haunting and creepy and intriguing in all the ways paranorm is meant too I had a lot of fun reading Winter and Blake s story and all I have left to say is, it can t end here Just no I m gonna need a sequel to this gem and I m gonna need it soon More Please Special thanks to our book angel Nic twinie for sending this on tour You my friend, Rock Crystal, your next Blake DuchampHe S All That Winter Adams Can Think Of Ever Since Their Fateful Meeting At Pilgrim S Lament Ever Since He Looked At Her With Those Emerald Eyes Ever Since He Saved Her LifeBut Blake Isn T All That He Seems There Is A Strangeness About Him, Something Dark And Otherworldly Something Dangerous In His Attic Is A Secret He Would Kill To Defend, But Winter Seems To Have A Special Ability To Make Him Forget His Duty And He Is Her Only Protection Against The Gathering DarknessThe Only Problem Is, To Protect Winter, Blake Must Risk Exposing Her To An Even Greater Danger Himself