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    I am not sure if I am the right target for this cookbook since I haven t read the Lucky Harbor series and I am an indifferent cook However, I often try recipes from Epicurious, All Recipes, and FoodWine magazine all the time and a recipe is a recipe The recipes here are for regular home made items like casserole, salads, muffins, pies, etc My biggest problem was that there was no indications of serving size Some looked like they would serve 5, some looked like they would serve 8 10, but who knows I also wasn t fond that there was a page between each recipe with a saying on it, which added up to excess padding and a waste of dead tree IMO.I read all the recipes and had to pass on most of them One casserole required EIGHTEEN EGGS which didn t sound all that appetizing to me I also passed on the salad with instant ramen noodles since I haven t eaten that since high school.I eventually did 2 of the recipes One was the Crepes and the other was the Strawberry Pie Both turned out okay but nothing special and I probably would not make them again since I prefer Jacques Pepin s versions better.

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    An electronic freebie available on Kindle and probably Nook, too.I did the Honey Bun Muffins this morning Yum I did leave out the egg by accident and they were still a keeper Probably won t use the egg in making it.The other recipes look like ones you would find in neighborhood school club fundraiser, and I say that with love and affection Some of my favorite recipes come from those books.Anyway, well worth the cost of admission for the muffin recipe.

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    a great cook book for beginners easy to follow my favorite is Mia s chocolate brownies

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    Heating Up the Kitchen Lucky Harbor Series 2.4 Thanks for coming to Lucky Harbor I m sure your presence has already been noted by Lucille and the rest of her blue hair posse and will shortly be posted on their Facebook page Hope you don t have toilet paper stuck to your shoe.Or any secretsIn these pages are recipes on how to catch a man, how to cope with sisters, and bunches of wisdom Whoops, sorry Wrong book See either Simply Irresistible, The Sweetest Thing, or Head Over Heels.There are, however, some fantastic recipes from my very own kitchen, and in the cooking of these recipes, I can guarantee you a culinary experience that will make you forget your troubles Happy cooking, happy eating, and happy reading Tara Daniels

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    Kobo free download 11 2 11.About 20 recipes and a preview of Christmas in Lucky Harbor Simply Irresistible The Sweetest Thing and Head Over Heels Recipes look OK, but take up about 40 pages with the rest of this ebook being previews It was free on Kobo and Kindle I notice Kobo is now charging 0.99 Not sure if I would pay for this.

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    I think this is a great idea The books have so much food in them especially 2 with all it s cutely named stuff And Lucky Harbor feels like a real place to me, and with a lot of BB s there are recipe books you can take home and then rarely use, lol , so why wouldn t there be one here Great Idea for a contribution to the series I won t be reading this becuase it s not really my thing I tend to cook without a guide and that tends to not work out But whatever, I can t change who I am I stand by this being a great idea.

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    I love the idea of this free read There s about 20 or so recipes that are mentioned in the Lucky Harbor series If you ve read The Sweetest Thing, then you know Tara is a cook You get all the recipes and in this fun, little read.Super sweet, just like some of the desserts in here

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    Very nice to have if you are reading the lucky harbor series I am not much of a cookbook reader but I throughly enjoyed I usually just wing it with my meals my dinners come out great, with me trying new seasonings or other crazy my family s term things with dinner It s never boring in our house

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    This is a short book with about 20 recipes There was only one that I thought I would try You re My honey bun muffins What I did like were the quotes between each one Not sure where the title comes from because it s not much to make my kitchen heat up at least the way I thought she was referring to This was a free kindle download and really short so just average.

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    This was a companion book to The Sweetest Thing book 2 in the Lucky Harbor series It s only sold as an ebook Since I enjoyed the first two books in the series I purchased it All it is are recipes mentioned in the book I thought it would at least have some dialog or have a storyline I was greatly disappointed that it was only a cookbook.

Hello Readers, Thanks For Coming To Lucky Harbor I M Sure Your Presence Has Already Been Noted By Lucille And The Rest Of Her Blue Hair Posse And Will Shortly Be Posted On Their Facebook Page Hope You Don T Have Toilet Paper Stuck To Your ShoeOr Any SecretsIn These Pages Are Recipes On How To Catch A Man, How To Cope With Sisters, And Bunches Of Wisdom Whoops, Sorry Wrong Book See Either Simply Irresistible, The Sweetest Thing, Or Head Over HeelsThere Are, However, Some Fantastic Recipes From My Very Own Kitchen, And In The Cooking Of These Recipes, I Can Guarantee You A Culinary Experience That Will Make You Forget Your Troubles Happy Cooking, Happy Eating, And Happy Reading Tara Daniels