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I love Lisa Gardner so I wanted to love this book but I didn t I know her books can be grittier and darker than I like Luckily this book was not from the perspective of the truly depraved UNSUB that she can write so well too well for me I ve also never been a huge fan of D.D and much prefer her other protagonists I prefer her police character trying to solve an interesting case This book should have had that in the case of a sole survivor to a mass shooting that took out an entire family but it wasn t I couldn t find Roxy compelling enough to carry this story The story is sad and tragic and involves far too much harm to children for my tastes It s a slow moving story that was not her best work If you are new to Gardner don t start here D.D and Flora both have lengthy back stories from other novels that are worth reading and better before starting this one. I pre ordered this book once I finished FIND HER This book did not disappoint A mystery, thriller that touched on difficult subjects Not just murder but abuse, alcoholism and lack of resources How does a child survive in this environment What is a family Some thought provoking questions while reading a really good murder mystery Flora, a survivor, helps victims survive That s her goal but she really is quite a good sleuth This is the second novel that she has been with DD Warren, a Boston detective You do not need to read the first book to read this book but it is a loss not to have read it I hope that there is a third book I have read all of her novels and loved the page turning, dark and twisted stories she usually produces with extensive research and precise writing style However, this book was just an average mystery novel I put it down several times wondering when it would turn into the page turning thriller I am accustomed to when reading her books It is about a family that is torn apart by an alcoholic mother and put in an awful foster care program Flora Dane as a CI to D.D Warren just seems implausible, although I do like Flora Not her best work with a predictable ending. I usually enjoy this author But not this time I solved the case early on and wondered how DD and Flora could miss so much that seemed very obvious DD police work was sloppy Roxy wasn t strong enough to carry the story and I skipped a lot of her narrative It was long and often felt like filler The writing is decent as it should be for an experienced author but the story misses on many levels I finished the book in a haphazard way but I would not recommend it. This one spotlights primarily survivors of hideous crimes who have learned ways to defend themselves that give them enough courage to leave their apts and try to get back to living some semblance of normalcy The reader admires their clever ways but I missedof DD and Alex and also kept wondering how the two vigilante survivors showcased here paid their bills No mention of jobs or how they paid for that trip to the corner grocery or the Uber rides Nitpicking but just a nod to the realities of life Where did Flora and Sarah get their money Tying up all the loose ends to conclude the story took some doing and not sure it was a rewarding close but if you have the money to read this hot off the press rather than wait til price drops, I d download it again Looking forward to next DD Warren book concentrating on DD, Alex and Jack. It was a good book but would have been better if the killer had not been a victim of the bullies and the frosterparent and if they had gone to jail DD and Flo.2 were good Just was disappointed with the way it ended Victims get nothing really and bullies and frosterparent go free and parent getskids. InNew York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner S Latest Twisty Thrill Ride, Detective D D Warren And Find Her S Flora Dane Return In A Race Against The Clock To Either Save A Young Girl S Life Or Bring Her To Justice The Home Of A Family Of Five Is Now A Crime Scene Four Of Them Savagely Murdered, One A Sixteen Year Old Girl Missing Was She Lucky To Have Escaped Or Is Her Absence Evidence Of Something Sinister Detective D D Warren Is On The Case But So Is Survivor Turned Avenger Flora Dane Seeking Different Types Of Justice, They Must Make Sense Of The Clues Left Behind By A Young Woman Who, Whether As Victim Or Suspect, Is Silently Pleading, Look For Me