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From The Author Of The Winter Wish Comes Another Christmas Tale Of Love And Redemption That Will Delight And Enchant This Holiday Season Known As Mad Lady Bea By The Townspeople Of Blooming Glen, Lady Beatrice Tumbley Has Not Left Her Estate Since The Tragic Death Of Her Husband On Christmas Eve Terrified Of The Outside World She Lives In Complete Seclusion, Determined Never To Fall In Love Again Until One Cold, Snowy Night A Stranger Comes Knocking At Her DoorOne Look At Jack Emerson And Beatrice Knows The Handsome Rogue Is Nothing But Trouble But She Cant Turn Him Away Not When Hes Bleeding From A Bullet Wound And Barely Conscious Against Her Better Judgment She Decides To Help Him, And He Promptly Repays The Favorby Kissing Her As Christmas Nears, Beatrices Frozen Heart Finally Begins To Thawbut Jack Has No Intention Of Competing With A Ghost If Beatrice Cannot Find A Way To Let Go Of Her Past, She Risks Ruining Her Futureand Losing Her True Love All Over Again

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    THE CHRISTMAS WIDOW is the unforgettable story of Lady Beatrice Tumbley, a young widow still mourning the loss of her husband nearly two years later, and Jack Emerson, an injured rogue who shows up at her isolated home in the middle of the night, barges in, and inadvertently offers her a second chance at life and loveOh my gosh, how I adored this novella It was filled with emotion and was just an engaging little read that tugged at my heart and moved me on every level Bea was so vivid and life like that her fears and insecurities felt like my own Her struggles and lonely day to day existence were both devastating and gut wrenching to witness I d say this is her story than Jack s so we don t see things from his point of view as much, but I still thought he was amazing and exactly what she needed I even found his outrageousness charming, and loved watching him infuriate Bea enough to put fire in her eyes and color in her cheeks Some of the things they thought and said were incredibly touching too Overall it was just a beautiful and compelling romance that was a joy to read, so I hope you ll give it a chance and that you love it as much as I did While I did notice some typos they were very minimal There was only one that actually made me stop and take a second look, and that was where Jack was mistakenly spelled Jake As for the story itself, it ended at 96% and location 1543 of 1611 on my kindle device with the remainder being an excerpt from A RAKE IN WINTER.

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    I love a well written Regency novel This isn t one I was put off by poor grammar choices, missing words and incorrect word use but could have overlooked them if only the story was worth it The offensive, lustful and frankly unbelievable behavior by a main character who is supposedly near death and then nearly assaulting someone a few hours later made the love story impossible to believe Couldn t finish this one There are much better choices out there Don t waste your time.

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    A new bride and her husband had just started their new married life with many hopes and dreams Two years into their new life tragedy struck and Jeffrey the husband lost his life in an accident. Everything changed, Beatrice,the bride, now was on her own, her dreams gone, and she was in a very dangerous place in her mind ONE snowy night a knock came upon her door, and a man s bloody body fell into the room What a change came upon Beatrice s life

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    Fairly predictable but well written story of a stranger, Jack, planning to save a widow, Beatriz, from her own grief while helping himself at the same time I enjoyed the way his interventions seemed to make the house come alive as the widow gradual throws off the devastating sadness that has weighed her down since her husband, Jeffery, died The forbidding winter weather accentuates her grief and Jack sets out to make her see the season in a hopeful light and convince her that his love can bring her to a new and happy life.

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    Change the cover and sell the same book Cheap trick I have thousands of books on my kindle When ever something catches my eye, if I already bought it Kindle says go to library Until now Changed the cover and I found I bought the same book twice Never buying from this Author again.